Sorry but I have to disagree with YG. I really think Dara is funny, even YG himself admitted it in 2NE1tv. But I also know that Dara will be better with a drama. If only YG would allow her to do one. T_T

News: Yang Hyun Suk Discusses Future Plans for WINNER + Park Bom and Dara’s variety show talents


On August 6, the launching show ‘2014 S/S GRAND LAUNCH‘ for WINNER’s debut album took place at the Grand Ballroom at the Conrad Seoul Hotel where Yang Hyun Suk spoke about his future plans for the group in front of the media.

He said, “Kang Seung Yoon appeared on MBC sitcom ‘High Kick 3,’ and I thought he was good at acting.  Honestly, I think YG is branded as a company that is immensely tight fisted when it comes to variety programs.  There was that tendency in the cases of Big Bang and 2NE1.

As Park Bom appeared in SBS‘s ‘Roommate,’ Yang Hyun Suk was asked, “Did Park Bom appear on variety because she personally wanted to?

Yang Hyun Suk replied, “In Park Bom’s case, she was someone who was very funny in the reality program ‘2NE1 TV.’  Park Bom and Dara always expressed their wish to go on a lot of variety shows.  I think that’s how she came to be on a program in which the camera follows her around.  Dara says she wants to go on a lot of variety shows, but in my opinion, Dara isn’t that funny.”

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  1. LetHerAppearInDramas said:

    Sure Dara isn’t funny but at least she works hard to be funny. That is how Dara is and that made me love her. So what if she isn’t funny? There’s still her acting skills and drama opportunities lying around waiting to be accepted. Then again YG saying “Dara isn’t funny” is just his opinion. Seriously though, just allow her to appear in dramas. Don’t decline.

  2. I think YG is afraid that Dara might fail in acting thats why he wont let her act, she is good in acting but she is not perfect, Dara is like the heart of 2ne1, 2ne1’s popularity will go down big time if Dara fails to satisfy the public (Bom’s scandal will be nothing compared to this one) especially in a Drama Im sure whatver it is it will become the hottest incoming Drama of the year of course one of the reason is because YG’s most famous/beloved girl idol Sandara Park will star in it (well at least I think she still holds that title FOR NOW!) i doubt it will be the same in the future, seeing how YG is neglecting Dara and focusing on his fave. We all know how big Dara’s contribution in 2ne1’s popularity, YG should stop downgrading her abilities as if she does not have what it takes to be an artist.

    • It’s not like Dara will take the main role immediately. She’ll have to start with supporting roles first. Knetz don’t like idols taking main roles because they think they just get them for -well for being idols. Even if Dara fails to satisfy the public, it’s not bigger than Bom’s case. In most Knetz’ eyes, what they think Bom did was a ‘crime’. It really affected 2ne1. Almost in all YG articles there’s always comments about Bom’s case.

  3. Maybe she’s not funny as bom but I liked her unique weird sense of humor and her craziness than bom but I love them both (park sister forvever) maybe shes not aware she’s pushing too hard its abviously that shes doing it uncomfortably in variety and tv guesting ,her humor comes out naturally when shes unprepared.If dara’s humor is questionable why bom preffered to be with her (theyre bestfriend right?)..Bom said only Dara can make CL laught so hard

