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Instagram: YG Staff and Stylists Share Pictures with Dara During “Tea Time” ~ “Nothing to Worry About After Wrapping Up Early!”

Awww, take this time to have a well-deserved break you guys! I remember Dara’s Line Play and how she said that the staff were often exhausted.. So I’m happy that you finished up early today and got time to rest and be together.. ^^ FIGHTING!11246428_1708190929408071_1231311028_n

Doing hide and seek 
Eating at the moment, eating right now, eating  
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It’s been a long time since we wrapped up this early… So at this moment, we have nothing to worry about ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


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Instagram: Sweet Dara Shows Appreciation to the Staff ~ “I Want to Make a Photobook of Our Staff”

Awww, Dara is so so so sweet! A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.. ❤ She said that the staff were the main subjects and she was just the girl who happened to be with her, and that she’d like to make a photobook with all the staff instead.. ❤ I love how Dara loves and cares for all the people around her.. ❤DaraWithStaff

It’s not like we only had lots of pictures of me taken during the trip tho.. How come it seems like they had lots of pictures taken than me? Besides my presence here is almost like Tibet Palace Girls*TT.TT you can’t even see me here kkk The pictures all look like they’re for a photobook and for comedy and disaster films kk  Because of my selfishness I wanna make a photobook of our staffs instead… So if ever I would miss them I’d have something to look at… kyaah… I love you guys!! Daebak photos by ssunjae

*Reference of a viral internet topic of a palace girl extra in DongYi, who had a very meme-worthy face, as netizens kept spotting her in other dramas . Dara was comparing herself to that extra actress who pops like a mushroom in several shots.

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Instagram: 141110 Photos of Fresh Faced and Happy Dara with Korean Friends Enjoying Their Vacation in the Philippines

FireShot Capture - Photo by eeejin44 - http___instagram.com_p_vOimGsDU4a_

FireShot Capture - Photo by boysso82 - http___instagram.com_p_vNvW4XE9-2_

More pictures after the cut! (more…)

Instagram: YG Staff Uploads a Picture with Dara at Universal Studio Before Roller Coaster Ride!

Waaahhh! Dara spending time with the staff! The uploader is one of their guys in charge of security, I think? ^^ Love how she treats everyone so nicely.. ^^ 


Last day in Singapore! We’re taking on the rides at an amusement park today! ㅋ I’m the first photographer of the day! ㅎㅎ


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Photos: 140914 YG Staff Upload Pics with Dara at Sentosa and DaMin at YG Fam Con Backstage

This pic was taken at Sentosa after the YG Family Concert.. ^^


These were taken backstage at Singapore Indoor Stadium! ❤ Pretty Dara and Mingkki spending time with the staff.. ^^




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Photo: 2NE1’s Staff Hyun Jeong Shares An Adorable Photo With Cute Dara

So pretty Dara unnie! T_T And looks like she’s really fond of her monopod these days! Kekeke! More selfies juseyo! ❤

Before & After #와구와구



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Twitter: @Jollibee Shares a Photo of 2NE1 and YG Staff – “Thank you for having a Jollibee party…”

Awww! It seems like the girls and the YG staff really had fun at Jollibee! ^_^ Just look at all their smiles! Another precious memory made!

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 7.38.52 PMBn0BFh0IUAAQ-jg

Credit: @krungy21 + @Jollibee

Twitter: YG Staff Updates About AON Concert in Hong Kong and Dara Replies ~ “Please take care of us today as well ^.^”

BjTMVInCQAASKsB FireShot Screen Capture #254 - 'Twitter _ krungy21_ @kyungjoon0101 경준오빠~ ___' - twitter_com_krungy21_status_447211156470390785 FireShot Screen Capture #255 - 'Twitter _ krungy21_ @kyungjoon0101 경준오빠~ ___' - twitter_com_krungy21_status_447211156470390785


DARA: Kyungjoon Oppa~ Please take care of us today as well ^.^ Our favorite KyungJoon Oppa~~~


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Twitter: Dara Uploads “Cute 2NE1 Staff” Photo!

UntitledDARA: Cute 2NE1 staff! ^_^


Twitter: YG Dancers and Staff Cheer On, Congratulates 2NE1!


KYUNG JOON: 2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION Concert Singapore has come to an end and it was great! It is sweet and bitter at the same time that it’s finished. For the whole time 2NE1 and all the staff you worked hard a lot!! Now, let’s go for new album!.

DARA:  Kyungjoon oppa you worked hard! Your heart is always good.From now until we go back to Korea-in the studio usshax2! let’s do it!!


JI HYE:  It’s hard cuz I wasnt able to be with youㅜㅜ We want encore con!!!!!!ㅜㅜ♥

DONY: Let’s continue playing together^.^~!!!!

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