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Photos: More Screencaps of Gorgeous Dara in NewECon In Seoul BTS Vid

Oh my freaking gosh! Dara looks so so so gorgeous in these stills.. T_T CAn we have HD screencaps please? Keke! ^^





More screencaps after the cut!


Photo: Screencaps Of Beautiful, Ethereal Dara For UGLY Background Video in NewECon DVD BTS

OMG. Dara looks so flawless and gorgeous and ethereal. A real, live goddess! This seems to be part of the BTS shots for their background vid for “Ugly.” Remember the scenes when the girls’ faces are shown and slowly melt? ^^




Source: @DCmyminzy 

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Photos: 121201 WLD HD Photos of Dara at Singapore New Evolution Concert

It was totally surreal, in a good way, to see Dara so close! She’s like a goddess really, and she smiles and waves so much, though she didn’t make eye contact with the fans that often, I really think it was to stop herself from being emotional over this being the last concert.. T_T We will miss you Dara, but we are always behind you to support you no matter what!





More pictures after the cut! ^^ Thanks so much @JennahYang for taking the pics.. ❤


Photos: More Pics At Taiwan NewECon PressCon

More pics! Gorgeous Dara and stunning 2NE1.. ^_^ 

Caption: TAIWAN, CHINA – NOVEMBER 17: (CHINA MAINLAND OUT)South Korean girl group 2NE1 held a press conference for their concert on Saturday November 17, 2012 in Taipei, Taiwan, China.


Source: Getty Images

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Photo: 2NE1 Backstage During NewECon in Japan

Awww, 2NE1 building up their connections everywhere and gaining friends.. ^^ Baby Mary is of Faline Tokyo fame.. ^^ Our girls’ multi-colored hair. XD


Source: Baby Mary’s Blog via CL The Baddest Female

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Video: 2NE1 in Taiwan’s New Show Biz News Coverage

More news coverage of 2NE1 in Taiwan.. ^^ And near the end, I think they complimented Dara on her Chinese! Dara’s speaking in Chinese never fails to awe me. XD

2NE1 in New Show Biz News


Video: 2NE1 Promotes Singapore NewECon on December 1

YAY! This vid looks like the girls recorded it right after their SingTel photoshoot. ^^

2NE1 Promotes Singapore NewECon on December 1


Photo: 2NE1 Featured In Singapore’s ‘The New Paper’

YAY! According to the uploader of this pic, @2addicted2ne1 , this is the biggest newspaper coverage of the girls in Singapore.. ^^ All psyched up for NewECon~! ^^


Source: @2addicted2ne1 

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