130204 Dara on MNET Wide News

During Dara’s call to Park Bom, she was tasked to make a poem with Dara’s name, “SanDaRa Park” and this is what Bom said:

High like a mountain (mountain=San)

The girl who has it all (all=Da)

Likes RAmen

And likes PARK Bom

So cute! Park sisters!! 😄 And how cute is Dara getting all frustrated because she couldn’t catch the fishes fast? 😄 And ack, how smexy and beautiful is Dara in this concept?! I love her black and dress and how playful she became with the Havana concept! ^^


Video Source: bk s + @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Video: 130204 Beautiful Dara on MNetWIDE Featuring Clio BTS Shoot and Fun Interview" (9)

  1. thanx… for the videos^_^

  2. shes really a GODDESS

  3. Am I the only one who keeps replaying the part where she kisses the glass? Such nice lips!

    • Oh my god!!! I did that too keke, im a girl but i found it too mesmerizing, what more for guys or her fanboys! This is so funny that someone did exactly what i dis lol! ^^

  4. She’s very pretty as always. But why is it that her face seems to be oily? Just saying 😐

  5. the captions are exactly the same as one of the comments on the youtube page.. margareth heni is blackjackbelle?

  6. Waah! Park Sisters! So cute. ❤

  7. ogogogogoddd..hehe..this is it…she’s gorgeous in her devil themed make up and dress..hehehe..hope there is eng sub..plzz…more interview clips plzzz

  8. i want parksisters TV…lol i so love their interactions,,,,,,,i also want a full body shot of dara….especially the devil concept….so sexy….love her stockings…..

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