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Instagram+Twitter: Sentimental Sandara Park is Sorry to See “Sugarman” Go~ “When an End Comes, a Beginning Follows”

Aww Dara! But I agree, when an end comes, a beginning is sure to follow.. I feel bad that Sugarman is ending, but I’m glad that although Dara is sad and feeling sentimental, that she still has a positive outlook and is willing to work hard at the new beginning.. ❤


What are you doing? Did you know that today is Sugarman’s last episode broadcast?! During the last recording.. There was a strange feeling of regret while I was in the waiting room. It felt like a lot of farewells are happening recently.. But maybe it’s just my mood?! Heh heh.. However, in this world, nothing is eternal.. So if there is an end, then there’s also another beginning, so we just all have to live well and work hard! It was a lot of fun and the best part is meeting a lot of great people every week, and I feel that it’s what makes saying goodbye to this so hard. Ah, it’s raining outside so maybe that’s why I’m feeling sentimental. I miss you ~ I miss you ~ I miss youuuuu.. will only be sentimental today  ☔️☔️☔️🍂🍂🍂


Wah… Ah… Even now I’m getting teary already ㅠㅠ (Now watching Sugarman broadcast)




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News: ‘Sugarman’ Production Crew “Ending in Early July, Preparing for Another ‘Yoo Hee Yeol·Yoo Jae Suk Project”

[Official Statement] ‘Sugarman’ Production Crew “Ending in Early July, Preparing for Another ‘Yoo Hee Yeol·Yoo Jae Suk Project”


JTBC’s “Two Yoo Project – Sugarman” is reportedly ending. The production team along with gag man Yoo Jae Suk and singer Yoo Hee Yeol are set to prepare another “Two Yoo Project.”

On the 30th, JTBC “Sugarman” production team revealed that another “Two Yoo Project” is in the works, set to be out on the second half of this year.

With regards to this, the first “Two Yoo” project “Sugarman” will be ending early July.

“Two Yoo” project production crew stated, “So far, we’ve had about 70 people for ‘Sugarman’ and we’ve been devoted to finding Show Men every week who were able to give their best to bring out a mature and high quality stage,” they said, “Although it’s unfortunate, ‘Sugarman’ project will be ending this July, and a new project showing the Two Yoo combination will be revealed. If a sufficient lineup and future production conditions are favorable, then there’s a possibility that ‘Sugarman’ project may resume in the future.”

Another producer said, “We are working hard with broadcasting so that the viewers may be able to see the best ‘Sugarman’ and Show Men stage possible,” he continued, “We’ve planned sufficiently and gave mind to requests, so viewers can expect a lot. There may be a special episode as well.”

Aside from Yoo Jae Suk and Yoo Hee Yeol, MCs include lyricist Kim Eana and 2NE1 member Sandara Park. Singers who appeared in “Sugarman” include IZI, Kim Hyun sung, Noise, Diva, and Juju Club; the stages of the Show Men showing different arrangements and performances become a hot topic each week.


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News: “Sugarman” Sandara Park, Working in Public Relations Aside from Being MC? Assists in Scheduling Singers

“Sugarman” Sandara Park, Working in Public Relations Aside from Being MC? Assists in Scheduling Singers


MC Sandara Park was revealed to have been involved in having iKON, WINNER as “Show Men” and is actively functioning as public relations director.

Idols from YG Entertainment, iKON and WINNER, have participated in JTBC’s “Two Yoo – Sugarman Project.” On the January 19 broadcast, iKON appeared as “Show Men” where they did a rendition of Mose’s “It’s Love,” while WINNER appeared last March 8 and did a rendition of Hey’s “Je T’aime.” Insider talks reveal that MC Sandara Park, who is also PR Director, influenced the negotiation for guesting on the show (T/N <pointing out the obvious>: meaning that Dara had a hand in bringing them to guest as a show, by recommending them to the show’s producers and also clearing their schedule so they could appear.)


On the 10th, JTBC revealed that the biggest hurdle in getting idols to perform on the show is their tight schedules both locally and internationally, so Sandara Park often communicated with the managers of iKon and WINNER so she could arrange their schedules so that the idol groups were free to guest in “Sugarman.” In fact, it can be seen that Sandara Park is not only working as YG Entertainment’s public relations director, but is actually involved directly in YG promotion and arranging Show Men public relations at the same time.

In addition to being a mainstay and MC in “SugarmanSandara Park is being regularly contacted by the main writer as a public relations liaison/contact. Whenever “Sugarman” proposals are up, she regularly gives ideas and recommendations on the Sugar Men (T/N: previous artists who were famous), producers, and artists that can come out on the show (T/N: the show’s “Show Men”); seeing her willingness to participate even in the public relations side of the show, apart from being an MC, which is also her first time doing so, shows Sandara Park’s considerable enthusiasm in this undertaking.

That’s not all. JTBC representatives revealed, “Sandara Park is closely doing public relations for Lee Hi, who recently released her album, and also group Akdong Musician, who are expected to release an album as well; she also has strong determination for a Big Bang performance in the future as well.

Sugarman” broadcasts every Tuesday nght at 10:50 PM.


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Instagram: Dara Re-Posts Sugar Man’s Video of her “Surprise Birthday Party”~ “Thank You Very Much Sugarman Family! I’m Really Touched”

#goddessDARAday They love you so much because you are one of those people who really deserves to be loved, respected, and cherished.. ❤

2youproject surprise birthday party!!! 🙈 Sugarman family~ Thank you very much~ 😍 I’m really touched *sobs*!!!  👍👍👍👊


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Video: 151027 Raw Videos of Full Sugar Man Episode 2 Featuring Adorable and Fantastic 4 MCs, Powerful New “Show Men,” and Wonderful “Sugar Men”

No English subs yet, hopefully we can sub this soon! ^^ Sugar Man is really nice, and you can appreciate the music even if you don’t understand the words, right? And the concept of the show is refreshing and charming.. ❤

Sugar Man Episode 2 (RAW)

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Instagram: “Infant MC Dara” Thanks Blackjacks for Watching Sugar Man Episode 1 and Reminisces on their “Sugar Songs”

Maknae MC Dara on her first broadcast.. ❤


Did everyone watch Sugar Man?! I’m also curious how many Blackjacks know Sugar song~ #Mr.2 #WhiteWinter and #H #HyunSeungMin #DidYouForget kyaa.. I honestly tried to listen very much to the 90’s song “White Winter” but.. its vague~ then the refrain started playing! I know it~ its popular and has really good lyrics^^ and the 2000’s song “Did You Forget,” I really like it and when I remembered it I started singing it! Its really cool right? ^__^ Reminiscing the past times and being curious, seniors who personally came out live and sang that’s why its very nice to meet them and its heartwarming. I will also work harder in the future. Have a good night~!!! 😉😴 Blackjacks!!! Thank you for your support. More power to infant emcee Dara!!! Good night everyone!!! 💤💤💤


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