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Official: NAVER Releases Information and Official Posters and Character Portraits of “Dr. Ian/ Dr. Lee Ahn” Web Drama

OMGGGGGG I AM SO EXCITED! Finally, we have the official photo! I hope they get a website, and we can get like, bigger HQ pics of the poster and such! ❤ Waaahhh! SO EXCITED! ❤



What we know from the released info:

* It will have nine episodes

* It will be released on March 29

* “A story about love’s commitment and the steps on going about properly letting go; about two men and women being left behind, wounded, and finding a way to heal.”

* Kim Young Kwang as Mo Ian

* Sandara Park as Lee So Dam

*  Kim Ho Chang as Jung Tae Soo

* Jeong Ji Yun as Jang Jae Hee

* Choi Dae Sung as Chief Young

*Chris Cho as Oh Young Yeol


Sandara Park as Lee So Dam!

* A timid , 4D office girl who hides her face using her long hair and doll mask whenever problems and tense situation arises.


Photos/Official: Churro King Official Naver Blog Shares Pictures from their On-Set Food “Support” from Sandara Park Fans ~ Sweet November, Treasure Dara, and Sandara Bar

Photos from Churro King, the one that Sweet November, Treasure Dara, and Baidu Sandara Bar hired to serve food support at “Dr. Ian” shooting venue.. ^_^ They went there on February 8, the blogger said that Dara spent a while to have photo time at the food cart.. ^^ And that they were honored to be part of Dara’s first acting project support.. ^^ The boxes contained gifts from the fans themselves, which they wanted to be handed out to the staff of the drama during the food support. The blogger said that it was a very cold night, the coldest in remembrance, and that the people on set were happy with the support. ^^









Twitter: #Dr.이안 Staff, Lee Sanghyun, Confirms Airing Date ~ “12:00MN, KST, on March 30, at Naver TVCast”

YAAAYYYYY~! So so so ready for this! Woohoo, fighting Dr. Ian! ❤




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Twitter: “Dr. Ian” Staff Shares Pictures and Updates on the Web Drama ~ Opening Title, BTS, and Autographs!


According to Littlestone, the drama would be shown on March 30! Le gasp! However, we do hope to receive teasers and maybe even a press con? Who knows, so excited what March would bring! ❤


in the post production(editing) house…


“V” at the shooting~


Got autographs from Dara and Young-Kwang. (Undergo an autograph of DARA n Young-kwang.haha) ㅎㅎ



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Line: Shy Lee So Dam Makes an Appearance in Dara’s Line Play Diary~ “When You Look at my Appearance, Please See So Dam, Not Dara”

Whey hello there shy So Dam.. ❤ As expected, she was wearing extensions, and whoa, she did dye her hair black.. ^_^ But in the other pics, it showed her hair brown? So maybe she died it after? Kekeke! Anyways, cannot wait to watch “Dr. Ian,” we’re excited and so happy for it, Dara-ya! Sandara Park, fighting! Lee So Dam, fighting! ❤


Title: Its Already last day of February

“My long hair cut was gorgeous (of course I’m using a fake extension keke) For So Dam role I only did simple transformation like dyeing my hair black, its just like the day before yesterday when I did my first shoot my heart was quivering that time.. February the coldest month has ended already.

This last 6 years has been remarkable and unique but I think I made a lot of changes in this So Dam transformation. I’m unfamiliar rider and also I don’t have power shoulder, my awkward appearance *keukeukeuk*

Meanwhile Blackjacks I wish that when you looks at my appearance you will see me as So Dam and not a Dara. Sometimes ago I went to newsroom to look at the pictures *kekeke* it was amazing and more fun!”



Source: Dara Line Play Diary

Translated by: @21GYDTS

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Instagram: “Dr. Ian” Staff Shares a Picture with “Pretty” Lee So Dam at Shooting in Yongma Land

OH SO PRETTY! ❤ As some fans have taken to say on Twitter,  “So Dam” beautiful! Kekeke! XD


#DoctorIan #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang #LeeSoDam #MoIan #Filming End #Pretty Dara Unnie


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Photo: Extra for “Dr. Ian” Shares a Photo with Dara at Filming Site in Yongma Land ~ “Daebakk Face-Body Proportions!”

 OMGGGG! This is so cute! ❤ Ther filmed at Yongma Land! ❤ It’s “a small amusement park formerly operating in Jungnang-gu.” According to some sites, it’s now closed and abandoned, apparently.. Ooohh! I wonder what scene they were shooting there? O_O The blogger is the one with cat’s ears, on Dara’s left.. ^^

Web drama “Dr. Ian”!! Photo taken with Sandara Park ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Extras!!

B9eE7gKCAAAYOHj.jpg large

All of a sudden, my phone rang and I went to be an extra with Alba ㅋㅋㅋ We did cosplay, acted like we were taking photographs, then cut! You’ll try to watch the web drama, Dr. Ian, right? Cool
It was really nice seeing Sandara Park and receiving her cute double V pose at Yongma Land, while Kim Young Kwang? We saw him too!!! Super awesome celebrities!!!

She also uploaded it on Twitter!


Miu and Sandara Park ㅁㅋ That person wanted to hide her face from Twitter… So proud, so proud  ❀´ω`❀ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ  How to know a real celebrity from a non-celebrity.. Her face and body proportion is really daebakk


Source: Solbang Naver Blog

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Instagram: KYK’s Manager Shares Another Picture of the Main Leads for “Dr. Ian” ~ Dara and Kim Young Kwang!

Oohhh, another picture! This time, it’s from KYK’s manager! ^^ Yah, Jjangmae, where’s So Dam and Ian picture from you?! XD


Kim Young Kwang #Dr.Ian~

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Weibo: Beautiful Dara Shares Another Picture with Kim Young Kwang ~ “Weather is Cold, but Everyone is Working Hard!”

Another photo! ❤ Yay! More more more So Dam and Dr. Ian please! ❤ And yay, Dara used “Ian” finally, at least we know what to put in, kekekeke! XD

Pretty So Dam and handsome Ian! ❤




Source: daraxxicn on Weibo

Translated by: @ssangparkCHINA

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Instagram: Pretty Miss Lee So Dam Snaps a Picture with Dashing Dr. Mo Ian ~ #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang Fighting!

Oohhh, I think they’ve officially changed the title to “Dr. Lee Ahn,” still not sure how they’ll spell it, but this translation seems to be the more popular one, so here it is.. Kekekeke, Dara updated her Weibo and wrote “Dr. Ian” which I was using earlier, so yeah.. XD I am so so so excited for this, aren’t you guys?!<3 So Dam looks so pretty.. T_T And with a doctor like that, sign me up for a session juseyo! XD I am ridiculously curious about Dara’s frilly, lacy dress! XD


So Dam & Ian ^.^ #Dr. Ian #SandaraPark #KimYoungKwang 



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