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News: Yang Hyun Suk Discusses Future Plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara’s variety show talents

Sorry but I have to disagree with YG. I really think Dara is funny, even YG himself admitted it in 2NE1tv. But I also know that Dara will be better with a drama. If only YG would allow her to do one. T_T

News: Yang Hyun Suk Discusses Future Plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara’s variety show talents


On August 6, the launching show ‘2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH‘ for WINNER’s debut album took place at the Grand Ballroom at the Conrad Seoul Hotel where Yang Hyun Suk spoke about his future plans for the group in front of the media.

He said, “Kang Seung Yoon appeared on MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3,’ and I thought he was good at acting.  Honestly, I think YG is branded as a company that is immensely tight fisted when it comes to variety programs.  There was that tendency in the cases of Big Bang and 2NE1.

As Park Bom appeared in SBS‘s ‘Roommate,’ Yang Hyun Suk was asked, “Did Park Bom appear on variety because she personally wanted to?

Yang Hyun Suk replied, “In Park Bom’s case, she was someone who was very funny in the reality program ‘2NE1 TV.’  Park Bom and Dara always expressed their wish to go on a lot of variety shows.  I think that’s how she came to be on a program in which the camera follows her around.  Dara says she wants to go on a lot of variety shows, but in my opinion, Dara isn’t that funny.”

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News: 2NE1 Shows Powerful Choreography of “Come Back Home” Created by Yang Hyun Suk



[OSEN=권지영 기자] The choreography video of “COME BACK HOME”, one of the double title tracks of girl group 2NE1’s second full-length album, has been disclosed. The choreography has been drawing a big attention even before its disclosure, as it is known to have been created based on the initiative by YG’s head Yang Hyun Suk.

In the morning on the 14, the choreography video of “COME BACK HOME” was disclosed on YG’s official blog. In the video, 2NE1 is showing groovy and restrained group dance with male dancers.

Even though 2NE1 is wearing comfortable outfit such as training suit, they show a perfect performance, not losing their flagship charisma. Plus, they leave a strong impression by demonstrating feminine but restrained moves.

Notably, they are showing a very impressive choreography, which has been creating sensation recently as it is known to have been created directly by YG’s head producer Yang Hyun Suk. Yang had choreographed “COME BACK HOME” of Seo Taiji and Boys in 1995 himself, and now, he has choreographed 2NE1’s song with the same title with his hit song 10 years ago, to come under a big spotlight.

Yang Hyun Suk took the initiative for the choreography of “COME BACK HOME” because of 2NE1 members’ request. According to YG insiders, 2NE1 members like the choreography of Seo Taiji and Boys’ “COME BACK HOME” very much, so they thought their performance would be perfect if Yang Hyun Suk choreographs it himself, since the title of the song is the same and the point of the song is also hip-hop.

Recently, Yang Hyun Suk has not created choreography for YG artists because of his busy schedules. However, he thought highly of such idea of 2NE1 and choreographed 2NE1’s “COME BACK HOME” himself, and spared no support and advice for 2NE1 in the whole process of the practice of the choreography.

Before that, 2NE1 has already given rave reviews for their free but powerful performances on the stage of SBS “INKIGAYO” and Mnet’s “M-Countdown”. Fans who saw the choreography video are giving positive responses, saying, “The new choreography video of 2NE1 is so cool”, “They dance quite impressively”, and “That’s 2NE1”, etc.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 has now kicked off TV performances in earnest and is to meet overseas fans in their second world tour “ALL OR NOTHING”, while continuing to give performances in Korea.


Source: YG Life

News: YANG, “2NE1’s New Choreography, Historic… Fully Satisfied”



[조이뉴스24 = 장진리기자] YANG HYUN SUK, the founder of YG Entertainment, showed his full confidence for the latest choreography of 2NE1’s new song.

2NE1 will be making their TV comeback on March 9 on SBS’s Inkigayo.

They are to showcase the double titles “COME BACK HOME” and “CRUSH.”

The choreography of “COME BACK HOME” was designed by YANG himself while “CRUSH” was done by PARRIS GOEBEL, Jennifer Lopez’s world-renowned choreographer who fashioned the dance moves of TAEYANG’s solo song “RINGA LINGA.”

YANG aroused much attention as it is quite rare for him to be directly involved in designing the choreography of YG artist. He said, “The two choreographies are historic, and I am fully satisfied. You can have your expectations high.”

2NE1’s 2nd full album “CRUSH” ranked #61 on Billboard 200, breaking the record of K-Pop history.

2NE1 has now kicked off their 2nd World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING,” the first for a South Korean girl group, to meet their international fans.


Source: YG Life

News: CL Reveals Yang’s Heart-Warming Message: “Congratulations & Well Done”




[뉴스엔 정지원 기자] 2NE1’s CL revealed a text message she received from YANG HYUN SUK.

