So cute! Psy’s love for YG Family! Keke <333 I spot Minzy, Papa YG, G-Dragon, Tabi, DARA, Taeyang, and CL! ^^

Credit: @negimax on Twitter

Comments on: "Random/Cap: 2NE1 Spotted at Psy’s Comeback Teaser on SBS Inkigayo" (10)

  1. Reblogged this on edherei and commented: naked sajagnim..kekeke

  2. I hope there’ll be some 2NE1 & PSY interaction next week on Inkigayo 🙂 YG Family FTW!

  3. Twinsgirl said:

    Lol, easily spotted because their bizarre hair! Top, dara, gd, taeyang.. And for the weir outfit: papaYG! Wkwkwk.. Spotted minzy too beside papaYG !

  4. anonyMOEs said:

    LOL at YG no shirt and with the floaters!

  5. Ugh… tabi??? What’re you doing to Dara’s shaved hair?? kekeke (>W<)"

  6. egliukas said:

    Dara in a middle with bigbang boys xD

  7. Mr. YG is naked, so hella funny:)

  8. hahahahaha ROFL

  9. LOL! wang sajangnim is naked and he’s wearing a yellow life ring!

    • OHMEHGAHD! that was super funny! the first thing I thought after I recognized gd, top taeyang and our godess dara was…”Who is this naked man?” ROFL =))))) hahahhahaha!!!

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