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Photos: 160402 Official Pictures of Radiant, Charming Sandara Park at “It’s Showtime” Guesting

Dara, Dara, sweet, bright Sandara Park! ❤ Dara looks so cute and fresh, seriously, look at her! ❤ Orange looks so great on her, it makes her skin glow more radiant than it already is.. ❤








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Videos: 160402 Cutie Sandara Park Plays “TrabaHula” and Attempts a Tongue Twister Challenge on “It’s Showtime!”

In the game, Dara has to guess the “real” dentist among the four contestants.. ^^ Dara didn’t get it..Kekekeke! XD But she had fun and she was glad to come back to Showtime again.. ^_^ I also love how they call her “Sandy” in a friendly and familiar manner.. ❤

It’s Showtime: Sandara Park plays TrabaHula!

In the video, the guys were asking what Dara could advice them as she is part of a group. The boys are part of a dance group called Hashtag. 

Dara said:

“Friendship is important. So, don’t fight. Even though sometimes you’ll get upset, but I know you love each other.Having fun is also important.

So you guys must be happy/enjoy all the time so there’ll be no fights. Happy, happy”

Credits: ABS-CBN Entertainment

Twitter/Instagram (160402): Dara having fun in Showtime

Ang saya saya sa Showtime!!! Thank u showtime! Nag enjoy ako sa inyo!!! 😄👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 namiss ko kayo~~~!!!


Trans: It’s really fun in Showtime!!! Thank u Showtime! I really enjoyed being there!!! I miss you~~~!!!

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Instagram/Photos: 150214 Sandara’s Friends Give her a Warm Welcome Back to the Philippines + “Showtime” Hosts Show their Love, Love, Love

Dara had a busy day after her arrival in the Philippines.. ^_^ She went to” Showtime” to promote her event for KTO the next day.. ^_^

In the van headed to “Showtime” with her managers and staff, both current and former.. ^^


she’s back!!! happy ❤️❤️ @daraxxi

“Showtime” backstage with Ryan Bang.. ^^


Welcome to Showtime @daraxxi

After Showtime, the hosts took pictures with her.. ^^ First one is with the birthday girl, Anne Curtis.. ❤


Another early birthday treat! Seeing this pretty lady! So nice to see you again @daraxxi Really! So happy for you and the success you have now! Thank you for still not forgetting about the Philippines! Hope to see you in Korea naman one day!!! Big kisses!!!




Happy Valentines @daraxxi welcome to Showtime @annecurtissmith @praybeytbenjamin


Welcome back Sandy!!! Sandara Park on Showtime kanina. Our favorite Koreana!


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Photos: 150214 Official Pictures of Sandara Park Spending “Valentine’s Day” on “It’s Showtime!”

Dara looked so happy at Showtime! ❤ Our Valentine’s Day “chocolate” really hyped up and got the crowd going.. It’s also cute to see how happy the cast and other celebrities were to see her.. ❤ Dara is so so so loved! ^^






The cast partying up to “Crush” with her.. ❤


Picture, picture! ❤


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Photos/Official: 150214 Valentine’s Day “Chocolate” Dara Poses Backstage Before Going on “Showtime”

Hello there gorgeous! ❤ And then there’s strict strict scowling Jjangmae at the back.. T_T Kekekekeke! XD




Source: Showtime

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Twitter: Excited Dara Confirms her Guesting for Showtime ~ “Let’s Date on Valentine’s Day!”

And she confirms it! We’ve been going crazy looking for confirmation of her Showtime guesting, and now it’s confirmed! Can’t wait to see her on Showtime! ❤ For those who are not familiar with the show, it’s a noon-time variety show in the Philippines. She also guested there when 2NE1 came here for AON.. ^_^


Wassup madlang people!!! Let’s see each other at Showtime on Valentines Day let’s date!!!



Translated and re-uploaded by: OhDara/ WeLoveDara

Instagram: 140515 Photos of Beautiful Dara with Teddy Corpuz’s Pretty Daughter and Actress Dimples Romana Backstage

FireShot Screen Capture #395 - 'Photo by teddspotting' - instagram_com_p_oAhps6DOJN

FireShot Screen Capture #394 - 'Photo by dimplesromana' - instagram_com_p_oAnCQBSpnR


Sources: dimplesromana teddspotting

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Videos: 140515 Snippets of Amazing Dara’s ‘Sample’ Performance on Showtime

Daraaaaaaa! ❤ Watching the fancams, I was all smiles all throughout the clips because I was so amazed and mesmerized with Dara! ❤ And did you guys see that? She even called those 2 lucky daralings and invited them to join her in dancing! They’re so freaking lucky!!! T_T 


Source: itsshowtimeofficial_ig

Videos: 140515 Official Clips of Darling Dara’s Live Appearance on Showtime

Seems like Dara had lots of fun with her guesting on a few shows on ABS! ^^ Last night they pre-recorded for GGV, then she went live on AAT. This afternoon, she appeared on Showtime, a noontime variety show here in the Phil!

Dara appeared during the Sine Mo ‘To portion. She danced to a bit of IATB and her novelty song, In or Out. And OMO!!! 2 lucky fans was granted the chance to be able to hug her! Waaaaaa! T_T Dara asked them if they’re going to watch the concert on the 17th but when she learned that they wouldn’t be able to, she promised to give them tickets!!! Our darling Dara is such a sweetheart! ❤ I can’t wait to see you Dara! 

Sandara performs “In or Out” with Vice, Ryan, Karylle,Teddy


Source: ABS-CBN Online