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Photos: 140705 More Photos Of Pretty Dara Hanging Out With Her Friends In The Philippines

Oh looks like the SCQ batchmates had a really fun day yesterday! They even went bowling! ^^ I can see some of Dara’s batchmates: Melissa Ricks, Joross Gamboa, Raphael Martinez, Roxanne Guinoo and I can also see actor Sam Milby! I’m glad Dara is having so much fun with her friends! ^_^



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Photos: 140705 Beautiful Dara Hanging Out With Her Friends In The Philippines

Pretty Dara hanging out with her friends in the Philippines! I’m really happy that Dara will have this time to relax and simply hangout with her friends. She was so busy with guestings the last time she went here in the Philippines. T_T At least now, she can treat this as her vacation. ^^ 

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Joy rideeee!!!🚗 @daraxxi @theraphaelmartinez

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Joy rideeee!!! @daraxxi @theraphaelmartinez

wow na wow na surprise!!! belated happy birthday to me!!! tenchoo @daraxxi

Annyeong-haseyo! Hanging out with the Krungerz. Please identify them. Post-pigging coming of age of Atih Banana @anatabatina. The food that always binds us together.


Instagram: Throwback Pic of Pretty, Young Dara and Her Friends in the Philippines


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Twitter: Dara Greets Melissa Ricks A Happy Birthday

Dara is so thoughtful! She remembers the birthdays of her friends.. ❤ I can’t even remember birthdates, except that of my family. T_T Now I feel like a horrible friend, kekeke! But Dara is just so sweet! ❤

Happy birthday Melissa! We hope that you have a more successful career ahead of you! More blessings to you and to your friendship with Dara, as well! ❤


@mellyricks09 Happy, happy birthday, Nini!!! I miss you soooo much!!! 🙂 Take care and have a great day!!!

Melissa’s reply! ^_^



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Twitter/Photo: Melissa Ricks to Dara – “Look! I bought apricot stick from Etude!”

Here’s a cute twitter convo between Dara and her Filipina actress friend, Melissa! ^^ I just love how we now get to see Dara’s interactions with her friends from the Philippines through Twitter. ^^

MELISSA: Look! @krungy21 You’re so cute here! Haha I bought apricot stick from your cute store (Etude)! My GC! Hahaha! (GC – gift certificate. Melissa was like asking gift certificates from Dara. Keke)

DARA: @mellyricks09 wahahaha funny~! 

MELISSA: Why! Haha

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