Supportive Dara unnie is jjang! ❤ She’s thinking whether she’ll go support next week too but I’m thinking she will. Coz her baby brother and MBLAQ would have their comeback next week too! ^_^ And we all know how Dara goes out of her way to support the people she loves. ❤

And how cute is humble Dara? Keke! We witnessed in 2NE1tv season 1 how they give signed CDs to their sunbaes on music shows. And now, Dara said that rookie groups are the ones giving their CDs to them. Keke! 2NE1 are now sunbaes too! ^_^


DARA: I went to Inkigayo for the first time in a year to support Chaerin. Now that we’ve been around for 4 years, our juniors bring us signed CDs. I’m not used to this but I felt good..^^ Hm.. Should I go support next week too..?! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;

BOM: Oh my god –;;;

DARA: Huhuhuhuhu… It’s late!!! I’m gonna sleep~ Good night^_^ Bbyong~


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @kristinekwak

Comments on: "Twitter: Dara – “I went to Inkigayo for the first time in a year to support Chaerin~”" (9)

  1. ClassyD said:

    Okay everyone, its confirmed that EXO was the one who give them the sign cd’s. According to CL’s fan account in twitter (@hannz07) EXO went to CL’s dressing room and give them the cd’s. 😀

  2. BJ4life said:


    “Most Baby Faced 2013” =

    “Queen of Kpop 2013” =

    she’s leading both categories lets continue that!! 🙂

    • TheVSPinkCutie007 said:

      Vote! Vote! Vote! 🙂 1 FB account can vote up to 19 times per day. Just click the VOTE button 19 times. Don’t forget to vote for Sandara. 😀

      Let’s go for 1,000,000 votes Daralings and Blackjacks! Hahaha! 🙂

  3. i hope it is also a girl group

  4. thetruth said:

    i hope its exo, just the thought of exo shyly giving their cd to our tiny and pretty dara unni makes wanna spazz like crazy. ah my feels!

  5. I think its EXO! omo i want a video or even a picture!!
    is this her first time receiving signed album from her juniors??
    how about last year and last last year??

  6. oh i wanna know which juniors brought them CD’s…

    • onebinks said:

      me too..i hope its exo hehehe but it’s impossible cuz they have not yet release their album, thats what i know…i also hope they take a picture together XD

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