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Photos: 100+ HD/HQ Group Screencaps from 2NE1’s “HAPPY” MV ~ Happy, Colorful, Fierce 2NE1!

Yaaayyyy, finally finished HAPPY caps! Kekeke! ❤ Wasn’t happy with the hue of the MV, so I decided to edit all the caps before uploading. Whew! ❤ Enjoy the two sides of our girls: Cute, colorful, and happy VS cute, fierce, black leather, and still happy! ❤ 









Check out more caps below at the gallery!


140302 Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) ~ I found Dadoong while looking through the wreaths!!!

Wahhhhhhh Its WLD/OD Pet Wreath…Dara ah We knew how much you love Dadoongie . So much feels that I don’t have enough words to say in this Blog. Ha..ha..ha..Thank you Sandy Thank You.

imagewreath pic

I found Dadoong while looking through the wreaths!!! >.< Dadoong can’t come to the concerts yet because he’s only threeㅠ.ㅠ” I was able to feel better about him not being here~ ^.^ Korean and int’l fans who send wreaths and messages~” It gives me strength!!!


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @Kristinekwak

Photos: 121201 WLD HD Photos of Dara at Singapore New Evolution Concert

It was totally surreal, in a good way, to see Dara so close! She’s like a goddess really, and she smiles and waves so much, though she didn’t make eye contact with the fans that often, I really think it was to stop herself from being emotional over this being the last concert.. T_T We will miss you Dara, but we are always behind you to support you no matter what!





More pictures after the cut! ^^ Thanks so much @JennahYang for taking the pics.. ❤


Admin Post: Master Ssabu (@Hwangssabu) Loves and Thanks WLD/OhDara!

Waaaa! This was really shocking! Master Ssabu tweeted the photo below, thanking and saying that he loves WLD/OhDara! He uploaded a photo of him wearing the shirt designed and given to him by WLD/OhDara’s honorary admin Triple D, @2yeNE1! Triple D admin is jjangest!!!! <333

We love you too Ssabu-nim!!!! ^______^