Awww, Dara is so so so sweet! A beautiful girl with a beautiful heart.. ❤ She said that the staff were the main subjects and she was just the girl who happened to be with her, and that she’d like to make a photobook with all the staff instead.. ❤ I love how Dara loves and cares for all the people around her.. ❤DaraWithStaff

It’s not like we only had lots of pictures of me taken during the trip tho.. How come it seems like they had lots of pictures taken than me? Besides my presence here is almost like Tibet Palace Girls*TT.TT you can’t even see me here kkk The pictures all look like they’re for a photobook and for comedy and disaster films kk  Because of my selfishness I wanna make a photobook of our staffs instead… So if ever I would miss them I’d have something to look at… kyaah… I love you guys!! Daebak photos by ssunjae

*Reference of a viral internet topic of a palace girl extra in DongYi, who had a very meme-worthy face, as netizens kept spotting her in other dramas . Dara was comparing herself to that extra actress who pops like a mushroom in several shots.

Source: daraxxi on Instagram

Translated by: @KwonAui88

Re-uploaded by: OhDara

Comments on: "Instagram: Sweet Dara Shows Appreciation to the Staff ~ “I Want to Make a Photobook of Our Staff”" (8)

  1. Humble and ever sweet. Love you Dara.

  2. yeah…it does sound like she is saying good bye…now i’m sad…even if they pursue their invdividual activities..i wish they’d show some sign that they’re still friends…like upload selca together or something…this makes me sad…i don’t care id on’t have 2ne1 as an idol group..but i want them to remain good good friends..

  3. 2ne1 forever said:

    I think they should all try to do individual activities.. since they cant do group activities right now.. and I am very excited to see dara doing acting again.. we all know she’s good at it.. go dar a

  4. she might be having a different set of staff as she embarks on being an actress hence the vacation. hopefully, she stays with YG as an actress. i’m totally intrigued now. i just hope our guess for a darama is correct. if not, i’d be soo disappointed with YG for the nth time!

  5. i think she leaving 2ne1???? hope not. with cl debut in the US, bom laying a low profile, i think she going for her dreams, as an actress, with all the photoshoot, and her being introduce. this is really it.

  6. Sandy its sounds like your leaving…. but still I will keep supporting.

  7. awww,,,so sweet…i loled at two ladies with a bob hair and red hair keke cute

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