OMG!!! Dara looks ethereal in this photo! She looks like an anime who came to life! This photo is so so so beautiful, it makes me want to cry. She is so beautiful, she makes me want to cry. T_T I haven’t spazzed properly about her hair yet (coz I haven’t been online for a while now T_T)  so I just want to let this out: BLONDARA IS GORGEOUS BEYOND WORDS!!! This hair is probably in par with her shaved look. I love it so much. T_T

Anyway, how cute is Dara ‘stealing’ another Oh My Goddess photo yet again? Kekeke~ And she says their shots are getting better! LOL Dara! ^^ But just so you know, any photo with you in it is beautiful. ❤

1 UntitledDARA: Your hair flutters flutters flutters!!! (T/N: Fire lyrics) ^_^v (Blackjacktographers’ photography skills are getting better~ Clap clap clap)


Source: @krungy21
Translated by: @siJONESSAni

Comments on: "Twitter/Photo: Dara Uploads a Photo from Oh My Goddess – “Photography skills are getting better!”" (1)

  1. she should do a drama about vampires she would be so good and perfect

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