130204 Dara on MNET Wide News

During Dara’s call to Park Bom, she was tasked to make a poem with Dara’s name, “SanDaRa Park” and this is what Bom said:

High like a mountain (mountain=San)

The girl who has it all (all=Da)

Likes RAmen

And likes PARK Bom

So cute! Park sisters!! XD And how cute is Dara getting all frustrated because she couldn’t catch the fishes fast? XD And ack, how smexy and beautiful is Dara in this concept?! I love her black and dress and how playful she became with the Havana concept! ^^


Video Source: bk s + @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Video: 130204 Beautiful Dara on MNetWIDE Featuring Clio BTS Shoot and Fun Interview" (9)

  1. thanx… for the videos^_^

  2. shes really a GODDESS

  3. Am I the only one who keeps replaying the part where she kisses the glass? Such nice lips!

    • Oh my god!!! I did that too keke, im a girl but i found it too mesmerizing, what more for guys or her fanboys! This is so funny that someone did exactly what i dis lol! ^^

  4. She’s very pretty as always. But why is it that her face seems to be oily? Just saying 😐

  5. the captions are exactly the same as one of the comments on the youtube page.. margareth heni is blackjackbelle?

  6. Waah! Park Sisters! So cute. ❤

  7. ogogogogoddd..hehe..this is it…she’s gorgeous in her devil themed make up and dress..hehehe..hope there is eng sub..plzz…more interview clips plzzz

  8. i want parksisters TV…lol i so love their interactions,,,,,,,i also want a full body shot of dara….especially the devil concept….so sexy….love her stockings…..

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