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OhDara Special: Monthly Round-Up – Jumping into the Heat of Activities in April

YAY! The monthly round-up is here for April!

I know that it’s almost the middle of May (dodges pitchforks, swords, and various pointy objects thrown my way… dodges Primary Admin unnie’s bombs), no excuses are acceptable, I know, but work has been stressful (impending unemployment not withstanding), and so many things happened already! ^^ But anyways, the month of April has been a good one for 2NE1 and Blackjacks alike.

First, the girls solidified their position as Adidas‘s official endorsers, attending not one, but two Adidas-related activities in the month. Earlier in the month, on the 19th, 2NE1 attended the re-opening of the biggest Adidas showroom to date, the Myeongdong store. The group showed up in red and black Adidas tracksuits, as they posed for the gathered crowd, then posed with some of the Adidas shoes inside the store. Apparently, they also tried out the various sports equipment inside, as seen in the fan-taken photos of Dara running for a bit on their treadmill.



OhDara Special: Monthly Round-Up – Lotsa Loving For Dara Lovers in February

 The month of love – February – has been full of love for us Dara fans! It may not seem like we didn’t get much action this month (or for the past few months for that matter T_T) but if we take a closer look, we do have so many things to be thankful for! ^^ And here we go with our second monthly round-up!

First and foremost is Dara‘s gorgeous, flawless photoshoot for Elle Korea titled, “Say My Name,” which was perfection in its finest! YG Entertainment set us all in a frenzy when they announced that each of the 2NE1 girls would be featured in four differentmagazines. And oh what an awesome features it turned out to be! Each of the girls absolutely shined in
their respective magazine photoshoot and interview.

Dara’s magazine was Elle Korea. Elle is the world’s largest fashion magazine and one of the top 10 most popular Koraen fashion magazines. I felt really happy that Dara was featured in Elle. I know that I wasn’t the only one who positively gaped and had extremely ecstatic feels bordering on hysteric hyperventilation when I first saw her photos in the magazine. Dara was gorgeous. She had her hair in soft curls that was simply styled down, tumbling on her shoulders or in a loose ponytail; no crazy hairstyles this time. She had toned-down, barely-there make-up with a just the right shade of powder pink lipstick. Her clothes leaned towards neutral colors of white and brown, with a refreshing popout of blue and yellow, courtesy of her Fendi skirt. It’s really quite impossible to choose a favorite photo (Really, how can you choose between one shot of perfection to the other? It’s like forcing me to choose between the bass guitar and keyboards, both of which I truly love equally. T_T). But if you really have to make me choose (like if my life depended on it or something), I’d choose THIS shot:



OhDara Special: Monthly Round-Up – Starting The Year Right With Dara Goodies In January

I had this idea to make a round-up article, listing down the memorable things that Dara has done for each month. It was an idea that started last year, and I only came around to having the courage to do it this year, keke! Bear with me please, as this post may be filled with random spazz attacks. ^^ So let’s get the ball rolling~! ^^

Dara has indeed started all of our year 2013 right, and though 2NE1 are not promoting, January still has been action-packed and memorable for the most part. ^^

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