Don’t you just love Dara’s over all look at the Chrome Hearts Party? Dara totally rocked her rocker look with her gorgeous  bansak hair, limited edition Chrome Hearts red biker jacket and the really glorious Noritaka Tatehana heels which costs a whopping $15,000! These shoes are actually famous as Lady Gaga is always seen sporting them. ^^

Dara totally owned the look, don’t you think? ^_^


Credits: @ParkSiblings
Article by: OhDara

Comments on: "Fashion Find: Chic Goddess Dara Rocks Noritaka Tatehana’s Heels at the Chrome Hearts Shinsegae Party" (10)

  1. Hi,

    I was looking for some stuff and I’ve just found that nice thing, just take a look

    Warmest regards, Fannie Oleary

  2. How the fudge did she manage to perform in those heels?! O__O

  3. Deadly shoes @.@

  4. egliukas said:

    tiny Dee >,<

  5. alili21 said:

    Just WOW! She owned it. And to think she performed wearing those heels! ^^

  6. she is hot with re jacket…she is cool with that heels..and she rocked with that hair…awesome

  7. nessadin0 said:

    I’d probably fall trying, but she ROCKS it!

  8. How can she walk with that >.<

  9. atifa25 said:

    and yepp she owned the look woooots >_____<

  10. atifa25 said:

    gosh with that money I can extend my education kkkkk

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