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News: ‘Sugarman’ Production Crew “Ending in Early July, Preparing for Another ‘Yoo Hee Yeol·Yoo Jae Suk Project”

[Official Statement] ‘Sugarman’ Production Crew “Ending in Early July, Preparing for Another ‘Yoo Hee Yeol·Yoo Jae Suk Project”


JTBC’s “Two Yoo Project – Sugarman” is reportedly ending. The production team along with gag man Yoo Jae Suk and singer Yoo Hee Yeol are set to prepare another “Two Yoo Project.”

On the 30th, JTBC “Sugarman” production team revealed that another “Two Yoo Project” is in the works, set to be out on the second half of this year.

With regards to this, the first “Two Yoo” project “Sugarman” will be ending early July.

“Two Yoo” project production crew stated, “So far, we’ve had about 70 people for ‘Sugarman’ and we’ve been devoted to finding Show Men every week who were able to give their best to bring out a mature and high quality stage,” they said, “Although it’s unfortunate, ‘Sugarman’ project will be ending this July, and a new project showing the Two Yoo combination will be revealed. If a sufficient lineup and future production conditions are favorable, then there’s a possibility that ‘Sugarman’ project may resume in the future.”

Another producer said, “We are working hard with broadcasting so that the viewers may be able to see the best ‘Sugarman’ and Show Men stage possible,” he continued, “We’ve planned sufficiently and gave mind to requests, so viewers can expect a lot. There may be a special episode as well.”

Aside from Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol, MCs include lyricist Kim Eana and 2NE1 member Sandara Park. Singers who appeared in “Sugarman” include IZI, Kim Hyun sung, Noise, Diva, and Juju Club; the stages of the Show Men showing different arrangements and performances become a hot topic each week.


Source: Naver

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Photos: 160518 Fantaken Pics of Pretty Maknae MC Sandara Park After Shooting for Sugarman~ “You Kindest and Prettiest!”

Dara at the recording for Sugarman this week.. ^^ These fans went and stayed outside for 7 hours waiting for Dara! Dedication right there! ❤



The best moment of our first day tour in South Korea.😊😀😁😂😄😍 Our almost 7 hours of waiting is super worth it. Thank you for accepting our gift, chatting with us, fansign and taking a selfie with us. You are the most kind and prettiest person😘😙😚 @daraxxi#sugarman #dara #firstday#southkoreatour #fangirlgoals #selfie#sistersbonding

Tried our luck here in South Korea and our idol Sandara Park did not fail us…maraming salamat ate at mahal ka namin #fangirlmode #luckyfans#pambansangkrungkrung


Ultimate goals of a fan girl#rubbingelbowswiththestar #autograph#sandarapark


YG stan fangirl goal achieved!😀😁😂😃👏👏👏 Meet Dara in JTBC bldg>>>visit near YG bldg>>>dinner @ Samgeori Butchers #fangirl#firstdayinSouthKorea #ygstan#sistersbonding with @tinamariejoy



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Instagram: Hard-Working Dara Finishes Preparing for Work and Taking her Vitamins ~ Fighting Maknae MC Sandara Park!

Dara before going to work to shoot for Sugarman Episode 33.. ^^


Completed taking vitamins and getting ready to work!!! 😀


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Instagram: 160511 Fantaken Picture of Sugarman Recording ~ Pretty, Chic MC Dara in Blue

Shooting this week! Probably for Episode 32 since Episode 31 already released its preview and Dara wasn’t wearing that outfit.. ^^




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Photos+Translations: DOZ’s Yoo Junsung Snaps a Pic with “Very Cute” Sandara Park + Fanaccount of Sugarman Audience who had a “Heart Attack” After Seeing Dara in a Convenience Store Before Shooting

This guy is Yoo Junsung from group DOZ.. ^^ I wasn’t able to watch the full episode yet, but maybe he’s one of the producers? ^^


Joined Yoo Jae Suk’s Team!