    I dont think YG is just using dara, I remembered she said on meg magazine (phil magazine) that she was cut before coz she doesnt know how to be swag and always appeared to be cute.But dara insisted and practiced J.LO’s song which is get it right for 2mos , after performing it infront of YG, he nodded and said that she can go practice with the gurls again means that he’s having a second thought if he’s going to push dara as 2ne1.Based on my observation her acting in return of iljimae gave a weak impression on her acting skills dont get me wrong her accent is not kinda suitable to drama concept maybe if she can fix it and tone it down its sounded more comedic but now she is far more different dara much improve artist ,whats unfair is YG obviously favored more on CL than the other gurls, CL is almost everywhere unquestionably CL handled herself very well in terms of fashion ,she’s a superb performer,has vocal flexibility can communicate well with a different dialect plus have an explosive charisma with witty matured mindsetting thats why maybe YG put her in the spotlight than the other gurls shes undeniably more bankable , on the other hand eventhough the other gurls were extremely talented I chose dara as my bias because despite her lacking abilities her determination to learn, to improve,her eagerness,her very down to earth,fearless, never give up attitude despite the tons of haters she have when they debuted she proved that she can do it this far and I know she can soar high more if YG will pay attention to her abilities rather criticizing her weakness life is a continue learning process you’ll never know how far she can go if he keep holding dara…for the fact that dara has the least amount of lyrics to their songs,has the weirdest outfit but still one of the famous and globally known artist indicated that theres something special to her that cant be seen to the other idols her charisma is not as explosive as CL but she has this weird charms that can magnify anyone .With regards to her outfit dara mentioned to her interview that they have their own stylist that accompany her wherever they go also wayback 2012 on her twitter dara said her stylist made her dressed up the loose hiphop outfit and she wished in the future she can wear appropriate outfit accordingly to her body size I just dont understand why until now they made her wore those weird loose outfit she’s more gorgeous when shes in gurly outfit.Well yeah YG is known for his straightforward and very honest opinion/statement but this time I find him very rude he doesnt need to brought it up since he’s promoting the winner,while reading the “dara isnt that funny” …the words that minzy and dara said on 2ne1 tv flash back they said YG are BULLY HEAD and STUBBORN they mentioned it infront of the Camera without hesitation so I think this kind of diss about dara’s humor doesnt affect dara’s confidence coz came from YG mouth among the four dara is the toughest can do impossible to possible.Also dara said on her radio guesting she’s not getting any younger anymore she really wanted to try acting, the only thing she mentioned is the word being actress or she wanted to act whenever they asked a question about what is the things they want to do besides singing so I guess the problem is on YG’s end I bet he only wants his favoritism to shine. I just hope she would able to make it and be a succesful actress which I believe is her forte.I wish YG will give her a try soon

    • lancesevilla said:

      If only her voice is the problem she can improve that in a split seconds, she gave us a shock on her Because of you movie… She was good and we did not expect that cause of language barrier.
      I agree on your last sentence! If YG allow her to act like what suzy and yoona did, what do you think will happen to his fave girl? Even she has swag and talent I dont think that she will shine. Example scenario: What if Dara will start in a romcom with a very good script and superstar leading man. What do you think will happen to his fave girl?? Even they have different project still and definitely dara will outshine Yg’s fave girl. And bacause YG is a very intelligent he knows that it will gonna happen so he should do something and that’s happening right now.
      I think the only solution is that dara should step up like what she did in ABS before and transfer to YG, now its happening again so if there still contract then at least market herself or ask somenone who she think can help her.

  4. hey everyone, i know your hearts are all in the right place. I can feel your concern and love for dara. but let us please be more sensitive when writing comments especially when it comes to how dara prefers to dress in her own private time. it is a bit sad that we are upset at yg for saying she is not funny but then do not feel that is just as hurtful to say that she dresses too immaturely for her age. i don’t know why, but i felt more sensitive to the clothes comments than to the not funny one… that’s just me though, no hate please!

  5. lancesevilla said:

    Is it possible if Dara pursue her acting career in other agency? And still be in YG when in comes witj 2ne1?

  6. Dara should start doing something for her career. I know how simple and casual she dresses and style but clearly it’s not helping her. She needs to dress and look the part. Make connections and audition because YG will not hand her anything. He doesn’t even let her join other YG labelmates new MV which is frustrating knowing how successful I need a girl mv is. She should stop dressing like a tomboy/hip-hopper and stop wearing clothes over and over. She should start looking like the makeup endorser that she is. Time is ticking for her even though she looks young, so she should work on it.

  7. Well Dara i hope you’re reading this, if YG is just using you, go and fly your wings with other agency who will support your dream in acting. I suggest, why not go JYP? Their ceo likes you right? I want the best for you Dara, so while there is time, and you’re still young at 30, you can still do a lot. better think fast of your current situation at YG. Dara fighting!

