Oohhh, the CD looks so prettyyyy! And the cover looks so awesome as well! I bet the pink bunny on the CD is Dara.. XDD


[2NE1] 나왔다네~나왔다네! 2NE1 New Evolution in Seoul LIVE CD!! 한발먼저 YG미투에서 보여드리는 따끈한 실물 공개!! YG e-shop ( http://www.ygeshop.com) 및 각종 온.오프라인 음반판매사이트에서 겟할 수 있답니다!^^* 46분전

어쩜 앞장에서 부터 뒷표지까지 반짝반짝 퉤니원처럼 예쁠수가있죠? 게다가 밴드사운드 라이브 수록곡은감동의 도가니라는!!

[2NE1] It’s here ~ It’s here! 2NE1 New Evolution in Seoul LIVE CD!! YG Mitu is the first in showing this to you guys, piping hot update!! YG e-shop (www.ygeshop.com) and other offline and online music sites are going to be selling this already! ^^*

Tags: Isn’t the back cover all shiny and awesome, exactly like 2NE1? Plus the band’s live performances should make the tracks even more exciting!!


Source: YG On Air Me2day

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara

Comments on: "Me2day: YG Entertainment Updates With 2NE1’s Awesome New Evolution Concert LIVE CD!" (2)

  1. i need this Santokki’s cd so bad!!!!sigh

  2. i want to buy one…………

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