OH MY GAWD I THINK I DIED AND WENT TO HEAVEN! WHAT.IS.AIR! Watch and then spazz with me! Haha! ❤ OMG the kisses are so cute! Dara’s laughs are just so freaking cute! /dies

Sandara And SHINee Kiss Note Making Film Revealed! Ready? Action!


Video Desc: Wanna be Sweet? PLAY ETUDE! The newest Dara & SHINee’s Kiss note making film is coming up now.
You will see the hottest their real Kiss scene soon. 
Getting nervous and looking forward to seeing the film, Yeah~!!

Did you watch it already?! Isn’t it just the cutest thing evahhh (T/N: Well I think Dara dancing in Skin Malgem CF is cute too, I mean the BTS XDDD)?! Dara is just soooo adorable! And she looks the same age as SHINee! Forever jealous of her eternal youth! Did you see her laugh/giggle nervously/cutely/excitedly?! Her adorable laugh and giggles after her kiss scene with Jonghyun and Key are just soooooooo precious!!! /pinches her cheeks And ACKKKK! Etude staff and crew are killing me with their spazzing! Haha! ^^ They totally squealed in giddiness while Dara and Minho were shooting their scenes! 

Etude, we want MORE MORE MORE! XDDD

Comments on: "Vid: Cuteness Overload For Sandara-SHINee BTS Scenes For Kiss Note!" (20)

  1. Omo!my wish came true<33 Thanks etude for this BTS<33
    Adorable Ssantoki<3333 and the last scene was so sweeeeet<33

  2. Liez Lumbuan said:

    OMG!!! the last part with Minho is just sooooo kyahhhhhhh!!!! can’t stop replaying that part… sooo spazzworthy… and the parts with Jonghyun, Key and taemin are so cute as well… but the scenes with Minho are really to die for.. even the people in the shooting area can’t help but spazz out of giddiness!!!

  3. for this.. etude deserves a big MWAH!~ ❤

  4. wahhh..my gahd!!!! this is so spazz worthy!!! im going giddy like crazy!!! i wanna see the real kiss! LOL at the staffs squealing like crazy!!! kyaaaa!!!! GODDESS DARA! I LOVE YOU!!!

  5. cydellianne said:

    i want her real kiss with minho…^^

  6. I really like BTS clips and I’m really liking this one in particular.

  7. very beautiful, very adorable, very youthful.. Goddess you truly are Darong.. i love you so much! 🙂

  8. I think this is going to be my favorite etude video.^^

  9. Hehe…..I’m so giddy watching this. Hehehe. I love Dara. 🙂

  10. Dara smiling, Dara projecting, Dara laughing, Dara gigling! Everything that Dara does is so adorable in my eyes!!!! I love, love BTS clips!

  11. loved the part where everyone spazzed when minho was kissing (or tried?!) Dara!!!
    too funny!!!! kinilig silang lahat!!! hahaha

  12. 2ne1shabam said:

    Are all this lipsticks available in Etude Phil already?

    • ckjack_bla said:

      Yep! I already bought Shy Coral at SM City North EDSA yesterday. One lipstick per payroll. LOL

  13. daragonlove said:

    what if there’s onew version, and he will get the real kiss on the lips…wah! Dara Dara bright Dara…

  14. OMO!!!!!! I want to see the real kiss scene with Minho!! Dara is just too adorable!! I really hope Etude will pair them up again! I really want to buy the lipsticks! Dara is such an effective endorser! I want everything that she sells!!!

    • I want to buy the lipstick too and then my own Kiss Note and write Dara’s name on it! Haha! And yes, Dara is a really really effective endorser. ^^

  15. 2ne1shabam said:

    when Dara smiles 😀

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