Twitter: Dara Promotes MBLAQ’s SNL Guesting – “I Am In The Age To Watch Rated-R?”

Oooh! Dara is talking about Saturday Night Live because it seems like MBLAQ is tonight’s guest! ^^ SNL is a R-19 show and Dara is worried about watching it. Aigoo! So cute and innocent Darong! ^_^


SNL is known to be fun these days…. Apparently MBLAQ is coming out today!!! As soon as I heard the news, I SMS-ed Thunder that noona will watch it^^ But!!!! Thunder said that I don’t have to watch it because the jokes are Rated-R! But!!! Rated-R? Our Maknae.. Now!!! I am in the age where I can watch Rated-R right? (Ofc I don’t enjoy it^_^;) I’m worried actually. Should I watch it or not? Watch?Not? Should I watch it with my heart ready?

What is up with SNL… It’s a new world… Mind shock… B…but its fun HAHAHA

Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @kristinekwak + @2ne1bbmania