On her Instagram on Feb 27, CL posted a captured image of a text message she received from her boss, the founder of YG Entertainment.

She wrote, “We heart our boss, PAPA YG” along with an image that had YANG’s message written, “Congratulations everyone. You did well. Now just enjoy being on stage and worry no more.

2NE1 is currently sweeping across 9 music charts like Melon, Mnet, Bugs, Soribada, Daum and Naver music, Olleh and Cyworld music, and Genie with one of their title songs “COME BACK HOME” released as part of their new album CRUSH.

The song is a work by YG’s main producer TEDDY and other producers, which is a crossover mixture of R&B, reggae and hip-hop. Other title song “GOTTA BE YOU” is a joint work by TEDDY and PK, a song with impressive parts by MINZY And BOM with a taste of public appeal.

2NE1 is set to show performances of their new songs for the first time at their 2nd World Tour on March 1 and 2 at Seoul Olympic Park’s SK Handball Arena.

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News: Yang Hyun Suk, 2NE1’s New Album Looking Really Good



[OSEN=손남원 기자] YANG HYUN SUK, the founder of YG, proudly said that 2NE1’s upcoming 2nd full album and the World Tour on March 1 and 2 are “best-ever album and a world-class concert.” Despite his busy schedule for being part of SBS’s K-Pop Star 3, he is deeply involved in 2NE1’s comeback album and concert rehearsal.

In a phone interview with OSEN on Feb 24, YANG said, “2NE1’s new album is the best ever. It’s meaningful that it is the first one with new songs in 6 years since their debut, but it is more special because the producers and 2NE1 are really satisfied with the work,” and added, “I don’t mean it will rank #1 on music charts when I say ‘best ever.’ Everyone at YG is satisfied, so for us personally, it is the best ever.

2NE1 will reveal their 2nd full album online on Feb 27, and will hold an exclusive concert for 2 days on March 1 and 2. They already held a first Korean girl group World Tour “NEW EVOLUTION” in 2012, and the follow-up is to be hosted at Seoul Olympic Park SK Handball Arena under the title “AON.” This second World Tour will cut across 9 countries including Korea, Japan and China, and in 12 cities like Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore and Yokohama for 15 concerts. The Tour will attract 200,000 fans.

YANG said, “Before we showcase anything, YG needs to be satisfied with it. We cannot show something we are not happy with. In that sense, 2NE1’s comeback will be a great gift to the fans and to music experts. It’s not a creation of quick work—it took years and a lot of hard work to produce an album like this.

2NE1, the first girl group to hold the second World Tour, will appear before the fans with more mature music. World-renown directors Travis Payne and Stacey Walker, who joined in the last World Tour, will again partake in the second one. Fans should be excited as the new songs will be performed at this latest World Tour.

2NE1 was spotlighted around the world last year as well, with their three new songs “FALLING IN LOVE,” “DO YOU LOVE ME,” and “MISSING YOU,” along with CL’s “THE BADDEST FEMALE.”


Source: YG Life

News: “It’s Painful for Me to Look at 2NE1″ – Yang Hyun Suk

The tough president of YG EntertainmentYang Hyun Suk, expressed his surprising feelings about 2NE1’s recent comeback. He revealed that he was bothered by the fact that he was not able to give his full attention to the ladies’ return.

During the interview he explained to OSEN, “Lately, whenever I see 2NE1, it hurts me. Normally when company artists are set to make a comeback, even for the few months prior to their return I will spend night and day, eating with them, and taking care of them. Although, this time was different as I failed to provide that for 2NE1.”

Yang Hyun Suk had a very busy start to the calendar year due to his involvement as a judge of SBS’ audition program, “K-Pop Star.” 2NE1 had to compete with their label-mates overlapping schedules so there was less time to focus on their comeback.

“2NE1 is finally making their comeback after a long wait in July, during this time many other singers are also making their comebacks. Because of this literal, ‘comeback boom’ I should have spent more time with 2NE1 and I feel deeply sorry about it. So during the last week I have canceled everything in my schedule so all of my focus would be on 2NE1 at all times with their choreography, songs, and whatever else they needed,” he said.

Yang Hyun Suk continued, “To the members of 2NE1 who are like my own daughters, at this time I feel both remorse and gratitude. Because I was unable to pay the respect and attention to you as I would have liked, it is my intention to focus on 2NE1 wholeheartedly until the end of 2012.”

Not only does 2NE1 come to Yang Hyun Suk’s mind but also their fans who have stuck with the ladies. All the support the fans have for them he has not forgotten that. So, to the fans he promised, “Also to the fans, I am terribly sorry as well. The only way I can repay you, is by working harder for 2NE1.”

Recently, it had been announced that Yang Hyun Suk had accepted the role to be a judge on the second season of “K-Pop Star.” He will participate as a judge in the second half of this year on “K-Pop Star 2.” Discussions for the upcoming season of the show along with a few company issues have kept the CEO insanely busy.

