Awwww! ^_^ I am so sure Cheondoongie that you are also your Big Noona’s greatest treasure! ❤


To the biggest treasure in my life: mom, big noona, little noona, dadoongie *<3<3<3* Let’s go!
Thank you for always giving me strength. I love you.

To J.Tune Camp family, the hyoungs that composed good songs for us, DQ dancers who made the cool stage for us, my first acting partner “Nail Shop Paris” family, Director Lee Jae Yoon and Paul Studio who took great pictures for us, Director Moon and ING staff who made a cool video for us, fashionable designers Azure, all the stylists who always work so hard with us – thank you for making our album come out so awesome this time!! Youngman hyoung Star Gym and our members did a great job. Also, my friends Jooguri and Meng, thanks. I hope this album will be a new starting album. Great job everyone!

To all the fans that waited for a year and a half, thank you.

Translated by: @Absolute_MBLAQ

Comments on: "Info/Translation: Thunder’s “Thanks To” from MBLAQ’s Sexy Beat Album" (4)

  1. Hi friend!

    Have you seen that amazing stuff before? It is just awesome, please take a look

    Looking forward, theincubusgirl

  2. Oooooooh how sweet of Thunder,thanking his family,more success 4 u Thunder and MBLANQ.

  3. touchy im sure ur ever supportive noona is very proud of you…god bless u park siblings and ur family..hengsho

  4. VipBlackjack187 said:

    Sweet CheonDungie..thanking his family, and Dadoongie as well kkkk apparently part of the family..yeah of course he is^_* Fighting for Mblaq new album!! Smokey Girl..Smokey Girl^^V

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