Each episode just gets more and more exciting! Episode 6 started off really sad for me because I hate seeing So Dam cry, and kekeke, sweetie, don’t listen to emo songs when you’re heartbroken! XD Dr. Ian is so good to her and she sees him as a sort of mentor.. ❤ Her determined look when she entered her office for the first time with her hair bound back~! Progress! Way to go So Dam~! ❤ And the way her boss and office mates did a double take! XD

Episode 6 – Just Saw a Pretty Woman



Source: Dr. Ian Naver TV Cast

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Video/Link: Touching “Dr. Ian” Episode 6~ The One Where So Dam Decides to Stop Hiding Beneath her Hair ~ “Pretty Woman!”" (1)

  1. Admin, could we get some translation of knetz comments in #DrIAN’s navertv comment section from Ep1-last?? 😀

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