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Official/Photos: YG Stage Releases Beautiful Photos of Truly Captivating and Enchanting Sandara Park for “Maison de Jasmine, Part 1” Photoshoot

HOLYYYYYY!!!! I want these printed and in my life right now.. ❤ So so so beautiful! ❤ Dara really suits this concept, I love it! ❤ 

“Maison de Jasmine” is French for “House of Jasmines”… ^_^ YG Stage uploaded a teaser earlier and we thought it was Dara, but then went maybe not? Keke! So to our happy surprise, it was unveiled that it IS our goddess Dara for Part 1 of the Maison de Jasmine! Part 2 will be unveiled on November 19! ^^ 

Which one is your fave photo? ^_^


Check out the cut to see the trailer! ❤


News: YG Life~ “Kang Seung Yoon ♥ Dara in ‘We Broke Up’ Sweet Romance”

[Yesterday TV] KANG SEUNG YOON♥DARA in “We Broke Up, sweet romance


[OSEN=김보라 기자] Singer DARA and KANG SEUNG YOON are showing their talent in acting.

2NE1’s DARA and WINNER’s KANG SEUNG YOON are already recognized for their performance and singing abilities as singers, but they have expanded the horizon of their performance by trying acting. They are actually acting well, going beyond hard-work, to draw big attention.

The two are acting a romance in web-drama “We Broke Up” that was aired for the first time on the 29 last month on search engine NAVER. DARA acts as Noh Woori, a woman trying to get a job, and KANG acts as her ex-boyfriend Ji Won-young.

In episode 3 of “We Broke Up” aired on July 1, DARA and KANG’s acting of romance appealed to many viewers. In the episode, Woori could not forget Won-young even after breaking up with him, and her daily life was disturbed because of that.

Woori had been Won-young’s college senior, three years older than him, but became his girlfriend after falling in love with him at first sight. Won-young moved into a shared house after making money by selling his favorite guitar, to see Woori more and faster. However, the couple became enemies after breaking up.

The two fought every time they saw each other, and even wrote a written promise about how to share the house, making friends feel sorry. However, all those were Woori’s intentional acts to pretend that she gave Won-young up.

However, Woori was still in love with him. She got so worried about him when he does not come to the house for only a day. She pretended to be cool, but worried about whether she should call him or not. Woori’s unpredictable but cute character made viewers wear a smile on their lips. Plus, KANG SEUNG YOON’s acting of a young boyfriend was eye-catching, too.

They had been happy together. Won-young always cared about Woori, saying sweet words such as “You look pretty even when your skin is not good”, “I’ll call the police if I cannot contact you for more than 12 hours”, “I’m always here to help you when you have difficulties”, etc. After breaking with him, Woori felt something missing in her life. The two expressed a couple’s date and sad feelings after breaking-up, to appeal to viewers.

Then, a love triangle was hinted, as Yoon Nina, the director of Mars Music who is a beautiful and talented woman (acted by Kang Seung-hyun), got involved in Woori and Won-young’s relationship. Nina visited a convenience store where Won-young was working and the two’s cell phones were switched. Nina accidentally saw Won-young’s performance video in his cell phone, then she came to want to produce him as a singer and got interested in him as a man, too. Viewers of the drama are paying keen attention to how the relationship between the three will develop.

Meanwhile, “We Broke Up” is a music-romance web-drama that depicts the story of a couple who stays in the same house even after they broke up. It is aired on NAVER TV CAST on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7pm.

Credits: YG-LIFE

Twitter: YG Family’s Official Twitter Greets Dara a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” and Shares A Gorgeous Picture

Happy, happy birthday to our dearest Dara unnie! Thank you for inspiring us to reach our dreams and be the best person that we can be! We wish you all the good things in life, love and in your career! Let’s look forward to more years spent together! We will always be here for you, no matter what happens! ^_^ Enjoy and have lots of fun on your very special day! We love you! ❤

We wish for a DARAMA soon!!! Pretty, pretty please!!!! Sorry guys, I just can’t help myself! ^^


FireShot Capture - YG Family on Twit_ - https___twitter.com_ygent_official_status_532186276254855169


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News: YG Life – 2NE1 Holds Official After-Party For Japan Tour: Beyond Imagination

I wonder how “special” this after party is. Lucky Japanese Blackjacks! ^_^

2NE1 Holds Official After-Party For Japan Tour: Beyond Imagination


[스타뉴스 윤상근 기자] 2NE1 announced that they will be holding an official after-party inJapan in celebration of their tour in the neighboring country.

