In the game, Dara has to guess the “real” dentist among the four contestants.. ^^ Dara didn’t get it..Kekekeke! XD But she had fun and she was glad to come back to Showtime again.. ^_^ I also love how they call her “Sandy” in a friendly and familiar manner.. ❤

It’s Showtime: Sandara Park plays TrabaHula!

In the video, the guys were asking what Dara could advice them as she is part of a group. The boys are part of a dance group called Hashtag. 

Dara said:

“Friendship is important. So, don’t fight. Even though sometimes you’ll get upset, but I know you love each other.Having fun is also important.

So you guys must be happy/enjoy all the time so there’ll be no fights. Happy, happy”

Credits: ABS-CBN Entertainment

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