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Official: NAVER Releases Information and Official Posters and Character Portraits of “Dr. Ian/ Dr. Lee Ahn” Web Drama

OMGGGGGG I AM SO EXCITED! Finally, we have the official photo! I hope they get a website, and we can get like, bigger HQ pics of the poster and such! ❤ Waaahhh! SO EXCITED! ❤



What we know from the released info:

* It will have nine episodes

* It will be released on March 29

* “A story about love’s commitment and the steps on going about properly letting go; about two men and women being left behind, wounded, and finding a way to heal.”

* Kim Young Kwang as Mo Ian

* Sandara Park as Lee So Dam

*  Kim Ho Chang as Jung Tae Soo

* Jeong Ji Yun as Jang Jae Hee

* Choi Dae Sung as Chief Young

*Chris Cho as Oh Young Yeol


Sandara Park as Lee So Dam!

* A timid , 4D office girl who hides her face using her long hair and doll mask whenever problems and tense situation arises.


Twitter: “Dr. Ian” Staff Shares Pictures and Updates on the Web Drama ~ Opening Title, BTS, and Autographs!


According to Littlestone, the drama would be shown on March 30! Le gasp! However, we do hope to receive teasers and maybe even a press con? Who knows, so excited what March would bring! ❤


in the post production(editing) house…


“V” at the shooting~


Got autographs from Dara and Young-Kwang. (Undergo an autograph of DARA n Young-kwang.haha) ㅎㅎ



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Instagram: Pretty Miss Lee So Dam Snaps a Picture with Dashing Dr. Mo Ian ~ #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang Fighting!

Oohhh, I think they’ve officially changed the title to “Dr. Lee Ahn,” still not sure how they’ll spell it, but this translation seems to be the more popular one, so here it is.. Kekekeke, Dara updated her Weibo and wrote “Dr. Ian” which I was using earlier, so yeah.. XD I am so so so excited for this, aren’t you guys?!<3 So Dam looks so pretty.. T_T And with a doctor like that, sign me up for a session juseyo! XD I am ridiculously curious about Dara’s frilly, lacy dress! XD


So Dam & Ian ^.^ #Dr. Ian #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang 



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Instagram: Actor Kim Young Kwang Updates a Photo with Dara During “Dr. Ian” Filming!

OMG! We finally have a picture of So Dam while filming! ❤ And it’s Kim Young Kwang himself who uploaded it! Waaahhhh! OMG you guys! T_T /tears of joy I cannot wait to see and spazz over this! Come faster, March! ❤

On a different note, I wonder if Dara was stepping on something while taking this pic? Because their height difference is much larger than in the picture, kekekeke! XD


While filming for Dr. Ian~^^



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Instagram: Actress Dara is Practicing her Lines with Jjangmae ~ “I Can’t Concentrate Because the Male Lead is too Swollen”

Dara and Jjangmae are too cute! XDDD Dara looks so cute in her huge coat, kekeke! XD And oh, LMAO at the “swollen” part keke! Tell Jjangmae not to eat too much meat, Dara! Kekeke! XD


Reading the script and the filming site too… I’m still … Not used to them… But I’ll work hard and do my best!!! Reading the script and practicing the dialogues with Jjangmae.. I can’t seem to immerse myself into it ㅠ.ㅠ The male protagonist is too swollen…     But still, fighting!!! 

Twitter: Excited Dara Shows her Script for “Dr. Mo’s Clinic”

Oh maaannnn I am so so so excited! ❤ Okay, so for the title, did they change it? It now says “Dr. Ian” or “Dr. Lee Ahn” depends on how you translate it, actually. Kekeke! I’ve seen some Korean news portals that have English-translated news on their sites, translate it as “Dr. Ian,” that’s why I’m using it in my trans as well.. ^^ Let’s wait for the official English trans.. ^^ Anyways, SO EXCITED FOR THIS! ACTRESS DARA FOR THE WIN, FIGHTING! ❤


When I received the script for the first time….  It was always on A4 paper though…    .Ian


Source: @krungy21

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