Waaaaah!!! Who would’ve thought that this tweet of Dara was actually a hint that she would be arriving in the Philippines?! Kyaa!!! She surprised us all with her sudden visit! I almost had a heart attack when I found out about it! XD

Dara would be watching Big Bang’s Alive Tour in Manila. But we don’t exactly know if that’s the only reason why she’s here. ^^ Mabuhay DARA!!! ❤

DARA: Good morning to all of you~!!! I woke up so early!!! Have a nice day! 🙂


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: GallytheSnail@WeLoveDara/OhItsLAI@OhDara

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Greets Filipino Blackjacks a Good Morning" (6)

  1. Morning, Ssantoki<33HWAITING!!!!!

  2. She’s gonna record the duet with Christian!! Since she said the trip is for work~~~

    Ahaha still not sure but it’s possible the YG gave the duet a go!

  3. last minute selling.. vip 3 ticket..(selling for a friend) in case, interested..see below link

  4. waaa…I`m Indonesian..but somehow I get really excited to hear Dara visit Philippines >..< a new project? or just holiday? or special guest in BB Alive tour?..gaaah..can wait about the news..^^

  5. So thankful that I got a ticket! Not to sound like a shipper, but I would totally go gaga if she performs Hello with GD or I Need A Girl with YB as a special guest. (My words to YG’s ears, please!)

  6. waaaa. too bad can’t afford the tickets TT_TT

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