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News: “Dr. Ian” Sandara Park, Completely Excited while on Spring Date?… “Chemistry Goddess”

“Dr. Ian” Sandara Park, Completely Excited while on Spring Date?… “Chemistry Goddess”


Singer and actress Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang, along with Kim Ho Chang expressed different couple chemistry, drawing a lot of attention.

In the Korea-China joint web drama, “Dr. IanSandara Park faced her first acting challenge in a lead role, playing Lee So Dam, opposite Kim Young Kwang (as Ian) portraying a shy and cool couple, and with Kim Ho Chang (as Tae Soo) giving off an atmosphere of care-free, playful, young lovers, expressing different couple chemistry with them.

In the photos that were released recently, Sandara Park and Kim Young Kwang can be seen exchanging shy and sincere glances, creating a lively, fresh, and loving atmosphere; the smell of springtime also resonates as the couple go on a drive date, making hearts pound. In particular, Sandara Park‘s beautiful actress aura and Kim Young Kwang‘s model force, create a warm visual and explosive chemistry.

On the other hand, the pictures featuring the fun and young love of ex-lovers ‘So Dam‘ and ‘Tae Soo‘ who have no hope for reconciliation in the present situation, also drew attention.

Sandara Park and Kim Ho Chang‘s characters, who are seen fighting and bickering with each other, took a different turn in their past, as revealed in the photo with their shoulders close together in an intimate atmosphere, hands doing the V-pose, while enjoying a cafe date.

Sandara Park‘s “So Dam – Ian” couple along with the “So Dam – Tae Soo” cute couple boast a variety of charms that are really eye-catching.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park‘s character spilled a lot of tears after her separation with Tae Soo and once again shedding sad tears of heartbreak while seeing Ian embracing his former lover Jae Hee in the 7th episode. The 9th episode, which is the last, will be broadcasted at midnight. The episode will see So Dam and Ian confirming their love for one another, and finally completing their love line, something which viewers are to excitedly look forward to.


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Photos: Official Press Photos of “Dr. Ian” Behind the Scenes ~ “So Dam – Ian” VS “So Dam – Tae Soo” Couples out on “Spring Dates”~!

Super duper ultra HD pictures! ❤ Totally love TOP Star News and their UHD pics.. ❤ More BTS scenes from Dr. Ian shooting~! ❤ So cute! The articles mentioned that “So Dam-Ian” couple and “So Dam – Tae Soo” couple both showed different atmospheres while “spring dating” aww… XD Watch out for the article! ^^






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Video: Arirang OnPoint Features “Dr. Ian” in their Short Feature About Web Dramas ~ Short Interview with Dara and Young Kwang

Wow! Arirang featured “Dr. Ian” in their special feature about web dramas! ❤ I think they did the interview before the title was officially changed from “Dr. Mo’s Clinic” to “Dr. Ian.” ^^


“We work very hard, so please watch the series. Wish us all the best…”



Source: Arirang World

Info/Official: Naver TV Cast Releases Official Broadcast Schedules for Web Drama, “Dr. Ian”

Official broadcast schedules! Episodes 1 and 2 on Sunday (10:30PM, KST), Episodes 3-5 on March 30 – April 1 (12:00MN, KST), and Episodes 6-9 on April 5-8 (12:00MN, KST).. ^^ Make sure you convert the KST time zone to your country’s zones, okay? ^^ Let’s all watch out and support our goddess Dara! ^_^


Broadcast starts on 2015.03.29
Starring Pinocchio’s Kim Young Kwang, 2NE1’s Sandara Park as lead roles in web drama <Dr. Ian>

3/29 (Sunday), first broadcast at 10:30PM, with episodes 1~2 consecutively showing!

Immediately afterwards, on the 30th (Monday), 31st (Tuesday), and April 1st (Wednesday), at 0:00 midnight, episodes 3~5 will be broadcasted

On 4/5 (Sunday), 4/6 (Monday), 4/7 (Tuesday), 4/8 (Wednesday), at midnight, episodes 6~9 will be revealed

Web drama directed by Kwon Hyuk Chan of Secret Garden, A Gentleman’s Dignity, and Master’s Sun fame


Source: Dr. Ian Naver TVCast

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Photos: HD/HQ OhDara/ WeLoveDara Screencaps of So Dam with Dr. Ian and Tae Soo from “Dr. Ian” Official Trailers

Kekeke, another post of Dara with her co-stars, Kim Young Kwang and Kim Ho Chang.. ^^

So Dam with Dr. Mo Ian~!