  8. I find his comment very insensitive. Now we know why Dara’s solo career is not going anywhere.

  9. Just a thought…Why not show our support to Dara by charting her song Kiss in Korean charts again, that will be a sign that we are on our Dara’s side

  10. I think Dara needs to be more assertive if she wants to get ahead in the business. If she wants to be in a drama, then audition left & right. Movie/tv roles won’t be handed to you in a golden platter, you have to work for it. I’m not saying she is not doing this but sometimes her shyness or even her over sensitiveness is getting in the way I think. I want Dara to be successful not just in the field of music but in acting too! She won’t be an idol forever, at least when she is in acting she can have a longer career.

  11. For me dara is the best.i think your being unfair to dara ,stop being so rude about dara.if you dont like her then let her go there is a lot of agency willing to handle her.dara fighting

  12. MariaNiceko said:

    I know from the very start YG is just using Dara. He do not appreciate what Dara has. I agree with Lance Sevilla. I feel sad as her fans. In my understanding he do this because of Bom issued but while reading some comments I really felt bad.

  13. i feel very sad upon reading this article. Yg should be more considerate with his words. he’s blatant response about Dara and her ability to be funny is quite rude. furthermore she shouldn’t compare Bom to dara because they’re both different. i feel bad for bom but must he use dara’s name to make bom’s variety skill seem superior. he should be careful with he’s words. furthermore Dara tries her best in everything. all of her fans knows the amount of dedication she puts in in her work. she always wants to make everyone happy that’s why she’s trying to be funny. and she’s not a commediane YG. she’s an actress. as much as i want to keep on nagging about yg’s favoritism when it comes to he’s artist like in the case of GD, CL, Hye sun, Top, Taeyang and so on.. who were able to do the things they wanted like acting, singing, compossing and so forth. i believe that it’s up to dara to fight for what she wants. if she wanted to try acting in several dramas or be a guest in certain variety shows she should talk with him about it. because if she keeps waiting for yg to give her the Go signal or for 2ne1 to be done with their music it’s never gonna happen. she should step up her plate and talk to him about it. it’s her responsibility to fight for the future that she deserves. it’s true she’s getting older and the clothes that’s she’s wearing doesn’t suit her age anymore.( she looks cute but not right for a woman reaching their 30’s) if wearing dresses like yoona or suzy will help in getting her more CF’s then she should do it. she ought to realize that yg company is not like sm where in they manage singers as well as actor’s/actresses.. she not getting younger anymore. i mean Bom asked to be in that variety show. why can’t she do the same. Top gets to act and sing. hye sun acts at the same time she released some digital singles of her own and she also directs. CL oh well she’s stepping up her game. Dara should do the same. it’s her right and no one can save her. it’s her responsibilty to help herself. we can only support her. it’s true she owes Yg her success but she should focus on her real path which is acting. i mean she surprised us with her hosting skills in gayo daejun. we were all so worried but she did well than what we expected.=) it’s all up to her. and she shouldn’t allow other people to keep treating her like crap because the moment she does people will keep treating her like that and they will keep sucking the life out of her. she should learn how to say no sometimes. come on dara your stronger than this. fight for what u deserve girl. well support u all the way. dont be scared. we have your back. fighting!!!! ^_^

  14. @satsuki I agree yes sadly. It’s quite true that Dara isn’t the funny type that audience look for in variety programs. I notice that Dara is still self conscious which she doesn’t need to. YG was rude though. He is frank and wants to say the stuff he wants to correct. I just hope that he helps Dara instead of just being rude. Repeat: Dear YG, help Dara! Help her to be not be too self conscious instead of just talking.

  15. Lance Sevilla said:

    Do you think that if she dress like yoona or suzy…. CL will be noticed??? Well again its YG’s strategy….

  16. Lance Sevilla said:

    YG proves that everything that I’ve felt before were true…..

    He is just using Dara…..Why??

