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Project: Join San Union’s Special Project for Dara’s Birthday ~ “Our Gorgeous Goddess Turns 30!”

Hey guys! November is creeping around the corner, and you know what that means….



Dara is turning the big 3-0 (in Korean age) this year and we want to make it really special for her! Our sweet, generous, lovable darling goddess is turning 30 and we want to make it extremely memorable! ❤ 

Unfortunately, we can’t give away much of what the project would include (since we might spoil it for Dara if we give away details here, because it’s highly likely that she visits her fansites so… /waves at Dara: Hello Dara!), but we can assure you that SanUnion would definitely do our best to bring a beautiful smile to our darling Dara’s face and to make her feel extra special! And of course, we want international fans to participate in this as well! Want to be part of Dara’s 30th birthday celebration, then this is your chance!


If you want to get involved with the project, check this one out:



News: Sandara Park, Exercise-Holic While Wearing A Cat Hat and A Customized T-Shirt… “Attention-Grabbing”

Sandara Park, Exercise-Holic While Wearing A Cat Hat and A Customized T-Shirt… “Attention-Grabbing”

BLQPlq_CYAAmQhB.jpg large

Group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park reveals an eye-catching look while exercising.

On the 27th, Sandara Park updated her Twitter with, “The lonely self-discipline girl. When she doesn’t self-discipline, she’s a bad girl~~~!!! Oohhh?!? Bad girl, right?!? Will be revealed tomorrow at high noon!” uploading four different pictures with her update.

In the photos that she revealed, Sandara Park is shown working out at the gym while wearing a hat with the word “CAT” on it, with matching cat ears. Her shirt is a customized one with her name “DARA” printed on the chest and cartoon figures at the back. .

Netizens who saw the pictures commented with,A shirt that is specially designed, the hat seems specially designed to suit you too,” “I want the hat,” “Sandara Park seems to match well with cat hats,” showing their different reactions.


Source: Nate

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: “Bad Girl” Dara Exercises Wearing WeLoveDara/OhDara’s 2NE1 Anniversary Project T-Shirt!

OMG YOU GUYS! I CANNOT! OMG! TT____________TT Wah, Dara, thank you so much for being so kind and being such an angel! I love how you appreciate every little thing that the fans do to you! My feels, seeing you wear the shirt that every one of us lovingly contributed to! T_T And how nice and cute is Dara for promoting CL’s “Baddest Female” solo single tomorrow?! A lot of us were a bit confused on the time of the MV reveal, but thanks to Dara, it’s all been straightened out! ^_______^ Weee! Again, thanks Dara for wearing the shirt from WeLoveDara/OhDara anniversary project! ❤

BLQPlq_CYAAmQhB.jpg large


The lonely self-discipline girl. When she doesn’t self-discipline, she’s a bad girl~~~!!! Oohhh?!? Bad girl, right?!? Will be revealed tomorrow at high noon!!! ^_^


photo (1)


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

OhDara Special: Monthly Round-Up – Jumping into the Heat of Activities in April

YAY! The monthly round-up is here for April!

I know that it’s almost the middle of May (dodges pitchforks, swords, and various pointy objects thrown my way… dodges Primary Admin unnie’s bombs), no excuses are acceptable, I know, but work has been stressful (impending unemployment not withstanding), and so many things happened already! ^^ But anyways, the month of April has been a good one for 2NE1 and Blackjacks alike.

First, the girls solidified their position as Adidas‘s official endorsers, attending not one, but two Adidas-related activities in the month. Earlier in the month, on the 19th, 2NE1 attended the re-opening of the biggest Adidas showroom to date, the Myeongdong store. The group showed up in red and black Adidas tracksuits, as they posed for the gathered crowd, then posed with some of the Adidas shoes inside the store. Apparently, they also tried out the various sports equipment inside, as seen in the fan-taken photos of Dara running for a bit on their treadmill.



Twitter: Dara Replies to WeLoveDara! *dies* – “Thanks for the Cute and Great Ideas!”

OMG YOU GUYS! Our feels! TT______________TT I cannot even.. T_T Dara, thank you so much for replying to us! Kekekeke! And thank you for telling us that our ideas are “cute and great” OMG I can’t with that. T_T Thank you so much Dara! Your tweet is so cute too. T_T Like “Oh, really? Okay then! No problem” like she’s agreeing with us and going along. OMG wae oh wae is our goddess so beautiful inside and out? T_T

And yay for trending Dadoongie’s birthday again this year! If you guys can remember, we trended it last year and it went up to trending topics! Woohoo! And I hope that Dara trends with us this year too.. ^_^ Sorry, I don’t think I am making a lot of sense, my brain is still hyperventilating. T_T



Source: @WeLoveDara @Krungy21

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OhDara Special: Monthly Round-Up – Starting the Heat Of Summer with Dara in March

March was a relatively busy month for 2NE1 with several performances to tide us over until they actually make their comeback. Not only performances, but Dara has been busy in Twitter this month with her quirky and sometimes surprising updates! But we’ll get into SNS a bit later on.

Okay, first thing’s first, I bet that this month of March is unforgettable for all the Lucky 7s and YGE fans everywhere – because this month marked the enlistment of Choi Dong Wook, aka Se7en. He is the first YGE idol that enlisted to the army, so as expected, a lot were sad to see him go, not the least his fellow artists.




Twitter: Dara Tweets and Thanks the Different Fansites of San Union

Oh my gawd. T_T Dara is just…..!!! T_T She is so sweet, always remembering her fans. You are welcome Dara! We are more thankful for you! T_T THANK YOU!!!! T__T San Union forever! <333


I’m guessing Dara is talking about San Union’s recent project to celebrate Dara’s new endorsement, Clio! Here is a photo of what the project was all about! ^^


Source: @krungy21 + Oh My Goddess!

Twitter: @krungy21 Retweets @Hwangssabu’s Tweet for WeLoveDara/OhDara

Waaaaa!!! Remember the post we made about Ssabu thanking and saying that he loves WLD and OhDara (See post here)? Well, our dear Dara retweeted that specific tweet! Weee! It’s like she indirectly said she loves us too, right? Kekeke! Kyaaa! So happy!!!


Credits: @Hwangssabu + @krungy21

Re-Uploaded by: OhDara

Admin Post: Master Ssabu (@Hwangssabu) Loves and Thanks WLD/OhDara!

Waaaa! This was really shocking! Master Ssabu tweeted the photo below, thanking and saying that he loves WLD/OhDara! He uploaded a photo of him wearing the shirt designed and given to him by WLD/OhDara’s honorary admin Triple D, @2yeNE1! Triple D admin is jjangest!!!! <333

We love you too Ssabu-nim!!!! ^______^



Photos: 120817 Gorgeous Dara at “New Evolution” in New Jersey

Again, thank you so much to @Che_329 for these photos! When taking out, please do not edit the watermarks!