KYUNG JOON: 2NE1 NEW EVOLUTION Concert Singapore has come to an end and it was great! It is sweet and bitter at the same time that it’s finished. For the whole time 2NE1 and all the staff you worked hard a lot!! Now, let’s go for new album!.

DARA:  Kyungjoon oppa you worked hard! Your heart is always good.From now until we go back to Korea-in the studio usshax2! let’s do it!!


JI HYE:  It’s hard cuz I wasnt able to be with youㅜㅜ We want encore con!!!!!!ㅜㅜ♥

DONY: Let’s continue playing together^.^~!!!!

Source: @kyungjoon1010 + @jhs7987 + @crowndony

Translated by: @ilove2NE1girls + @Parkers_Sandara

Comments on: "Twitter: YG Dancers and Staff Cheer On, Congratulates 2NE1!" (1)

  1. NEw album.. a go go go 🙂

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