Oh looks like the SCQ batchmates had a really fun day yesterday! They even went bowling! ^^ I can see some of Dara’s batchmates: Melissa Ricks, Joross Gamboa, Raphael Martinez, Roxanne Guinoo and I can also see actor Sam Milby! I’m glad Dara is having so much fun with her friends! ^_^



Source: jorossandkatz + theraphaelmartinez
Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Photos: 140705 More Photos Of Pretty Dara Hanging Out With Her Friends In The Philippines" (6)

  1. Yung kasama ni Melissa? Yan ba yung ama ng dinadala nya?

  2. addictedtodrama said:

    something wrong with the date or these was taken last month?

  3. I don’t like Sam for Dara.

  4. handSAM and ganDARA, together again. bigala akong kinikig.

  5. mmmmmm….Sammmmmm…they all look so hapeyyyyy…

  6. there’s nothing like filipino friends to chase dara’s problems away. thank you.

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