    We all know even that Bom, CL and Minzy are all talented but without the face they will not make it, with SNSD, Kara and other girl group around I don’t think they will make it big… But since Dara is the face of 2ne1 and definitely she can compete with Yoona, and other face of the group. With the talent of the 3 and Dara’s face, definitely 2ne1 will have a great position in Kpop. Why you think that in 2009 there’s Cass then etude and others tvc that bring Dara as the lead in 2ne1, BECAUSE YG KNOWS THAT IF HE BRINGS DARA IN CF, 2NE1 WILL BECOME WELL KNOWN IN KPOP INDUSTRY… This is the truth YG knows that fans especially fanboys always drool with the pretty face so as initial offering he will make Dara in front because at the end he knows that his fave girl will be noticed.

    and NOW that 2ne1 are well know already not only in Korea but globally, and fans recognize other members talent, especially CL, since she is always the main vocalist of their song… CL becomes famous each day with her talent and YG’s effort.. and Dara was left…. Because YG already finished with his strategy to make CL big in Kpop.

    Well I don’t think that YG is doing business here…. He is just favoring one from the others… and its not business… If it is business he will allow Dara to act before when offers are everywhere. Or he will allow Dara to take audition in other Kdrama at least give Dara a chance.

    YG can hold an artist in favor with his fave… But SM will make their talents work and work until became exhausted.

    Big difference isn’t it???

  17. HI~ CAn we tweet dara about how she dress herself?? pls,,,

  18. YG should really keep his mouth shut. His press release re Bom’s scandal didn’t help at all and now he’s dissing Dara abilities. I hope dara’s confidence isn’t affected by what he said.

  19. Right, Dara’s NOT FUNNY as in gag comedienne funny – NO… Dara is pretty, quirky, charming and adorable – those are what endear her to people and the reason
    why she is A LOT OF FUN to watch!!! Is YG stupid or what? Why expect Dara to be like a comedienne? YG should shut up until she get Dara in a variety shows and drama he’s got no reason to yak. I honestly think think the reason why Dara is not getting a drama/variety show is the same reason why JYJ can’t get into any music show. With very little TV appearances 2NE1 is up there on top with SNSD imagine what’s going to happen if they have the same TV exposures as those girls.

  20. To be honest, I don’t find Dara funny at all. It seems forced. Bom on the other hand is a natural funny girl without so much effort.

    I’ve never seen her in a movie or TV drama though but from what I’ve seen on 2NE1’s MV, she can pull off a melodrama. She has a face and a body of an actress.

  21. I think there might be something wrong with the translation. Sometimes it’s different when you are translating and seeing the person’s expression saying at the same time compared to translating just an interview. I mean that’s a possibility. But whatever, I love Dara’s humor and craziness. It’s somewhat out there, but it’s just enough. Whether it be a drama or a romantic comedy movie, I’d be glad to see her act. I hope YG thinks about it. And I don’t think she hasn’t been receiving offers to act, more like directors and producers would think that, “we want her but she’s too busy conquering the world with 2ne1, how can we even fit in the time to shoot with such kind of schedule”. I think that’s probably the reason. And YG seem to not want to overtire his artists, though sometimes its inevitable. Compared to the other 2 big talent companies, YG artists are at least still given time for themselves, and health seems to always come first.

  22. Dara is a natural at being witty.It’s just that at times her shyness gives a false impression that she’s unsure of her jokes…still, she makes a lot of us laugh and feel happy. Other times, like when she acts concerned about her jokes not selling that well,it’s actually part of her “Pinoy” sense of humor and Filipinos like me get the humor right away. Even in her SCQ interview where she cries, there was a part where Judge Boy Abunda recognized her gift, commenting “she can be a comedian…”. On the other hand,Bom is funny cute and is a great tandem with Dara. YG,however, is corny and not really funny…good CEO but lacks a sensitivity chip!

  23. I have a feeling that YG wants to “hold” Dara’s career for the sake for the of GD because that what he did to his wife’s ( he said this himself)

  24. He’s building up Boms’ publicity cause I remember when 2ne1 asked about her joining roommate CL mention that they saw a poster for YG artist to be in a variety show and Bom said she wanted it and volunteered for it. Can’t remember what interview this was but I remember this because Dara even joked that Bom was so excited leaving their apartment and be with new friends.
    Even though we wanted her to be in a drama, in one interview she mentioned she wanted to be in a romantic comedy and beg directors to offer her something, its like indicating she’s not getting offers 😭.

