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Video: 2NE1 “All Or Nothing in Japan” Making Video with English Subs

The girls are all kinds of adorable and cute with each other and I miss them so much and I just need to see OT4 again soon okay? T_T 


Credits: bommu the corn

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Thanks Ryan Bang for His Gifts – “Movie marathon…”

Dara Twitter 1

DARA: Thank you @ryanbang for your gift to me! I’m going to do a movie marathon again 🙂 Its ok that it’s VCD!!! I’m still happy!

RYAN BANG: VCD hahahahahahahahahaha next time i’ll make sure that it’s all DVD hahahahahaha sorrysorry

Credit: @krungy21 + @ryanbang

Video: Glance Star Interview for 2NE1 New Evolution DVD Promotions Last Year

A promotional video from last year! This is for 2NE1’s New Evolution DVD promo.  ^^ I kinda miss seeing Dara’s black hair.. XD But she looks awesome with her blonde hair too, so yeah! ❤

Glance Star Interview – 2NE1

Credits: GLANCE

HQ Photos: New Evolution in Seoul DVD’s photobook

Weeee!! Here are some super high quality scan of the New Evolution in Seoul DVD photobook!

Enjoy and bask in their awesome gorgeousness~

(ღ˘⌣˘ღ) ♫・*:.。. .。.:*・






Photo: Screencaps Of Beautiful, Ethereal Dara For UGLY Background Video in NewECon DVD BTS

OMG. Dara looks so flawless and gorgeous and ethereal. A real, live goddess! This seems to be part of the BTS shots for their background vid for “Ugly.” Remember the scenes when the girls’ faces are shown and slowly melt? ^^




Source: @DCmyminzy 

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Photos: 2012 YG Family Concert in Japan DVD Photobook


Screencaps: 2012 YG Family Concert in Japan DVD

Dara and her Kiiroitori Hat! ^_^ How cute!

Letting her PSY Oppa try it on! It won’t fit!

Pretty Pretty!


Photos: HD/HQ Photos Of Dara In YG Family Concert 2011 DVD Photobook!

My gorgeous, flawless, beautiful Dara! Looking so gorgeous for Tell Me, and dorky with her Psy-oppa! ^^ And her beautiful smile! ❤ Whoopee for HD/HQ pics! ^^

More pictures after the cut! ^^


Cap: DVD – 2NE1TV Season 1 and 2 Box (Japan)

Who wants one? ^^ I am still debating whether to get this or not. I wonder if they will have english subtitles. 

Thanks @ForeverWithDara