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Screencaps: Sandara Park for Elle Magazine Making Film – “Say My Name” (HD)

Do you know what’s better than screencaps of Dara’s Making Film for Elle Magazine? When it comes in HD!

elle dara 2603

elle dara 2489

elle dara 2420

elle dara 2048

elle dara 1956

elle dara 0731


Video: Sandara Park for Elle Magazine Photoshoot Making Film – “Say My Name” (HD)

Credit: frolicker21

Screencaps: Glorious Sandara Park for CLIO’s 2013 S/S Making Film – “Devil vs. Angel”

First and foremost, I would like to say that I sorted through 8,500+ screencaps of goddess Dara! Can you imagine all the heart palpitations that I had to go through? ^_^ 


20130215_making_500x282 0138

20130215_making_500x282 1240

20130215_making_500x282 1536

20130215_making_500x282 2888

20130215_making_500x282 4432

20130215_making_500x282 6807

20130215_making_500x282 7900

20130215_making_500x282 7787

Check out more and more and more screencaps below! 


Vid: Cuteness Overload For Sandara-SHINee BTS Scenes For Kiss Note!

OH MY GAWD I THINK I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN! WHAT.IS.AIR! Watch and then spazz with me! Haha! ❤ OMG the kisses are so cute! Dara’s laughs are just so freaking cute! /dies

Sandara And SHINee Kiss Note Making Film Revealed! Ready? Action!


Video Desc: Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE! The newest Dara & SHINee’s Kiss note making film is coming up now.
You will see the hottest their real Kiss scene soon. 
Getting nervous and looking forward to seeing the film, Yeah~!!

Did you watch it already?! Isn’t it just the cutest thing evahhh (T/N: Well I think Dara dancing in Skin Malgem CF is cute too, I mean the BTS XDDD)?! Dara is just soooo adorable! And she looks the same age as SHINee! Forever jealous of her eternal youth! Did you see her laugh/giggle nervously/cutely/excitedly?! Her adorable laugh and giggles after her kiss scene with Jonghyun and Key are just soooooooo precious!!! /pinches her cheeks And ACKKKK! Etude staff and crew are killing me with their spazzing! Haha! ^^ They totally squealed in giddiness while Dara and Minho were shooting their scenes! 

Etude, we want MORE MORE MORE! XDDD