Ooooh! Looks like Dara went to watch a movie after the Chrome Hearts party! She watched the movie “Montage” which stars one of her favorite idol, Uhm Jung Hwa. ^_^ Late night movies are always the best, but please stay safe Dara! Keke! ^_^


DARA: After today’s schedule was over,I came to see the movie, Montage. Not sure if it was a midnight show TT_TT but it was kind of scary.. with a nervous heart I watched the movie and could not tear my eyes away even for a second. Oh my heart. It was so sad. I watched it well. (__)




Source: @krungy21
Translated by: Jen

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Dara Goes To See A Late-Night Movie – “I Watched It Well~”" (7)

  1. kissyvee said:

    Darong even went to see a movie after the party! ^^ Fangirl Darong! ahh..I wish to see you act in a movie again~ Fighting! ^^

  2. Y no one spot her there?

  3. im also curious about who’s w/ her lst nyt… hmmm! looks lyk dara enjoy da movie w/ him.. kekeke

  4. Who did c go with? >.<

  5. i wonder who she went with…ke keke..
    yes dara!!! go go go!!!

  6. She looks so cute! I love her Rolling Stones hat. 🙂

  7. I thought she’s going to watch this movie with spiffy and UJH?….guess she can’t wait to see

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