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Photos: 160421 Elle Malaysia~ “Sandara Park at Mid Valley for Moonshot – The Best Moments with the K-pop star from the Event”

Sandara Park at Mid Valley for Moonshot

The best moments with the K-pop star from the event


Korean pop star and 2NE1 member Sandara Park, known by her fans as Dara, was at Mid Valley last night for a Moonshot launch event. Dara is the face of Moonshot makeup, along with G-Dragon (who sadly wasn’t there). The singers and the makeup brand are under the YG Entertainment Group.

Thousands of fans descended on the mall and surrounded the event enclosure, unleashing ear-piercing screams when she walked in. Oozing elegance and composure, Dara spoke flawless English answering questions from the media during the press conference. She gawked at the number of fans looking down from the upper levels and stayed after the media session to give lucky Sephora Black Card members a gift.

The media session consisted of an introduction to the new makeup Cushions – the Microfit Cushion identified as the GD Cushion, and the Moonflash Cushion named the Dara Cushion. Microfit is a beige, spongy-looking cushion that brightens skin with an anti-darkening formula, and Moonflash has a milky pink texture, luminising skin with a strobing effect and invisible pearls. Both go on super light and undetectable, the apparent secret to Dara’s ultra radiant, youthful-looking complexion.


Dara flashing a peace sign while posing for the cameras. She was super obliging and looked perfectly at ease.


Here, Dara caught the giggles while answering a question about how she gets all the gunk off her face after big concerts and photo shoots.  


Dara made a heart sign (!) to all the media who were busy snapping pics (us included). Isn’t she sweet? 


At one point fans on the upper levels started belting out her songs at top volume, prompting her to look up and smile at them. More screams followed.  


Before leaving, she snapped a photo with the night’s host Josiah Mizukami, flashing another peace sign.  


She then fetched her mobile phone from her manager and snapped photos of us. The crowd surged forward In attempts to get in on her photo. 


Then it was really time for her to go, but not before she gave us those signature finger hearts, K-pop style. 


Dara then bade her fans farewell, which was greeted with much booing and ‘no’s’. 


And for a final adieu, she bade us goodbye too. It was awesome to see her in person and get an up-close view of her flawless, glowing skin. Moonshot CEO Peter told us a G-Dragon fragrance will be launching mid-year, so we can only keep our fingers crossed they’ll be bringing him over too! 

Credits: Elle Malaysia

Video: Elle Korea Releases “We Broke Up” Cast Photoshoot Behind-The-Scenes ~ “The Season of Growing Up”

Dara is just exquisite, this BTS video is gold.. ❤ Cannot wait for the drama! The cast all look good together! ^^

“We Broke Up” Cast ~ The Encounter of Men and Women

Credits: elle 엘르

Photos: HQ/HD Scanned Pictures of Elle Korea’s Feature on “We Broke Up” Cast for June Issue ~ Sizzling, Hot, Alluring Cast!

OMG I AM LOVING THIS PHOTOSHOOT~! They are all so sexy and hot, I can’t even.. T_T Dara doesn’t seem older than the two guys, seriously. She’s such a baby-face that they all look around to be the same age, what do you guys think? ^^ Dara’s presence makes the younger guys seem older and more mature, I think.. Keke~! ^^ Props to Elle Korea for featuring “We Broke Up”~! Seeing these pictures make us anticipate it even more.. ❤ Dara is shown here with Kang Seungyoon and Kang Kiyong.. ^_^ Hold on for the interview trans.. ^^





Source: @goduandme5 + via @ohmygoddessDARA

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Video: Elle Korea Shares Behind-The-Scenes of their “Share Happiness” Campaign Photoshoot with YG Stars

YAAAAAAAYYYYYYY! Finally, the behind-the-scenes video! Oh hello there gorgeous artists of YG! ❤ “Hello, I’m YG Entertainment’s Park Sandara,” gah so so so cute! ❤ And of course, watch her work that camera and you’ll find gorgeous, professional, kind Dara~! ❤

Share Happiness with “YG Stars”!

Credits: elle 엘르

Photo: Elle Magazine Korea Shares an Cute Photo of Adorable Tokki Dara Behind the Scenes of “Share Happiness” Photoshoot

Awww, this is so cute! Kekeke, and she’s wearing my fave dress from her ensemble.. XD Cute Dara making her tokki face.. ^_^ Fighting Dara, we are always here to love and support you~! Thank you for sharing your happiness and your big heart to us.. ❤

1932344_760718417335426_9104271601199328178_n (1)


Source: Elle Magazine Korea Facebook

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Photos: Gorgeous, Flawless Sandara Park Revealed in Elle Korea Photoshoot B-Cuts

GUYS! Oh my gawd, I cannot handle my feels! Dara is so freaking gorgeous and perfect! T_T Well, excuse me Miss Park, but your flawless is affecting my feels and I think I might die from the spazz.. T_T Her B-cuts are perfect, perfect, perfect! How did the Elle people choose what photos to include in the magazines? Goodness, all her pictures must have been perfect and worthy to put into the magazine. T_T Argh the perfection, help me guys.. /hyperventilates

Oh by the way, for those wondering, B-cut means “Behind Cut” basically, those are the shots that didn’t make it to the official publication. ^^







Source: Elle Korea

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Photos: HQ, Web Pictures of Sandara Park in Elle Magazine, March 2013 Issue

Why hello there gorgeous HQ web pics! I will never get tired of looking at Dara’s flawless, goddess beauty in Elle.. ^^






Screencaps: Sandara Park for Elle Magazine Making Film – “Say My Name” (HD)

Do you know what’s better than screencaps of Dara’s Making Film for Elle Magazine? When it comes in HD!

elle dara 2603

elle dara 2489

elle dara 2420

elle dara 2048

elle dara 1956

elle dara 0731


Video: Sandara Park for Elle Magazine Photoshoot Making Film – “Say My Name” (HD)

Credit: frolicker21

Fashion Find: Stunning Dara is Chic and Elegant for Elle Korea Magazine

Dara for Elle

I said earlier that I really cannot find the proper words to define the glory that is Sandara Park in this photoshoot. Usually the adjectives beautiful, goddess, pretty, fierce, chic, etc. are enough but now, I truly cannot find the words. This photoshoot raises Dara into a whole different indescribable level. 

I love how the whole concept of the photoshoot is just to showcase Dara as she is. Take away all the crazy hairstyles, crazy make-up, crazy clothes and you get Sandara Park at her finest. 

The jewelry that Dara used in the shoot are mostly from Tasaki. In a few of the photos, we see Dara wear  the Ring of Tasaki Serpentine Series Bracelet.


She also wore Tasaki from the  Thakoon for Tasaki Jewelry Collection particularly the  Thakoon Spikey Ring Tasaki, Women’s Pearl and Chain Bracelet and Yellow Gold Pearl Spike Ring.