  25. I don’t think Mr. Yang said that to try to diss Dara. People have different tastes when it comes to humor. It just so happens that he doesn’t think Dara is his. Given that, where and how he said it was just plain WRONG. If he wanted to say that, he should’ve said it during a close meeting or a rehearsal or BTS videos. Or, he should’ve chosen other words to relay his thoughts. After all, he has the right to say those things coz he’s the freaking president! He can reprimand and say blunt things with his artists if needed.

    But to other people, especially the fans, it can be interpreted as rude, and just plain mean. People expected him to promote and say positive things or encouragement because those are his “Family”.

    As for Dara’s humor, I admit she really is funny. But, I also sense that she’s exerting some big effort to do those. I can’t think its 100% natural. BUT, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It actually says a lot about a person who just wanted to make people smile 🙂

  26. It’s no surprised he will diss Dara this way coz his princess is already CL and will give her all the exposure and projects for her fave girl. Sad that he is treats Dara this way, even hurtful is in front of media. 😦

  27. sami hoot hoot said:

    Dara is different from the other idols, she is very funny when she is unprepared and dont know what to do it just comes out naturally, the planned materials type of comedy is not for her, she is more of a natural type, though its also funny how she prepare a lot for a show like making her own sign boards, props, etc.. The problem is she is very awkward to strangers especially to fellow artists and she is afraid to fail in making them laugh thats why she prepares a lot for it but I think it will be funnier if she go unprepared and relaxed. bottom line she is very funny. her co-members in 2ne1 are not really shy like Dara, they know how to mingle with fellow artists, while Bom is a genius in making people laugh, CL and minzy know how to converse and go with the flow with the other artists, Dara is a pure 4D character. if you ask me she is more out of this world than Bom, She’s in a league of her own.

  28. and to everyone saying it’s her style that’s ruining her image or her opportunities you are wrong. she could of been the IT girl in 2009 even with her palm-tree hairstyle but yg didn’t give one sh*t and let that opportunity go to waste by not finding her drama or cf deals.

    she has had SO many opportunities but YG has declined them ALL. she gets one makeup deal at a time and that’s it. while he accepts every deal for CL. if anyone is to blame, it’s yg. he has absolutely no care for dara.

  29. AlohaDara said:

    I believe YG shoots from his mouth, not to be malicious but just like a stupid thoughtless Uncle. Unfortunately,what he has done is open the door to so many on the outside sites who agree. Idols have to put up with so much criticism from others. It just stings when its you own people. She has been through so much and I hope she will continue to get stronger. Because the bottom line is she has to believe in herself. We believe in her and we will continue to support and encourage her in whatever she chooses to do!

  30. this is so offensive and everyone is entitled to their opinion. and i agree dara tries to be funny while bom IS funny. but she works hard to be funny and but what pisses me off is yg to coming and saying that is really rude to me because she tries more than anyone else. you don’t diss anyone who tries their best at something.

    and if this is the reason why yg doesn’t let her on variety shows than he’s a selfish a**hole because i know plenty of people who find her funny. this is really the last straw for me, he never supports dara he’s declined wgm, cf’s and drama deals. but whatever it’s his loss. he has no idea the effect dara has on people and how bankable she truly is.

  31. Dara needs to market herself better. She is not getting any younger but her current style is getting a little weird. CL is establishing herself as an artist with endorsements coming in left and right. I’m just worry for Dara’s future once 2NE1 disband because she haven’t even been acting since 2009. That’s too long and this article just shows how much YG doesn’t care for Dara. Time is ticking but Dara remains the same.

  32. orangetouch said:

    She can still dress the boyish way but i think she needs to tone it down a bit. I mean, even though she is wearing thousands worth of clothing if it fits weirdly on you, she shud think twice as well… supposedly this is her stylist’s job. Im also glad that she is a shirt and jeans type of girl but the baggy shorts and baggy sandos are too much.

