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Instagram: PR Director Dara Shares #latepost Pictures from her Singles Korea Photoshoot in Singapore

I am loving these #latepost uploads on Instagram! More more more! It must be hard being the editor of the magazine where Dara is featured. I mean, how do you choose from literal perfection?! T_T


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Photos: More of Adorable, Cuddly Dara in SINGLES Korea Magazine B-Cuts ~ In Collaboration with Singapore Air!

Singapore Air is one of the sponsors for the Singles March issue, where Dara was one of those featured.. ^_^




Source: Singapore Air

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Instagram: Singles Magazine Reveals a Truly Gorgeous B-Cut of Goddess Dara ~ Singles to Release More B-Cuts!

WHY HELLO THERE GORGEOUS! I believe with all my heart that any pictorial Dara has should be revealed to the world, B-cuts, unedited shots, and everything in between! Kekekeke! Now if only we can have a “making” video.. Kekeke! ❤ Thank you Singles! ❤


We met this lovely person last March, did you check all of #SandaraPark ‘s pictures? Because of the many hot requests that we got through Singles SNS, we will be revealing the behind-the-scenes cuts! The unpublished pictures are #twinkletwinkle strikingly beautiful as well! #singleskorea #sandarapark #2NE1


Source: Singles Magazine Instagram

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Photos: Singles Korea Magazine Shares Cute BTS Pics of Adorable Dara and a Huge “Glass” of Cold Beer

Dara is such a cute, adorable, lovable human being, kekekeke! ^_^ One fan on Twitter said that this was taken in Gerry’s Grill Singapore.. ^_^ Dara’s penchant and love for the familiar is really endearing.. I’m like her in this aspect, I find comfort in the familiar, but not afraid to try out something new as well. ^_^



<Singles Star – Behind the Scene> After working a whole day, what reward did we get? A glass of cold ~~~ #beer! Flew to Singapore for #SinglesMarch to finish filming with #SandaraPark. As soon as the filming finished, we were like this ~ Doesn’t this #2NE1 girl have overflowing charisma and such a lovable human like this?

They uploaded the first picture in their Instagram account and changed the caption a bit…

After a hard day’s work, we received our reward~~~ this glass of ice cold #beer which we longed for! For <Singles> March, we flew all the way to Singapore with #SandaraPark, who ran straight to this cold beer as soon as the shoot finished. She looks great as charismatic #2NE1 but isn’t she such a beautiful and lovable person like this?


Source: Singles Korea Facebook and Instagram 

Re-uploaded and translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara + @21GYDTS

[UPDATED!] Photos: Super HQ/HD Media Photos of Radiant, Alluring, Gorgeous “Actress Force” Sandara Park for “Singles Korea” March Issue ~ “Solo Fashion Photoshoot in Singapore”

OH MY GOSH! So beautiful, so ethereal, so gorgeous! So everything that is good and wonderful in this world.. T_T Thank you Singles, bless you for this! T_T SO DAM BEAUTIFUL!!! ❤

My, dare shall I say it, favorite shot of this spread.. ❤ Look at her, just look at her.. T_T Like what the media is saying, she radiates “actress” force so much.. ❤ My radiant Sandara Park! ❤

Okay, so the press didn’t carry her interview just yet.. But they said that this particular Singles photoshoot of Dara’s is in collaboration with Singapore Airlines and the Grand Park Orchard Hotel.. ^_^ 

Do click on the photos to view in full HD glory! Seriously, the pics are sooooo HD/HQ! Praise the Lord for TopStarNews~! ❤


They remarked on how this is a solo pictorial, and that it shows Dara as an actress and not part of 2NE1.. ^_^ It’s a different aspect of her.. But please, look at this photo and tell me there isn’t 2NE1 influence written all over her pose and even her clothes.. ❤ 


Ahhhhh! Look at her compact! That’s “HERA” right?! Is she going to endorse it next?! Previous Hera endorsers include Shin Min Ah, Kim Tae Hee and their current one is Jun Ji- Hyun.. ^_^ Look at that flawless, gorgeous face.. T_T 


Hiiiii there! ❤ Her gaze and pose speak so well.. T_T 






Sources: Singles via Media Outlets

Re-uploaded by: OhDara