LOL! GD complaining! I agree with him though, the pic is really too dark! Even photoshop can’t fix it. Keke! ^_^

GD retweeted Dara’s tweet too, but immediately un-retweeted maybe after realizing the photo is too dark. ^^


DARA: With GD!!! Flash juseyo… T.T

G-DRAGON: If it’s gonna be like this why did we take the picture, I can’t see anything

DARA: Jjeob… (Sad)


Source: @krungy21 + @IBGDRGN
Translated by: @kristinekwak + @BIGBANGGisVIP

(Oh Dara Rule #3 Silent spazzing over your pairings is a must.)

Comments on: "Twitter: G-Dragon to Dara – “Why Did We Take The Picture, You Can’t See Anything”" (41)

  1. VipBlackjack187 said:

    So sweet>.< Its been a long time since fans see a pict both of you together kkkk fans blogs just gone crazy with various comments kkkk can't resist to give comment too~~but I'll just say that….Be Happy YG Family^.^V

  2. waaahhhh..someone erase my comment!!but why??aist..i just wanna know why my comment here is not here anymore.tnx.

  3. I think GD is a bit upset because Youngbae’s pic with her is so nice while his is… Mehh 😐

  4. CAMTDGT said:

    Daralings !! Vote dara for queen of kpop !! Right now dara is leading !!

  5. kissyvee said:

    hahaha..Love Dara’s flash juseyo T.T she is so freakin’ adorable!

  6. mcfushi said:

    Oh GD. I’m sure they must have checked to see how the photo looked like after taking it. They prolly even took another one. I guess Dara read some of the tweets about the stolen shot of them two.

  7. Magtzar said:

    I like it and more so because they are in the dark…if you look at the photo as a whole it is just so freakin awesome, one of the best from that night!!

  8. I just hope that Dara will find someone strong to protect her physically, mentally and emotionally.

  9. Your always busted by him every time,better talk to us your devoted fan, you’ll be more pampered.kkk. (*_~) peace to you all.

  10. lol at GD teasing his noona ^^
    flash- Juseyo T__T but its ok for now coz its been century since their last pic together.. i wish they would share more.. or maybe they’re aware about crazy pairings of fans. they’re just being extra careful.

  11. fantassiia said:

    GD’s answer came alittl rude to me, I’m pretty sure it’s not his intention, and it probably aquired a different tone when it was translated, but when I first read it, I felt like that. I…don’t really like the picture :/ I’d prefered it if it had flash, so I’m a bit disapointed as well since its rare that Dara takes pictures with the BB boys (with the exception of Seungri). I loved her pic with Taeyang though, both looked cute. Now I want a Chaera picture, that would make my day :3

  12. Actually if you adjust the brightness of the photo, you can still make out their faces. I like GD’s cute smile…Dara is poker faced but Fierce flashing a 21 sign!?! Methinks Dara tweeted this photo to show that from the front angle they were indeed just posing…to put some speculations to rest. For me, it’s still a nice picture…the darkness makes it kinda dramatic!

    • canadianflip said:

      Oh yeah,,I adjusted the brightness of the photo..its pretty good and both cute. GD has that cute smile and grin on his face but Dara is so fierce looking. Both looks so classy!!

  13. angelnsickroom said:

    By this picture, i therefore conclude, they are not in a relationship. Pls stop those delusions! I think most of us know how cautious Kpop idols are.I dont think Dara would compromise their relationship,if they are together, by posing in a camera so close.

  14. canadianflip said:

    It’s called a Silhouette

  15. im voting her in fb as well everyday…..whenever i open my laptop…and shared it as well…

  16. they were still beautiful even in dark…handsome and pretty

  17. tushiro takanaide said:

    because the background is lighter gits because of lights. . .thats why the picture is blur 🙂

  18. LOL @ GD The pic with Taeyang is much more clearer. ^^

  19. dabanana06 said:

    In my opinion i feel that GD was sad that the picture was too dark and considering that Dara also had a picture with YB

  20. krysthn said:

    Now we already saw the front angle we’ve been looking for. Hope it was a little bit lighter so we could see their beautiful faces since this kind of shot is one of a kind…

  21. stupidis said:

    i’m sure they have a lot of photos just the two of them , they just didn’t post it hehe

  22. now i i’m wondering who’s face is smaller??!!!! jiyong is competing in that department..

  23. onebinks said:

    i’m sad too…it’s super rare to see just the two of them taking pictures yet the photo just turned out like that…how ironic!!!

  24. Stefanie said:

    *squirming in my seat.*

  25. Michael said:

    It’s cute ^^ anyway.. Daralings… Can we vote dara as the queen of K-pop here IU is on the way to surpass her… Please ..

  26. Blaq_roze said:

    Its like people knows their back view picture exists, so hiding it would be suspicious… Still LOVE how close YG FAMILY is…
    (Oh Dara Rule #3 Silent spazzing over your pairings is a must.) If every little skinship equals a pairing, my pairing spaz mode over everyone of them would get very confusing ~___~

  27. aigoo,GD teasing his noona pic IS a bit dark though,oh well,they should just take another pic together.hehe.

  28. gigi214 said:

    TT TT I hope next time you can have clearer pic together. But I guess, this is enough for now. Just need to be happy for it…. ^________________^ HAPPY!

  29. so tickling convo hahaha

  30. dabanana06 said:

    Thank you….at least we can sort of see the picture that everyone was talking about

  31. she reply dara’s sad…huhuhuhu

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