“I have been much too busy, I have not been able to even rest due to work at the office. Yet, when I was with 2NE1, I did my best not to seem tired. I did not want to give 2NE1 any added trouble by worrying them. The past week I spent with 2NE1 was rewarding, all the time spent working on the comeback was well worth it,” his comments revealed his feelings for 2NE1, along with his increasing expectations for their comeback.

On July 28 and 29, they will kick off their “New Evolution” tour in Seoul at the Seoul Gymnastics Stadium before heading taking the tour internationally. The group is expected to perform for fans in ten cities throughout seven countries including Asia, the Americas, and Europe.

Source: Soompi

News: Yang Hyun Suk, “Big Bang · 2NE1 New Songs Are 100 Points Out Of 100 Points”

Yang Hyun Suk, “Big Bang · 2NE1 New Songs Are 100 Points Out Of 100 Points”

YG Entertainment “core pillars” Big Bang and 2NE1 would be making simultaneous comebacks. Fans as well as the entertainment industry, are all showing a growing sense of interest in this.

On the 29th, YG CEO Yang Hyun Suk, told E-Daily “Star In E” that “On June 3 and June 6, Big Bang’s new song would be released, directly following after that is 2NE1’s new album, which is confirmed for a June release also,” he said.

The Big Bang special edition album, “Still Alive” will feature five new songs in addition to title track, “Monster.”

The album will also include the songs from Big Bang’s 5th Mini Album, “Alive. Currently, it seems that the group would not be holding any kind of promotional activities for the new album, as Big Bang would be focusing more on its world tour and concerts in Japan.

2NE1 fans would also be able to quench their thirst. Currently, 2NE1, along with exclusive producer Teddy, has completed seven songs. 2NE1 is still in deep discussion as to which one of three songs out of the current finished songs, would be chosen to be the title song. When the album would be released, the group is expected to be active in promotional activities, as well as other broadcasts. It has not been determined yet as to whether this new album would be a full album or a mini album.

Yang Hyun Suk said, “There’s more unity amongst the Big Bang and 2NE1 members now since their debut, so they are giving the best music that they could offer,” he also added, “I personally think that I would give both groups 100 points out of 100 points for their new songs,” he said, showing his confidence.

Yang Hyun Suk also followed with, “In particular, my mind is at ease with 2NE1. 2NE1 always does well when they release new songs. Their fashion in addition to their skills, have made them a group which already has recognition. Their comeback is something to look forward to,” he finished.



Source: E Daily via Nate News 
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Interview: Yang Hyun Suk’s International Dream

Yang Hyun Suk’s International Dream

Note: 2NE1 mentions only

15 years ago, President Yang Hyun Suk founded YG Entertainment, and since then has produced stars such as Se7en, Big Bang, and 2NE1, who have all turned out to be formidable KPop stars, and this year, YG has finally been listed in the KOSDAQ market.


“In the international market, content plays a key role.. 2NE1 World Tour” = YG is foremost, not an agency that mainly focuses on just business. Artists focus more on making good content first, so there’s a conservative look at overseas expansions.


It’s fortunate the Big Bang and 2NE1 is more suited to the Europe and United States market, compared to the other singers and groups. It’s because both are trendy and heavily based on hip-hop and are both grounded in their music, explains the president.

Like Big Bang who is going on a world tour this year, 2NE1 would also be opening to the world market. If 2NE1 would benefit greatly from it, then there may be plans for a world tour for promotions.

Now, YouTube and Social Network Services usher in a new era for singers all over the world. Even without any formal promotions Big Bang won MTV’s Europe Music Awards, while 2NE1 was selected as MTV Iggy’s “Best New Band In The World.”

President Yang has said, “Big Bang, 2NE1, would have performances abroad, joining festivals during their promotions,” he said, “In order to conduct business more efficiently, there may be plans of having YG offices in United States and Europe.”

However, the Asia market is still the key point. Last year, YG collaborated with Avex in Japan, and founded the label, “YGEX,” wherein Se7en, Big Bang, and 2NE1 have promoted under, and where Psy is planned to debut this year. They haven’t attempted to expand in China yet, but are looking to advance at the direction of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

President Yang said, “Big Bang and 2NE1 in United States and Europe, Se7en in Japan, we’re focusing on the strength of each artist that would match the market.”
*Sth About YG’s new group..

He said, “2NE1 is an extensive combination of hip-hop, electronic, and rock, mixed with rap music, it’s hard to see that they are still relatively a rookie girl group, it’s hard to say for now what the new girl group’s concet would be,” he said, “Usually, YG groups are heavily grounded on hip-hop.”

He followed with, “Big Bang with the internet, 2NE1 with cable broadcasts, the new group would emerge in a new, different way as well,” he said.

*omitted parts not mentioning 2NE1*



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[Trans] News: Yang Hyun-Suk “2NE1 Will Wait For Japan To Be Stable Before Resuming Activities…”