  33. If he wants to divert attention away from Bom, but why at the expense of Dara? That is just plain stupidity coz now fans will be questioning Dara’s abilities since her own boss is not impress with her. When i saw this article i cried coz as Dara’s fan i’m hurting coz of his comment, what more Dara knowing she is somewhat sensitive to the opinions of others regarding her.

  34. In my thoughts YG plans to say this, in order the issued from Park Bom with the new group which is bashing Park Bom. This is a strategy so that the attention will change to YG with Dara. He only help Park Bom and to stop the new group to get the public attention.
    Great idea to hurt Dara’s fans and I know He will make it up later if the issue with park bom will gone.

    • charlane said:

      It didn’t really work. Knetz still think that this is his way of shoving the issue under the rug. This was suppose to be about Winner but most voted comments were still about Bom. The bad thing about this is that everytime there will be an interview, they’ll keep on asking questions about Bom. I just want this issue to end already since it’s hurting the girl so much but I’m guessing Knetz are still trying to make Bom speak and let her explain what happened.

  35. That’s just plain mean. Like seriously.

  36. Daradarabrightdara said:

    I think Dara just needs to be confident. For some reason I feel like she’s always shy and awkward because she’s afraid they’re not gonna like her. Dara will never be able to show her other talents while she is in YG. He just won’t let her take a risk. Other idols out there don’t even know how to do well in variety shows but because they go there loads of time, they get better and better at it.
    I really want to hear what the admins want to say about this and what we should do.
    Dara needs to shine now. She already lost too many opportunities before and now we need to help her, if we can, get even more opportunities now that won’t be wasted.

  37. I don’t want Dara to change but in the entertainment business sometimes you have to change with the times if you want to have a long lasting career. She can be boyish in private but when you’re in the public eye you have to be dress to impress since she is a celebrity esp. in korea coz from what i notice knetizens can be too critical. She can still be her quirky self but lately her fashion style is too “childish” meaning she is almost 30 & big formless shirts/ dresses are just a tad bit sloppy. It’s hard to take someone seriously if they look like their 12y/o.

  38. But making Dara change the way she dresses can end up to losing the Dara that we met and loved. I’ve always wanted Dara to dress girly and look girly but I realized that’s not Dara. The Dara that we know prefers to wear jeans and t shirts. She’s more comfortable wearing those. Do we want Dara feeling uncomfortable? No, of course not. Even though we really want Dara to get more offers on dramas, variety shows and cfs, I don’t really want her to lose one of her charms which is dressing boyish like and sometimes even weird.

  39. I don’t know guys but i feel like YG is not really into 2ne1 anymore. I mean why are they not doing a lot of promotions compared to other groups. i don’t see much future for 2ne1 if this keeps up. Dara needs to get out there & show the world what she got. She is talented but i feel like she is too complacent, i mean if she really wants to have a long career in entertainment she really needs to get out there & prove to others that she is more than just a pretty face. Lately, I’m getting frustrated with her shyness/awkwardness. among the 2ne1 girls, she has the most potential to branch out away from 2ne1 but the way she presents herself is not too promising. Sorry, i don’t mean to disrespect or anything, I’m just stating my opinion/feelings.

  40. I was hurt when he said that to Dara, i find it really mean of him imo.

  41. Catherine cubid deles said:

    I feel sad of what he just said…….i got tears in my eyes after reading the article…..i’m worried that this scenario won’t change the vibes inside yg …….i think he’s not worried coz he has another new girl group as a back up plan ……… I have a bad feeling about this…… Any ways dara is always welcome here in the Philippines with open arms……. Oohhh God i’m crying now……its just that in spite of everything thing ………just like that?

  42. I agree with orangetouch. As much as I love Dara, she’s gotta dress the role in order to bring in more CF’s and get her name and self out there. CL’s picking up a lot of ads once she started really focusing on her image and the way she dresses. Dara has the best facial expressions in photos and onstage of the four, but she’s got to get more companies to see her as the perfect model / rep for them.