After they release their Japanese version of “CRUSH” on June 25—for the first time in about 2 years—they are to kick off their World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” at Yokohama Arena on July 5 and 6, and at Kobe World Memorial Hall on July 12 and 13. When the concert comes to an end, they are going to keep up with the heat by holding after-parties in Tokyo Sound Museum Vision on July 6, and in Osaka Umeda on July 13.

2NE1 aroused much attention when they invited fellow YG artists BIGBANG and other famous artists along with their fans to the after-party when they finished their concert in Korea in March. Despite the late hours of the party, a huge number of fans swarmed in and waited in a long line.

2NE1, who even showed an impromptu performance back then, decided to hold another one in Japan to have some special bonding time with the local fans and related staffers. It is even rare in Japan for an artist to hold an after-party in which they personally participate. Thus the Japanese party is expected to be a premier event, as it will attract fans beyond imagination.

The quartet’s Japanese version of “CRUSH” is consisted of visual contents that are different to those of their Korean version, while it will also include the Japanese version of their M/V.

As this is their first Japanese album in 2 years, the album will be filled with 2NE1’s charms. Currently in the middle of “ALL OR NOTHING” tour, 2NE1 will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8 at Mata Elang International Stadium to meet with the local fans.


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News: YG Life – 2NE1, “Breaking K-pop’s Record On Billboard 200, A Surprise Gift”

2NE1, “Breaking K-pop’s Record On Billboard 200, A Surprise Gift”


[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] 2NE1 was showered in spotlight at an interview with Billboard.

The online edition of the American Billboard unveiled on May 27 (local date) the details of the interview with 2NE1, precisely about the quartet breaking chart records, their 5th anniversary and the music video.

CL, on breaking the K-Pop record on Billboard 200 commented, “It felt so great. We prepared for this album for so long it felt like a surprise gift and we think it was a perfect way to start off [our promotion].”

In February when 2NE1 dropped new album “CRUSH,” it immediately became the highest-charting K-pop album on the Billboard 200, landing at No. 61.

On May 17 the divas celebrated their 5th anniversary. Billboard asked when the most memorable moments were, and DARA answered “the day we debuted,” while BOM and MINZY said, “when winning ‘Best Song of the Year’ award,” and CL, “this moment.”

They added, “Half of 2014 has already passed by… Our tour will continue and we look forward to putting out more music for everyone to listen to. To all the 2NE1 fans all over the world, thank you for always waiting for us and loving our music. We hope to see all of you often and up close!”

Currently in the middle of their World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING,” 2NE1 will be in Jakarta, Indonesia on June 8 at Mata Elang International Stadium to meet the local fans.


Source: YG Life
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News: 2NE1 Excites China with World Tour: Huge Success



[엑스포츠뉴스=한인구 기자] 2NE1’s World Tour “ALL OR NOTHING” held in Shanghai China ended in great success.

The concert held on April 11 at Shanghai Grand Stage kicked off dynamically with their 2nd album “CRUSH.” Dressed in powerful gold uniforms, the quartet mesmerized the fans with their charisma.

While the divas fired up the fans with powerful performances of “CLAP YOUR HANDS” and “PRETTY BOY,” they also mellowed the concert hall with their sentimental songs “MISSING YOU,” “IF I WERE YOU,” and the unplugged version of “COME BACK HOME.” Fans were deeply impressed by their songs and performances.

This is the first time 2NE1 was in China for their exclusive concert. Chinese fans enthusiastically welcomed the divas and sang along all 18 songs including the 2nd album tracks “COME BACK HOME,” “GOTTA BE YOU,” and “SCREAM,” as well as with songs like “I AM THE BEST” and “I DON’T CARE” from other albums.


Deeply moved by the enthusiasm from the local fans, 2NE1 devoted their energy into the very last curtain call performance, ending the 2-hour long concert in huge success.

At this concert, YG’s first boy group in 8 years WINNER performed “GO UP” and “JUST ANOTHER BOY” as guests, leaving quite an impression on the Chinese fans.

2NE1 is to move on to Osaka Japan immediately after the China concert, staying in Japan from April 12 to 13 for “2014 YG FAMILY CONCERT” at Kyocera Dome.



Source: YG LIFE


News: 2NE1 Tops March Gaon Digital Chart: 3 Songs in Top 10




[스타뉴스 길혜성 기자] YG’s 2NE1 (members CL, DARA, BOM & MINZY) topped Gaon’s overall March digital music chart.

The officially recognized Gaon Chart shows that among 2NE1’s 2nd full album released at the end of February titled “CRUSH,” their title song “COME BACK HOME” recorded a total of 55.74 million downloads and streaming for the month of March, ranking at the very top of the chart.

