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Twitter: Dara Reveals Blue-Haired Behind-The-Scenes Pic ~ “Come Back Home MV, Action!”

Ahahaha, our badass unnie~! I love how she showed her badass, fierce side as well as her vulnerable side in the MV! Multi-faceted Dara! ❤



Come Back Home music video shoot… Action! Come running with a baseball hat


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara Uploads a Haunting, Sad Behind-The-Scene Picture of “Come Back Home” MV

So so so beautiful.. T_T So sad and haunting and lonely.. Her emotions really come out, even through a picture! ❤



Source: @krungy21

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Feature Article: [Dara’s journal of 2NE1 world tour preparation 3] The secret revealing of the shooting of ALL OR NOTHING “THE JOURNEY”!

[Dara’s journal of 2NE1 world tour preparation 3] The secret revealing of the shooting of ALL OR NOTHING “THE JOURNEY”!

Hello!! This is 2NE1 captain San, it is Dara. The STARCAST publishing, which the captain San is putting a lot of effort into, is already on its 3rd episode. In order to provide different kinds of information to everyone today also!! I will be trying my best. Did everyone watch the teaser video of our world tour concert ALL OR NOTHING last week? It is called “THE JOURNEY”!!!!! Lot of people said that is it the real quality of the concert teaser and I have once again slightly thought about whether it is too much information or not but today, I will thoroughly reveal the secrets of the filming site of that video which is the center of the attention!! Ta da! ^.^


I heard that there was no one who did not watch this teaser!! But, just in case for the ones who did not watch and for countless reviews, we will proceed after playing the video once more~!


Wow~~ Isn’t the video so cool?! Everyone who has already noticed will know about it but this “THE JOURNEY” was filmed using chromatography technique. The fact is that it is used a lot in dramas, movies and advertisements these days+_+ I will show what chromatography technique is in an very easy way through a pretty picture of Bom!!

The one who is in the paused scene of the video is Bom, who is standing in a pretty way with a beautiful moon as the background. Isn’t her beautiful looks of the back and a beautiful background so awesome??

Then, should we compare the original picture and the picture after applying computer graphics!! Ta da!!!

The truth is, we get to film in a neat background where it is possible to use chromatography technique just like the image above! After filming the video with all our efforts!! It comes out like the image below ^.^ Such a cool teaser resulted from the detailed expressions of emotions from the members and everybody’s detailed efforts and this is happy, happy captain San.

#2. The revealing of the behind pictures of teaser filming place

First, this is charismatic leader CL~
Even when she tied her hair both ways in an adorable way, wow, there is still charisma! Power!
She passionately acted as the queen of cat planet in the teaser video^.^

For people who saw the teaser video, you guys already got the answer for something that was glowing on Bom’s cheek in the last episode, right? +.+
It was Bom’s tears that was shining like a jewelㅜ.ㅜ For people who got it right, we reveal the original picture that was used in the poster as a gift!!

Our provocative Minzy!
The looks in the eyes of the youngest member got much sexier and the pose also became much more provocative when she turned 21…
Wow~ I am worried about you, Minzy ^.^

Just like 2NE1 who came from the star, we tried different kinds of make-up, but it was not that visible in the video sadlyㅜ.ㅜ
So we will reveal it through the pictures!! Go!!

It is a mystic eye make-up that gives the feeling of as if it came from outer space, right?

+The autograph that is revealed this week is from Minzy~! The news is that we are already excited when we think about meeting with you guys at the concert site!!! I will see you guys next week in STARCAST also. Then, I will say bye from here~!


Photos: Gorgeous Dara’s behind the scenes photos for 2NE1 Loves Shinsegae Website

OMG!!! How gorgeous!!!

No words *.*





Source: 2NE1 Loves Shinsegae

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Photo: Unseen BTS Photo of Cute Dara for Nikon

OMG!!! Dara looks so totally adorable in this photo~! <333 She looks like a cute little girl~~ Dara, how do you manage to look so young? T_T


Credits: As Tagged + @ForeverwithDara

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Photos: Pretty, Fresh-Faced Dara Goofs Around With Their Stylist – The Wrath of Puff Cheeks

Dara goofing around with their make-up stylist! Kekekeke! The uploader titled these pics with “The wrath of puff cheeks” and Dara was trying to put on make-up on their stylist’s cheek with a huge powder puff, kekeke! Dara then said, “I don’t think my customer liked my skills,” to which the stylist replied with, “I am asking you to please put down the puffs down,” aren’t they just so cute and adorable?! I love how close they are! ^__________^





Source: YG Staff Facebook + WeLoveDara

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Translations: MNET Wide’s Coverage of Dara’s Photoshoot for CLIO (BTS)

First and foremost, we would like to thank @ygfan4life for translating this for us. We now have a better idea on what MNET Wide’s coverage was all about. ^_^ Read through the screencaps and translations below.

How funny is it that Dara is on MNET Wide because of her photoshoot for CLIO and her beauty tips are: (1) Use little make-up; (2) Use little BB Cream; and (3) Just use a lip balm or a lip tint! Aigoooo! ^_^ Dara barely uses make-up. She doesn’t need it anyways! Natural beauty at its finest!


“A face that doesn’t change even in 2013”


“The star most Korean women want to be, Sandara Park”

Click the link below for more translations!


Video: 130204 Beautiful Dara on MNetWIDE Featuring Clio BTS Shoot and Fun Interview

130204 Dara on MNET Wide News

During Dara’s call to Park Bom, she was tasked to make a poem with Dara’s name, “SanDaRa Park” and this is what Bom said:

High like a mountain (mountain=San)

The girl who has it all (all=Da)

Likes RAmen

And likes PARK Bom

So cute! Park sisters!! XD And how cute is Dara getting all frustrated because she couldn’t catch the fishes fast? XD And ack, how smexy and beautiful is Dara in this concept?! I love her black and dress and how playful she became with the Havana concept! ^^


Video Source: bk s + @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Photo: Screencaps Of Beautiful, Ethereal Dara For UGLY Background Video in NewECon DVD BTS

OMG. Dara looks so flawless and gorgeous and ethereal. A real, live goddess! This seems to be part of the BTS shots for their background vid for “Ugly.” Remember the scenes when the girls’ faces are shown and slowly melt? ^^




Source: @DCmyminzy 

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Photos: More BTS pictures of Playful 2NE1 for Adidas Winter!

Dara is just so so adorable!!! Look at her being all perfect in the snow and her winter-wear  


And… Here are a couple more BTS pictures from 2NE1’s Adidas Winter CF alongside actor Yoo Seungho and soccer player Son Heung Min!!!