Arrived early at the waiting room,
there was no one there yet,
and got a bit bored while waiting there by myself..

Then Sandara Park-ssi arrived!
I finally saw her!

I wasn’t able to see her when I was still doing activities under AVEX
She’s really very cute!

I love YG

Fantaken picture! OP is part of the 20s audience.. ^^



Before recording started,
to simply have something to fill me up,
I went to the convenience store with a friend.


I met Sandara Park face-to-face up close
(Had a heart attack)

It was the first time I saw a celebrity I really liked,
But I actually wasn’t able to say anything,
Not even a sound came out of me.

After that moment,
I had to go to the audience, but my mind was just a buzz
I couldn’t think of anything.

I actually saw her, and I’ve never seen anyone with a face that small,
It looked like it was disappearing
(T/N: lol, an exaggeration that means her face is really, really small)

<T/N: They shot for 2 hours, with a short 10-minute break>


Sources: Junsung Naver Blog , eotjs blog

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Photos: Official Pictures for Sugarman Episodes 29 and 30

From Episode 29! ^^


And Episode 30! ^^ They celebrated Kim Eana’s birthday! Look at cute maknae MC Dara holding the cake, so adorable! ❤





Sources: JTBC Sugarman Website , FB

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Instagram: Cha Seung Hoon Shares a Picture of Taking a Selca with Sandara Park

Dara so pretty! ❤ I wonder who this is? He has a pic with Yoo Jae Suk too.. Maybe Sugarman staff? Or Sugarman audience? ^^




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Article/Interview: “Sugarman” CP, What Kind of MC is Sandara Park? “The Essential Presence One Can’t Ignore”

“Sugarman” CP, What Kind of MC is Sandara Park? “The Essential Presence One Can’t Ignore”


Responsible for running the program, “SugarmanYoon Hyun Joon CP spoke about national MC Yoo Jae Suk, composer Yoo Hee Yeol, lyricist Kim Eana, and 2NE1’s Sandara Park.

On the press conference for JTBC’s program “Two Yoo Project – Sugarman” held at the JTBC Building in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Yoon Hyun Joon CP talked about the program’s 4 MCs, “There’s a composer and a lyricist, and also wanted to have a singer as one of the MCs as well,” referring to Sandara Park.

Yoon CP then revealed the reason why Sandara Park was chosen as a fixed MC, “I met Sandara Park several times while working at KBS. Although we only worked a couple of programs together, I thought that she seemed to be an interesting and fun friend. She has an unexpected ‘point’ of being able to make people laugh and has a cheerful kind of charm, which I thought would match well as an entertainment MC,” he said.

Yoon CP continued, “Although Sandara Park did not come out in a lot of broadcasts, she has a good understanding of atmosphere and great reactions,” he said, “She’s also a huge help with public relations as she is also YG’s PR director. She’s really an essential presence whose existence one can’t ignore.


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Photos: Official + News Photos of Sugarman Episode 27 ~ Cute MC Moments Galore!

Awww, look at this! They are so cute, the way Hee Yeol holds Dara.. ❤ And stories of Jae Suk taking care of her, makes my heart warm.. ❤ I love their relationship with each other! ^^



Press pic with Take! ^_^


Happy birthday Yoo Hee  Yeol! ❤



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Instagram: JTBC Sugarman Official IG Account Shares Sweet Maknae MC Dara’s Pictures with “Show Men” Lee Hi and Jung Yonghwa

Dara with Lee Hi and CN Blue’s Yonghwa for Sugarman aired last Tuesday.. ❤12424932_1574824139475672_187810253_n


Together with #JungYongHwaand #LeeHayi next week on Sugar Man-☆ Looking forward!!! #2youproject#SugarMan #Tuesdaynight_10:50#YooJaesuk #YooHeeyeol #SandaraPark#KimEana #LeeHayi #ParkBoram#JungYonghwa


Source: @2youproject

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