[마이데일리 = 전원 기자] Famous American media spotlighted 2NE1’s 2nd full album “CRUSH” and gave in-depth reviews.

America’s well-known daily magazine L.A. TIMES wrote on March 31 (local date), “2NE1 showcases K-pop’s bright future in America with ‘CRUSH’” and added, “”CRUSH” has one foot in each country’s pop music.”

It also mentioned, “CRUSH” sold 5,000 copies for K-pop’s best debut in U.S. history on the Billboard 200.”

L.A. TIMES emphasized, “Singer-rapper-writer CL gets the album’s best track in “MTBD,” which is billed as a solo cut… “HAPPY” is just as catchy as Pharrell’s single of the same title, and G-DRAGON penned the regal ballad “Good to You.”… “COME BACK HOME” tosses Atlanta trap drums, pop-reggae guitars and Robyn’s bleary-eyed pleading into one song and makes it work.”

It summed by writing, “”Crush” is … ushering in K-pop’s future, in America and everywhere.”

America’s famous fashion magazine “refinery29” also reviewed “CRUSH.” It wrote that PSY’s “GANGNAM STYLE” widened the stage for other K-Pop artists, and 2NE1 possesses charms that set them apart from other girl groups.

The magazine also mentioned that 2NE1’s songs and music videos are impressive, while the album “CRUSH” ranked #10 on American iTunes and the MV of “COME BACK HOME” attracted 7.5 million viewers so far.

It extolled the quartet by saying they create their very own music by freely blending hip-hop, dance and pop while also displaying female power.

2NE1, who is actively promoting their song in South Korea, will be traveling to Shanghai on April 11 for their World Tour.


Source: YG Life

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