HOLYYYYYY!!!! I want these printed and in my life right now.. ❤ So so so beautiful! ❤ Dara really suits this concept, I love it! ❤ 

“Maison de Jasmine” is French for “House of Jasmines”… ^_^ YG Stage uploaded a teaser earlier and we thought it was Dara, but then went maybe not? Keke! So to our happy surprise, it was unveiled that it IS our goddess Dara for Part 1 of the Maison de Jasmine! Part 2 will be unveiled on November 19! ^^ 

Which one is your fave photo? ^_^


Check out the cut to see the trailer! ❤



Comments on: "Official/Photos: YG Stage Releases Beautiful Photos of Truly Captivating and Enchanting Sandara Park for “Maison de Jasmine, Part 1” Photoshoot" (4)

  1. i told u so said:

    Hey YGE,i am so sick of seeing that pyramid symbol/one eye symbol/NWO symbol in every Kpop,video,logo,etc!!!ugh
    Dara unnie please dont be like CL/miley virus!!

  2. i told u so said:

    She is the most adorable 30 year old ever.Vampire Dee fighting!!!

  3. love all of them of course but #2 is my favorite!

  4. do you have any guesses as to who the guy is in part 2? and will they also have a video editorial together like with jinwoo?

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