  43. IhateYGsstupidface said:

    I Stan Yg artists, not Yg himself, so I’m not going to hold back here and say what I think; the damned guy is a piece of crap who treats the artists on his label like crap. He is this guy who got his head inflated now that ‘his’ artists have become quite popular around the globe. His pride is horrendous as his damned face and he is pretty pathetic when it comes to trying to manage his artists. He insulted CL for her looks before, and now Dara is not funny. Seriously, how much rude and insensitive can that old man get?! Ugh, I hate him to the bones.
    I would be using meaner words but This is Oh-Dara and I respect the admins and all my fellow Daralings.

  44. YG’s comment really bothers me. I hope this does not affect Dara negatively because not only was it hurtful, it is also NOT TRUE! It was not really her beauty that won me as her fan, but it was because I found her witty! Moreover, she is humble with a kind heart that her inner personality is more beautiful than her pretty appearance. But she shines because she is Krung Krung with a great sense of humor and can even laugh about herself. Honestly, My impression from even before, watching videos of YG, is that he is a good CEO but his sense of what was funny was kinda off…so I guess that’s why he doesn’t find Dara funny..And remember, he told CL she was ugly…and I bet he thought he was being funny saying that too! How weird!!

  45. orangetouch said:

    Also, this may be off topic but i just want to share my thoughts hoping u guys would understand me.

    I just think that to be able to be more “bankable” for cf’s and dramas, aside from learning the craft thru acting lessons (that we have all confirmed dara is doing), dara should also exert effort to look like it. I mean, dont get me wrong but she doesnt dress well, she doesnt fix herself much. I know that she likes those boyish clothes and it shows her individuality but i think she can do much better… come to think of it, if she had offers, why wud yg let it pass right? I dont think yg wud turn down the opportunity to have a “suzy” or a “yoona” in their company who are successful idols-turned actresses with amazing visuals.

    Just look at cl, i think around 2012, when cl started to dress more ladylike and really nice and showcased that thru her instagram, she was viewed as more beautiful and she was sought after more 🙂 look at her now and her cf’s. Im not saying that this is the only reason for cl’s success now but im pretty sure that carrying herself well in d public really helped her a lot.

    I hope dara can read this. There’s no harm in trying.

  46. orangetouch said:

    Hi. This is my first time to comment here 🙂

    Although that comment is somewhat true (bec for me bom is funnier and dara can be really timid sometimes), i just wish that he didnt make that comment since dara has a lot of haters who question her abilities. I mean, id expect that fr a random person but not fr a president.

  47. I had high respects for YG and his company, until hearing him say this about his artists who is continuing to strive hard and making their own mark in their own way. I wish they Dara and Bom will gave all the love and support from everyone who truly loves them – and for them to ignore this negative comment directly from their president. “Sad”

  48. That was kind of a hurtful remark! Dara NEEDS to be in a drama SOON! I think Bom is great in variety shows while Dara will do great in Kdramas coz she was an actress before 2ne1. I wonder what is keeping her from doing dramas…this is so frustrating.

  49. bleeehhh… How about u accept all the offer for dara?? She got a lot drama offer + CF not only from korea but from overseas too . And u declined all of them! YG sialan!

  50. Let Dara act! He angers me so much for wanting GD to act but always fail to mention Dara!!!! What is his deal????

  51. charlane said:

    That was rude T_T

    • charlane said:

      So I’m still very angry at YG for saying that. I mean how can you diss your own artist? For goodness sake he could have just shut his mouth and not say that if he didn’t have anything good to say

  52. Something must be lost in translation…how can YG not think Dara isn’t funny?..hello! I ,too, will disagree with him here. I have always loved Dara’s sense of humor even since her SCQ days. Perhaps he was referring to her off cam personality because,as Dara herself admitted, she’s quiet and more serious. On cam…Dara shines because of her funny and bubbly personality. I bet she’s the same way when she’s with friends or people she’s comfortable with.

  53. And I wish he’d just shut up and leave interviews to his own artists. Way to poop on your own artist instead of creating more opportunities for them.

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