Instagram+Twitter: Sentimental Sandara Park is Sorry to See “Sugarman” Go~ “When an End Comes, a Beginning Follows”

Aww Dara! But I agree, when an end comes, a beginning is sure to follow.. I feel bad that Sugarman is ending, but I’m glad that although Dara is sad and feeling sentimental, that she still has a positive outlook and is willing to work hard at the new beginning.. ❤


What are you doing? Did you know that today is Sugarman’s last episode broadcast?! During the last recording.. There was a strange feeling of regret while I was in the waiting room. It felt like a lot of farewells are happening recently.. But maybe it’s just my mood?! Heh heh.. However, in this world, nothing is eternal.. So if there is an end, then there’s also another beginning, so we just all have to live well and work hard! It was a lot of fun and the best part is meeting a lot of great people every week, and I feel that it’s what makes saying goodbye to this so hard. Ah, it’s raining outside so maybe that’s why I’m feeling sentimental. I miss you ~ I miss you ~ I miss youuuuu.. will only be sentimental today  ☔️☔️☔️🍂🍂🍂


Wah… Ah… Even now I’m getting teary already ㅠㅠ (Now watching Sugarman broadcast)




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