Photo: Eric Racy Official Website Shares a BTS Photo with 2NE1 during New Evolution Concert

The girls looking oh so cute! I think this was taken during their Japan leg? That was the time Dara got her blue heart on her balsak hairstyle.. ^^


Eric Racy joins members of Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Cee-lo’s camp for K-Pop mega group ’2NE1′s “New Evolution” World Tour.  With a massive stage show selling out domes around the world, Eric was hired to work side by side with Musical Director Divinity Roxx (formerly of Beyonce) to bring the show’s audio to life.


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Photos: Screencaps Of 2NE1 In NewECon in Seoul DVD BTS

Awww, our girls are so cute and so close to each other. ^^ I really find their BTS vids precious because you can see their deep friendship. ^^




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Twitter/Photo: Dara greets Malay Blackjacks

Dara’s thoughtfulness is no longer unfamiliar to Daralings. And here she goes again, proving it! (*≧▽≦)

She hasn’t forgotten about Malaysian Blackjacks, whose New Evolution Tour leg was unfortunately cancelled (ToT)


“Hello Malaysian Blackjacks~ this is Dara!!! We’ll try to see you in next year~!!! please stay tuned! I love u~!!!^.^”


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Fancam: OMG Fancam Of Emotional Dara During Singapore NewECon Encore

Dara crying and being all emotional during encore.. T_T I remember that we all yelled, “Dara, don’t cry, don’t cry!” whenever she came near our section. T_T 

[FANCAM] 121201 New Evolution – Do not cry (DARA ver) *in Singapore

Credits: park77410 @ohmygoddessDARA @OMG_SANDAR

Feature: 2NE1 talks about future plans, Blackjacks & leisure activities at their press conference

2NE1 talks about future plans, Blackjacks & leisure activities at their press conference


On the eve of their 2NE1 New Evolution World Tour in Singapore, KAvenyou met up with the bubbly 2NE1 girls for their concert press conference, where they shared details of their upcoming plans, their unforgettable experiences with their Blackjacks and about their own 2NE1 style!

Q: How does it feel like to be back in Singapore again?
CL: Well, I think it’s our third time, or our fourth time here. We’re very very happy to come back and we loveSingapore, and this time it’s for our show so we’re very excited.

Q: How do you stay in shape with such a fully packed schedule?
CL: Actually, we’re on tour so it’s easier because we spend a lot of energy to do all these travelling. So it’s actually easier when we’re on tour, and harder when we’re just staying in Korea!

Q: When you do have some free time, what do you guys do to relax and enjoy yourselves?
CL: Well, I think we’re all different, so for me – I don’t know, I’m not good at relaxing, I’m a workaholic!
Dara: I will spend some quality cat time, I love spending time with my cat at home! (Emcee: So what’s your cat’s name?) Dadoongie! Do you know Thunder? He’s my brother and his Korean name is Chundoong, so its name is Dadoongie!
Bom: I eat!
Minzy: I like knitting during my free time!


Photos: Official Photos from YG Application of 2NE1 in New Evolution Concert in Seoul

Ooohh, more official concert pics! But this time, it’s from their very first leg of the concert tour.. The one in Seoul~! ^.^





Source: YG Application and WeLoveDara

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Check out solo pics of Minzy, CL, and Bommie after the cut!


Me2day: YG Entertainment Updates With 2NE1’s Awesome New Evolution Concert LIVE CD!

Oohhh, the CD looks so prettyyyy! And the cover looks so awesome as well! I bet the pink bunny on the CD is Dara.. XDD


[2NE1] 나왔다네~나왔다네! 2NE1 New Evolution in Seoul LIVE CD!! 한발먼저 YG미투에서 보여드리는 따끈한 실물 공개!! YG e-shop ( 및 각종 온.오프라인 음반판매사이트에서 겟할 수 있답니다!^^* 46분전

어쩜 앞장에서 부터 뒷표지까지 반짝반짝 퉤니원처럼 예쁠수가있죠? 게다가 밴드사운드 라이브 수록곡은감동의 도가니라는!!

[2NE1] It’s here ~ It’s here! 2NE1 New Evolution in Seoul LIVE CD!! YG Mitu is the first in showing this to you guys, piping hot update!! YG e-shop ( and other offline and online music sites are going to be selling this already! ^^*

Tags: Isn’t the back cover all shiny and awesome, exactly like 2NE1? Plus the band’s live performances should make the tracks even more exciting!!


Source: YG On Air Me2day

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Twitter: Dara Promotes NewECon In Seoul Live CD

Weee! And of course Dara will not let this day pass without promoting the release of NewECon Live CD! The CD looks awesome, doesn’t it? Wah! I want one! ^^


2NE1 2012 GLOBAL TOUR NEW EVOLUTION IN SEOUL!!!!! Live CD!!! Got it!!! 🙂


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Photos: 121201 WLD HD Photos of Dara at Singapore New Evolution Concert

It was totally surreal, in a good way, to see Dara so close! She’s like a goddess really, and she smiles and waves so much, though she didn’t make eye contact with the fans that often, I really think it was to stop herself from being emotional over this being the last concert.. T_T We will miss you Dara, but we are always behind you to support you no matter what!





More pictures after the cut! ^^ Thanks so much @JennahYang for taking the pics.. ❤


Video: Taiwan’s JK Live Covers 2NE1 NewECon in Taipei

Dara’s Chinese is love! At the beginning, the anchor was saying “He said he remembered when they were having the tour in LA, just nice it was Dara’s birthday. And Dara shared on the net saying that the members (and herself) had tried their best performing for the fans, and were tired from the concert, rehearsal.. But she didn’t expect that it was them who celebrated for her! So she felt touched and was nearly moved to tears. *Photo from the screen* A photo where the girls had given Dara a surprise, and even if it’s at LA, they also got to celebrate Dara’s birthday.” Thanks so much Undyinglove from the comments section!

2NE1 New Evolution Concert in Taiwan – JK Live Coverage