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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Greets Filipino Blackjacks a Good Morning

Waaaaah!!! Who would’ve thought that this tweet of Dara was actually a hint that she would be arriving in the Philippines?! Kyaa!!! She surprised us all with her sudden visit! I almost had a heart attack when I found out about it! XD

Dara would be watching Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Manila. But we don’t exactly know if that’s the only reason why she’s here. ^^ Mabuhay DARA!!! ❤

DARA: Good morning to all of you~!!! I woke up so early!!! Have a nice day! 🙂


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Info/Cap: Tour Date for 2NE1’s New Evolution Concert Tour in Singapore Confirmed!

Woot!!! SG Blackjacks now have a date to look forward to! ^_^ Let’s all wait ’till YG reveals the other tour dates and cities! 

Source: 2NE1’s Facebook

Twitter/Cap: Dara (@krungy21) Reaches 200k+ Followers!

Yay!!!! Dara (@Krungy21) has finally surpassed the cap of 200,000 followers!

Our Me2day Queen has well settled in the Twitter World, it seems!^^

To many more followers to come! ^^

Source: @Krungy21

Random/Cap: 2NE1 Spotted at Psy’s Comeback Teaser on SBS Inkigayo

So cute! Psy’s love for YG Family! Keke <333 I spot Minzy, Papa YG, G-Dragon, Tabi, DARA, Taeyang, and CL! ^^

Credit: @negimax on Twitter

Twitter/Cap: 120708 Indonesian Actor, Indra Herlambang, Tweets About 2NE1’s “I Love You”

Oh cool! Another famous Indonesian fanboy? Keke! ^_^ 

Source: Indra Herlambang’s Twitter via @ForeverwithDara

Twitter/Cap: Lydia Paek, “So blessed to write for these wonderful ladies!”

Woot! And we are so glad and thankful that Lydia co-wrote this song for 2NE1!!! “I LOVE YOU” is simply the B-E-S-T!!! ^_^

Source: Lydia Paek’s Twitter

Screencap: Dara says, “I’ve already shaved the left side of my head 2 or 3 times”

Oh! What is this? Keke! Maybe it’s because her hair grows back too fast. ^^ Let’s all wait for the full interview on Monday!

(A/N: This is actually my problem too. As some of you might know, I, Gally the Snail, also had half of my hair shaved, just like Dara’s. And the hair grows back too fast! Keke. I guess I have to shave it multiple times too. ^^)

In the same interview, Dara said that it was CL who recommended her to have half of her head shaved for a change. She admitted that she got a little teary when she was shaving her hair, but she said that she likes it now. ^^ How cute is ChaeRa? <333

Source: @10asia_English on Twitter + @kristinekwak