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News: “Dr. Ian” Sandara Park, Completely Excited while on Spring Date?… “Chemistry Goddess”

“Dr. Ian” Sandara Park, Completely Excited while on Spring Date?… “Chemistry Goddess”


Singer and actress Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang, along with Kim Ho Chang expressed different couple chemistry, drawing a lot of attention.

In the Korea-China joint web drama, “Dr. IanSandara Park faced her first acting challenge in a lead role, playing Lee So Dam, opposite Kim Young Kwang (as Ian) portraying a shy and cool couple, and with Kim Ho Chang (as Tae Soo) giving off an atmosphere of care-free, playful, young lovers, expressing different couple chemistry with them.

In the photos that were released recently, Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang can be seen exchanging shy and sincere glances, creating a lively, fresh, and loving atmosphere; the smell of springtime also resonates as the couple go on a drive date, making hearts pound. In particular, Sandara Park‘s beautiful actress aura and Kim Young Kwang‘s model force, create a warm visual and explosive chemistry.

On the other hand, the pictures featuring the fun and young love of ex-lovers ‘So Dam‘ and ‘Tae Soo‘ who have no hope for reconciliation in the present situation, also drew attention.

Sandara Park and Kim Ho Chang‘s characters, who are seen fighting and bickering with each other, took a different turn in their past, as revealed in the photo with their shoulders close together in an intimate atmosphere, hands doing the V-pose, while enjoying a cafe date.

Sandara Park‘s “So Dam – Ian” couple along with the “So Dam – Tae Soo” cute couple boast a variety of charms that are really eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park‘s character spilled a lot of tears after her separation with Tae Soo and once again shedding sad tears of heartbreak while seeing Ian embracing his former lover Jae Hee in the 7th episode. The 9th episode, which is the last, will be broadcasted at midnight. The episode will see So Dam and Ian confirming their love for one another, and finally completing their love line, something which viewers are to excitedly look forward to.


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Video/Link: Touching “Dr. Ian” Episode 6~ The One Where So Dam Decides to Stop Hiding Beneath her Hair ~ “Pretty Woman!”

Each episode just gets more and more exciting! Episode 6 started off really sad for me because I hate seeing So Dam cry, and kekeke, sweetie, don’t listen to emo songs when you’re heartbroken! XD Dr. Ian is so good to her and she sees him as a sort of mentor.. ❤ Her determined look when she entered her office for the first time with her hair bound back~! Progress! Way to go So Dam~! ❤ And the way her boss and office mates did a double take! XD

Episode 6 – Just Saw a Pretty Woman



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Video/Link: Exciting “Dr. Ian” Episode 5 is Out~ The One Where Meek So Dam Finally Breaks Up with the Cheating Boyfriend

This episode has so many So Dam-Ian moments that I was giddy half the time. Keke! But my fave scene is So Dam beating her ex-boyfriend in the office, angry So Dam is so fiesty! And of course, the last scene with Ian… #dies

Episode 6 – How To Get an LTE-Grade Break-Up


I had to screencap and post this because their height difference is the most adorable thing in the world right now.. XD So Dam just abrely comes up to Dr. Ian’s shoulder.. XD



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Instagram: Grateful Actress Dara Thanks Blackjacks for their Support for Lee So Dam in #DrIan ~ Fighting #ActressDara ~!

Dr. Ian first broadcast was a success, right guys?! We will continue to support #ActressDara and be there to cheer on our baby Lee So Dam! Fighting! ❤11032894_651376924968268_819379451_n

Dr. Ian


Thank you so much for your support my Blackjacks!!! #Drian & Line TV for Thailand & Youku for China



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Instagram: Actress Dara Shares a Polaroid Selfie from “Dr. Ian” Shooting ~ #LatePost #SoDam

Hi there Lee So Dam! You’re so pretty and I feel like I’m attached to you already.. T_T


#latepost #sodam



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[UPDATED!] Photos: Super HQ/HD Media Photos of Radiant, Alluring, Gorgeous “Actress Force” Sandara Park for “Singles Korea” March Issue ~ “Solo Fashion Photoshoot in Singapore”

OH MY GOSH! So beautiful, so ethereal, so gorgeous! So everything that is good and wonderful in this world.. T_T Thank you Singles, bless you for this! T_T SO DAM BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤

My, dare shall I say it, favorite shot of this spread.. ❤ Look at her, just look at her.. T_T Like what the media is saying, she radiates “actress” force so much.. ❤ My radiant Sandara Park! ❤

Okay, so the press didn’t carry her interview just yet.. But they said that this particular Singles photoshoot of Dara’s is in collaboration with Singapore Airlines and the Grand Park Orchard Hotel.. ^_^ 

Do click on the photos to view in full HD glory! Seriously, the pics are sooooo HD/HQ! Praise the Lord for TopStarNews~! ❤


They remarked on how this is a solo pictorial, and that it shows Dara as an actress and not part of 2NE1.. ^_^ It’s a different aspect of her.. But please, look at this photo and tell me there isn’t 2NE1 influence written all over her pose and even her clothes.. ❤ 


Ahhhhh! Look at her compact! That’s “HERA” right?! Is she going to endorse it next?! Previous Hera endorsers include Shin Min Ah, Kim Tae Hee and their current one is Jun Ji- Hyun.. ^_^ Look at that flawless, gorgeous face.. T_T 


Hiiiii there! ❤ Her gaze and pose speak so well.. T_T 






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Instagram: Pretty Miss Lee So Dam Snaps a Picture with Dashing Dr. Mo Ian ~ #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang Fighting!

Oohhh, I think they’ve officially changed the title to “Dr. Lee Ahn,” still not sure how they’ll spell it, but this translation seems to be the more popular one, so here it is.. Kekekeke, Dara updated her Weibo and wrote “Dr. Ian” which I was using earlier, so yeah.. XD I am so so so excited for this, aren’t you guys?!<3 So Dam looks so pretty.. T_T And with a doctor like that, sign me up for a session juseyo! XD I am ridiculously curious about Dara’s frilly, lacy dress! XD


So Dam & Ian ^.^ #Dr. Ian #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang 



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