This episode has so many So Dam-Ian moments that I was giddy half the time. Keke! But my fave scene is So Dam beating her ex-boyfriend in the office, angry So Dam is so fiesty! And of course, the last scene with Ian… #dies

Episode 6 – How To Get an LTE-Grade Break-Up


I had to screencap and post this because their height difference is the most adorable thing in the world right now.. XD So Dam just abrely comes up to Dr. Ian’s shoulder.. XD



Source: Naver TV Cast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Video/Link: Exciting “Dr. Ian” Episode 5 is Out~ The One Where Meek So Dam Finally Breaks Up with the Cheating Boyfriend" (1)

  1. When is the next episode? Also, how many are there?

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