Lee So Dam with Jung Tae Soo





More and more caps after the cut!


Instagram: KYK’s Manager Shares Another Picture of the Main Leads for “Dr. Ian” ~ Dara and Kim Young Kwang!

Oohhh, another picture! This time, it’s from KYK’s manager! ^^ Yah, Jjangmae, where’s So Dam and Ian picture from you?! XD


Kim Young Kwang #Dr.Ian~

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Weibo: Beautiful Dara Shares Another Picture with Kim Young Kwang ~ “Weather is Cold, but Everyone is Working Hard!”

Another photo! ❤ Yay! More more more So Dam and Dr. Ian please! ❤ And yay, Dara used “Ian” finally, at least we know what to put in, kekekeke! XD

Pretty So Dam and handsome Ian! ❤




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Instagram: Pretty Miss Lee So Dam Snaps a Picture with Dashing Dr. Mo Ian ~ #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang Fighting!

Oohhh, I think they’ve officially changed the title to “Dr. Lee Ahn,” still not sure how they’ll spell it, but this translation seems to be the more popular one, so here it is.. Kekekeke, Dara updated her Weibo and wrote “Dr. Ian” which I was using earlier, so yeah.. XD I am so so so excited for this, aren’t you guys?!<3 So Dam looks so pretty.. T_T And with a doctor like that, sign me up for a session juseyo! XD I am ridiculously curious about Dara’s frilly, lacy dress! XD


So Dam & Ian ^.^ #Dr. Ian #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang 



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Instagram: Actor Kim Young Kwang Updates a Photo with Dara During “Dr. Ian” Filming!

OMG! We finally have a picture of So Dam while filming! ❤ And it’s Kim Young Kwang himself who uploaded it! Waaahhhh! OMG you guys! T_T /tears of joy I cannot wait to see and spazz over this! Come faster, March! ❤

On a different note, I wonder if Dara was stepping on something while taking this pic? Because their height difference is much larger than in the picture, kekekeke! XD


While filming for Dr. Ian~^^



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‘DARAMA’ News: “Kim Young-kwang·Sandara Park, Confirm Casting in Korean-Chinese Web Drama ‘Dr. Mo Clinic'” ~ Filming Starts on February, to be Released Mid-March

“Kim Young-kwang·Sandara Park, Confirm Casting in Korean-Chinese Web Drama ‘Dr. Mo Clinic'”


Actor Kim Young-kwang and girl group 2NE1 member Sandara Park are cast as the main characters of a new Korean-Chinese joint venture web drama.

On the 21st, Kim Young-kwang‘s agency representative revealed, “Kim Young-kwang has been cast in a Korean-Chinese joint project web drama called ‘Dr. Mo Clinic’ (screenwriter Lee Ah Ram, director Kwon Hyuk Chan) where he will be playing the lead make role; filming is set to start at the beginning of February.”

Girl group 2NE1’s Sandara Park was cast as the main female lead to star opposite Kim Young Kwang. This will be her first time to act in a lead role in a drama. Sandara Park will be playing the role of a woman who will form a relationship with Kim Young Kwang, as she goes on her own journey in counseling and therapy.

Dr. Mo Clinic” is a story about love and commitment and how to heal, tracking the journey of men and women who seek out Kim Young Kwang, who plays the role of a psychiatrist/therapist that specializes in hypnosis treatment.

The drama will show how the memories of pain and love essentially shapes the reality and personality of a person and how they can be used in counseling. It will also show how the therapist would meet a woman, by chance, who came for counseling, and how it would help in healing his own wounds as well.

On the other hand, “Dr. Mo Clinic” will come out in mid-March through simultaneous broadcast in Korea’s Naver TVCast and China’s Youku. Also,with “Secret Garden,” Master’s Sun,” and “A Gentleman’s Dignity” director Kwogn Hyuk Chan, directing this production, expectations are soaring. Kim Young-kwang, meanwhile, was hot topic after his outstanding performance for his role in the recently finished SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Pinocchio,” where he showed off his growth as an actor.


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