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Video: Thunder Shares the Story of his Dara-Noona’s Home-Cooked Breakfast on KBS World “KPop Backstage Chat”

Starts at 3:45! I just love how the members went all excited and envious when they heard that Cheondoongie got a home-cooked meal from Dara! Adorable MBLAQ are forever adorable! Doongie shares the story of Dara’s home-cooked breakfast! ^_^

[KBS World] ‘K-Pop Backstage Chat’ Ep.12 with MBLAQ

Credits: kbsworld

Video: Thunder Talks About his Dara-Noona at Kim Shin Young’s Noon’s Hope Song Radio

The DJ asked about Dara around the 4:30 mark. ^_^

Kim Shin Young’s Noon’s Hope Song Live On Air Broadcast with MBLAQ

Credits: thunder mblaq

Info/Translation: Thunder’s “Thanks To” from MBLAQ’s Sexy Beat Album

Awwww! ^_^ I am so sure Cheondoongie that you are also your Big Noona’s greatest treasure! ❤


To the biggest treasure in my life: mom, big noona, little noona, dadoongie *<3<3<3* Let’s go!
Thank you for always giving me strength. I love you.

To J.Tune Camp family, the hyoungs that composed good songs for us, DQ dancers who made the cool stage for us, my first acting partner “Nail Shop Paris” family, Director Lee Jae Yoon and Paul Studio who took great pictures for us, Director Moon and ING staff who made a cool video for us, fashionable designers Azure, all the stylists who always work so hard with us – thank you for making our album come out so awesome this time!! Youngman hyoung Star Gym and our members did a great job. Also, my friends Jooguri and Meng, thanks. I hope this album will be a new starting album. Great job everyone!

To all the fans that waited for a year and a half, thank you.

Translated by: @Absolute_MBLAQ

Article: MBLAQ’s Thunder and Mir Talk About Their Sisters Appearance


MBLAQ‘s Mir and Thunder may both have older sisters in the entertainment industry, but the two of them have incredibly different outlooks on their sisters.

On the June 10 installment of ‘Beatles Code 2‘, Thunder was asked if he thought his older sister, 2NE1‘s Dara, was pretty. He answered, “When I see her at home, I don’t think she’s that pretty. But when she’s on stage with the others, I think she’s really pretty.” The MCs joked, “Are you saying the other female celebrities are ugly? Like Girls’ Generation?“. Thunder quickly corrected himself and stated, “I mean that since she’s so pretty even among pretty people, I realize she’s very pretty.

However, Mir thought the exact opposite! On his sister actress Go Eun Ah, he said, “My sister is the worst of the worst“. When the MCs repeated what he said, he emphasized, “The worst of the worst of the worst! Even when my mother sees my sister at home, she says, ‘There’s a hobo over there’.

Still, Seungho chose Go Eun Ah as being closer to his ideal type, and Lee Joon said he’d pick Dara out of the two. As for G.O, he chose Dara because he saw Go Eun Ah and the rest of Mir’s family too often.

Source: AllKpop

News: Thunder – “My Noona, Sandara Park, Is Beautiful Even In The Midst Of Pretty People”

Thunder, “Noona Sandara Park, Beautiful Among Celebrities”


MBLAQ‘s Thunder gives an honest remark about 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

On the broadcast of “Beatles Code” on June 10th, MBLAQ came as guest stars as they start their promotional activities for “Smoky Girl.”

Recently, Thunder lived in the same house as Sandara Park (T/N: Probably their family home. Dara and Thunder usually stay with their group members at their company residences while promoting) while doing his recordings. He said, “When she’s made-up and among other celebrities, I get impressed and think that my noona is very pretty, but I also thought that even at home (T/N: Probably he means even when she’s dressed simply and bare-faced), she’s still beautiful,” he revealed. He continued, “Even standing amongst pretty people, my noona still looks very beautiful,” he said, showing his pride for his sister, and boasting of their close friendship.

On the other hand, Mir said of older sister, actress Go Eun Ah, “My noona, Go Eun Ah, is really bad,” he said, “There was never a time that I thought she was pretty,” giving the words of how most siblings see each other.

After this, the MBLAQ members held an impromptu popularity poll for the two MBLAQ noonas, Sandara Park and Go Eun Ah.

Meanwhile, Thunder and Mir‘s “Noona Love” can be seen on the broadcast of “Beatles Code 2” on the 10th, at 6:00PM.

T/N: On the screencap, the captions with Thunder says, “Pretty even among pretty people.”


Source: Nate
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) Tweets a Heartwarming Photo of Park Siblings

Awwww! Don’t the two of them just look so adorable? Honestly, they look like twins! Its hard to imagine that Dara is years and years older than Thunder!

This is such a heartwarming photo between two gorgeous and kind individuals!

Park Siblings the best!


We’re the warm siblings today too!!! Dara & Cheondung^.^


Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Twitter: Supportive Dara (@krungy21) Noona – “I’m on noona mode monitoring my dongsaeng..”

Dara is at Inkigayo supporting both Thunder and CL! ^^ She must be so happy right now for being able to support two people that she loves so much! ❤  I hope that she uploads a photo with Thunder and MBLAQ too!

Dara, you are a smoky girl!


Noona ya~!!!! Hooh!!! I’m on noona mode monitoring my dongsaeng^_^ Smoky girl~


Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Heol MBLAQ is coming on Music Bank!”

Dara the ever supportive noona! ^_^ MBLAQ made their comeback earlier in Music Bank by performing Sexy Beat and Smoky Girl! ^^

I must tell you, this just might be my favorite favorite MBLAQ song of all time. I just love love love Smoky Girl! And can I just say? HELLO THUNDER’S CHEST! ^_^ So good!

For your pleasure, we decided to include a video of MBLAQ’s Comeback Stage from Music Bank!

Music Bank

Heol MBLAQ is coming on Music Bank!!!


SPIFFY: I’m watching Smoky Girl kkk!

Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara’s Proud Noona Feels – “Please Support Composer-Doong!”

Dara is just one proud, proud, proud momma bear, and she is so adorable while she is fangirling and having feels all over the place.. T_T And this is why Dara will forever appreciate fans, because she is a fan herself and she has feels all over, like all of us. T_T I can just feel her pride for Thunder and the boys over her tweet. ❤

They’re… The village people (T/N: MBLAQ’s nickname is “village idiot,” given to them during Idol Army, kekeke)~!!! ^^;;; My brother, Thunder, wrote two of the songs in MBLAQ’s new album. The two songs are Sexy Beat and Dress Up ~ This noona is extremely proud +.+ Please support Composer-Doong a lot in the future~!!! (__) Bow!!!


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara

Twitter: Dara Goes All Out in her Support for MBLAQ – “Dara Noona Mode ON!”

Dara Noona Mode ON! Why does remind me of Sailor Moon and all those cartoons that have transformation stuff in it? Kekeke! Dara is so cute. T_T Such a supportive noona.. ❤

And to answer your question, Dara, I love “Cry,” “It’s War,” and “My Dream.” Kekeke! If you guys haven’t checked out MBLAQ, you guys should! They have really, really nice songs. ❤


OhThunder’s handler, Ellie,  is a big fan of the Park siblings, and Dara is her bias in 2NE1, so imagine her spazz when Dara replied to her, keekeke! XD She first replied to Dara that she loved “Cry,” and that “Smoky Girl” was becoming a close second, then deleted her tweet when she realized Dara was asking about the songs in the new album. XD But Dara saw her mention and replied to her! ^____^



Sources: @krungy21 @OhThunder

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