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Twitter/Instagram: Dara (@krungy21) ~Manila!!! I’m back!!! Thanks to all of you 😄

Welcome Back..Welcome Home…Mabuhay Sandara Park



Trans: Manila!!! I’m back!!! Thanks to all of You 




Daralings PH  Thank You!!! 🙂



Source: @krungy21

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Twitter/Photo: Dara Uploads a Photo from Oh My Goddess – “Photography skills are getting better!”

OMG!!! Dara looks ethereal in this photo! She looks like an anime who came to life! This photo is so so so beautiful, it makes me want to cry. She is so beautiful, she makes me want to cry. T_T I haven’t spazzed properly about her hair yet (coz I haven’t been online for a while now T_T)  so I just want to let this out: BLONDARA IS GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS!!! This hair is probably in par with her shaved look. I love it so much. T_T

Anyway, how cute is Dara ‘stealing’ another Oh My Goddess photo yet again? Kekeke~ And she says their shots are getting better! LOL Dara! ^^ But just so you know, any photo with you in it is beautiful. ❤

1 UntitledDARA: Your hair flutters flutters flutters!!! (T/N: Fire lyrics) ^_^v (Blackjacktographers’ photography skills are getting better~ Clap clap clap)


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @siJONESSAni

Twitter: Dara – “I went to Inkigayo for the first time in a year to support Chaerin~”

Supportive Dara unnie is jjang! ❤ She’s thinking whether she’ll go support next week too but I’m thinking she will. Coz her baby brother and MBLAQ would have their comeback next week too! ^_^ And we all know how Dara goes out of her way to support the people she loves. ❤

And how cute is humble Dara? Keke! We witnessed in 2NE1tv season 1 how they give signed CDs to their sunbaes on music shows. And now, Dara said that rookie groups are the ones giving their CDs to them. Keke! 2NE1 are now sunbaes too! ^_^


DARA: I went to Inkigayo for the first time in a year to support Chaerin. Now that we’ve been around for 4 years, our juniors bring us signed CDs. I’m not used to this but I felt good..^^ Hm.. Should I go support next week too..?! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;

BOM: Oh my god –;;;

DARA: Huhuhuhuhu… It’s late!!! I’m gonna sleep~ Good night^_^ Bbyong~


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @kristinekwak

Twitter: Dara Promotes MBLAQ’s SNL Guesting – “I Am In The Age To Watch Rated-R?”

Oooh! Dara is talking about Saturday Night Live because it seems like MBLAQ is tonight’s guest! ^^ SNL is a R-19 show and Dara is worried about watching it. Aigoo! So cute and innocent Darong! ^_^


SNL is known to be fun these days…. Apparently MBLAQ is coming out today!!! As soon as I heard the news, I SMS-ed Thunder that noona will watch it^^ But!!!! Thunder said that I don’t have to watch it because the jokes are Rated-R! But!!! Rated-R? Our Maknae.. Now!!! I am in the age where I can watch Rated-R right? (Ofc I don’t enjoy it^_^;) I’m worried actually. Should I watch it or not? Watch?Not? Should I watch it with my heart ready?

What is up with SNL… It’s a new world… Mind shock… B…but its fun HAHAHA

Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @kristinekwak + @2ne1bbmania

Twitter: G-Dragon to Dara – “Why Did We Take The Picture, You Can’t See Anything”

LOL! GD complaining! I agree with him though, the pic is really too dark! Even photoshop can’t fix it. Keke! ^_^

GD retweeted Dara’s tweet too, but immediately un-retweeted maybe after realizing the photo is too dark. ^^


DARA: With GD!!! Flash juseyo… T.T

G-DRAGON: If it’s gonna be like this why did we take the picture, I can’t see anything

DARA: Jjeob… (Sad)


Source: @krungy21 + @IBGDRGN
Translated by: @kristinekwak + @BIGBANGGisVIP

(Oh Dara Rule #3 Silent spazzing over your pairings is a must.)

Twitter/Photo: Dara Goes To See A Late-Night Movie – “I Watched It Well~”

Ooooh! Looks like Dara went to watch a movie after the Chrome Hearts party! She watched the movie “Montage” which stars one of her favorite idol, Uhm Jung Hwa. ^_^ Late night movies are always the best, but please stay safe Dara! Keke! ^_^


DARA: After today’s schedule was over,I came to see the movie, Montage. Not sure if it was a midnight show TT_TT but it was kind of scary.. with a nervous heart I watched the movie and could not tear my eyes away even for a second. Oh my heart. It was so sad. I watched it well. (__)


Twitter: G-Dragon to Dara’s Photo with Taeyang – “Both Of You Have Amazing Hair”

See? Even GD recognizes Dara and Taeyang’s glorious hair. I agree with him! They both look so good! <333 And Dara, did you just say that you hair is “normal”?! LOL! It looks good on you anyway! ^_^

Untitled3 Untitled3

G-DRAGON: Both of you have amazing hair

DARA: I made my hair normal today?! ^^ㅋㅋ


Source: @krungy21 + @IBGDRGN
Translated by: @kristinekwak  + @shrimpLJY

Twitter: Dara (@krungy21) – “Today is curry~ Curry curry curry”

Dara has said a lot of times how much she loves Japanese curry and looks like she’s having curry for dinner tonight. She looks so mesmerized by the curry~ Kekekek~ So pretty unnie! ❤

UntitledDARA: Today is curry~ Curry curry curry~


Twitter: Dara Uploads “Cute 2NE1 Staff” Photo!

UntitledDARA: Cute 2NE1 staff! ^_^


Twitter: Ryan Bang Greets Dara’s Mom A Happy Mother’s Day

Two full-blooded Koreans but both with 100% Filipino hearts~ They’re both speaking to each other in Tagalog. So cute! T_T Happy mother’s day to both of you moms!

And happy mother’s day to our dear readers too! ^_^


RYAN: Happy mother’s day to your mommy dara! Hehe

DARA: Happy mother’s day to your mommy too~!!! Come to Korea again!! ^^ Go for a vacation again!

RYAN: Go for a vacation here in the Philippines instead, bring your mom with you hehehehe I will treat you to Jollibee and Mcdo, I can treat you there!

DARA: You are really so kind =) I will go if I have time!!!

RYAN: You’re kinder, I had fun in korea hehehehe if you go here, I’ll treat you!

DARA: Yup!!! ^.^ Take care always!


Source: @krungy21 + @dryanbang
Translated by: OhItsLAI@WeLoveDara/OhDara