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Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Thanks Ryan Bang for His Gifts – “Movie marathon…”

Dara Twitter 1

DARA: Thank you @ryanbang for your gift to me! I’m going to do a movie marathon again 🙂 Its ok that it’s VCD!!! I’m still happy!

RYAN BANG: VCD hahahahahahahahahaha next time i’ll make sure that it’s all DVD hahahahahaha sorrysorry

Credit: @krungy21 + @ryanbang

Twitter/Photo: Dara (@Krungy21) shows her gifts from WLD – “Thanks for always preparing letters like this.”

OMG!!!!! She did it again!!! I mean make us all emotional, and happy and a crying trembling mess ♥

Our ever so grateful Dara!!!  ♥

These are some of the things we’ve sent to her and the girls, for 2NE1’s 4th anniversary! We are so thankful to everyone who has helped us, and really honored that she likes our modest gifts. Dara, you’re amazing and We love you!


BLCk5NICUAEkTIF.jpg large

DARA: Thank you so much for caring for me like this all the time. These stuffs will all be a help to me^^ I’ll work hard~ ㅠㅠ I read all the letters too.. and I was so touched! Goodnight!!!


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls



Twitter/Photo: Dara gifts HiTech and Crazy dancers Adidas sneakers she designed!

Weee, just how much more thoughtful and kind do you have to be for us to love you even more, Dara-yah? 


Aside from customizing shoes specially for 2NE1 members, she seemingly also made them for HiTech  and Crazy dancers!!!


 RarmG: Surprise event and gifts specially delivered by Dara Unnie ~ ♥ We’re infinitely grateful… Even customized *0* It’s so pretty… 2NE1 is the best♥

Here is a closer look to the design! It says “HiTech”

Source: @RarmG

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara