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OhDara Special: Monthly Round-Up – Jumping into the Heat of Activities in April

YAY! The monthly round-up is here for April!

I know that it’s almost the middle of May (dodges pitchforks, swords, and various pointy objects thrown my way… dodges Primary Admin unnie’s bombs), no excuses are acceptable, I know, but work has been stressful (impending unemployment not withstanding), and so many things happened already! ^^ But anyways, the month of April has been a good one for 2NE1 and Blackjacks alike.

First, the girls solidified their position as Adidas‘s official endorsers, attending not one, but two Adidas-related activities in the month. Earlier in the month, on the 19th, 2NE1 attended the re-opening of the biggest Adidas showroom to date, the Myeongdong store. The group showed up in red and black Adidas tracksuits, as they posed for the gathered crowd, then posed with some of the Adidas shoes inside the store. Apparently, they also tried out the various sports equipment inside, as seen in the fan-taken photos of Dara running for a bit on their treadmill.