“COME BACK HOME” is a cross between R&B, reggae and even hip-hop, which is co-produced by YG’s main producers TEDDY and other producers. The song knocked down all charts immediately after its release, while topping many foreign iTunes. This was a song that proved 2NE1’s power home and abroad.

Apart from the song, 2NE1 also listed 2 other songs from the latest album in the overall Gaon Digital Chart’s top 10 in March. The other title song, “GOTTA BE YOU” ranked #5, while “IF I WERE YOU” ranked #10.

SOYU and JUNGGIGO’s “SOME” topped the February overall Gaon Digital Chart, and it maintained its popularity by coming in at #2 in March.



Source: YG Life

News: 2NE1 to Perform “Gotta Be You” in Inkigayo on April 6 Putting More Focus on Activities for their 2nd Full Album

2NE1, going to reveal ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ in ‘Popular Music’ on April 6th..Put more focus on activities for 2nd album


[OSEN=Kim Sara] A girl group 2NE1 is going to continue the activities for regular 2nd album with ‘GOTTA BE YOU’.

2NE1 is going to reveal ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ in SBS ‘Popular Music’ on April 6th and is expecting to continue the comeback activities of this regular 2nd album.

Also in next week, they are going to reveal the music video of ‘GOTTA BE YOU’. 2NE1 got the attention with mysterious virtual space concept when they revealed the music video of ‘COME BACK HOME’ and the anticipation goes to what kind of charms they will show in ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ music video.

‘GOTTA BE YOU’ is a crossover song that mixed the unique synth sound and the rhythmical rapping from the intro and a powerful and exciting beat from the chorus. It is a song in which Minzy and Bom’s main part melody powerfully shouting ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ approaches in a very memorable way.

2NE1 previously revealed the performance and the dance video of ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ in March and has a case of getting hot reactions. 2NE1 has been catching the attention of the fans with charismatic and powerful performance with ‘COME BACK HOME’ after making a comeback with regular 2nd album and is expecting to show lively and joyful charms through ‘GOTTA BE YOU’.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is continuing active activities in Korea with ‘GOTTA BE YOU’ and will meet the local fans through 2NE1 world tour ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ that is going to be held in Shanghai, China on April 11th.


Source: Naver Star Cast


News: LA Times Extols 2NE1 “Bright Future” of K-pop



[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] Famous American media spotlighted 2NE1’s 2nd full album “CRUSH” and gave in-depth reviews.

America’s well-known daily magazine L.A. TIMES wrote on March 31 (local date), “2NE1 showcases K-pop’s bright future in America with ‘CRUSH’” and added, “”CRUSH” has one foot in each country’s pop music.”

It also mentioned, “CRUSH” sold 5,000 copies for K-pop’s best debut in U.S. history on the Billboard 200.”

L.A. TIMES emphasized, “Singer-rapper-writer CL gets the album’s best track in “MTBD,” which is billed as a solo cut… “HAPPY” is just as catchy as Pharrell’s single of the same title, and G-DRAGON penned the regal ballad “Good to You.”… “COME BACK HOME” tosses Atlanta trap drums, pop-reggae guitars and Robyn’s bleary-eyed pleading into one song and makes it work.”

It summed by writing, “”Crush” is … ushering in K-pop’s future, in America and everywhere.”

America’s famous fashion magazine “refinery29” also reviewed “CRUSH.” It wrote that PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE” widened the stage for other K-Pop artists, and 2NE1 possesses charms that set them apart from other girl groups.

The magazine also mentioned that 2NE1’s songs and music videos are impressive, while the album “CRUSH” ranked #10 on American iTunes and the MV of “COME BACK HOME” attracted 7.5 million viewers so far.

It extolled the quartet by saying they create their very own music by freely blending hip-hop, dance and pop while also displaying female power.

2NE1, who is actively promoting their song in South Korea, will be traveling to Shanghai on April 11 for their World Tour.


Source: YG Life

News: 2NE1 Tops M! Countdown 2 Weeks in A Row: Dara and Cheondoong All Charming



[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] YG’s 2NE1 seized the trophy for 2 weeks in a row.

On a cable channel Mnet’s M Countdown aired on March 27th, 2NE1 topped the rank.

DARA commented, “I thank YANG HYUN SUK, TEDDY and 2NE1 members,” expressing her gratitude for YG Entertainment family and the fans. In the curtain-call performance, DARA aroused much attention with the special performance of gesturing a love heart with her brother CHEON DUNG from MBLAQ.

On the same day, other artists like 4minute, Toheart, MBLAQ, Orange Caramel, BTOB, Super Junior-M, So Real, 100%, Baechigi, JJCC, CNBLUE, Lim Chang Jung and Tae.1 also delivered dynamic performances.


Source: YG Life