First and foremost, I would like to say that I sorted through 8,500+ screencaps of goddess Dara! Can you imagine all the heart palpitations that I had to go through? ^_^ 


20130215_making_500x282 0138

20130215_making_500x282 1240

20130215_making_500x282 1536

20130215_making_500x282 2888

20130215_making_500x282 4432

20130215_making_500x282 6807

20130215_making_500x282 7900

20130215_making_500x282 7787

Check out more and more and more screencaps below! 

Comments on: "Screencaps: Glorious Sandara Park for CLIO’s 2013 S/S Making Film – “Devil vs. Angel”" (2)

  1. Whoa, so many screen caps! O///O;; But it’s fine because Dara unnie is in all of them~

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