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HQ Scans: Fiercily beautiful Dara for Japanese Magazine Zipper

OMG!! This shoot also is so great! I love how fierce yet totally stunning she is!


In the interview, Dara mentions some of her favorite items are her vintage HERMES backpack and the knit hat she had bought at Garusogil.



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Twitter: Fake Tokyo Reveals that Dara’s Mysterious Shoot in Japan was for Dazed & Confused Korea!

OH WOW! So the photoshoot that Dara did while in Japan was for Dazed and Confused Korea! Woot, woot can’t wait to see her pictures! ❤




Update! They posted a second picture with the caption ‘Shooting in Seoul’ with 2NE1’s Sandara Park! Could it be that they’re having another one in Seoul besides the one they already did in Japan? Not sure, but we’re excited!! (´∇ノ`*)ノ




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Twitter/Photo: Dara (@krungy21) – I had a magazine photoshoot with a Japanese model Suzuki Emi…”

Now we know why Dara is in Tokyo and its not just for a vacation! ^^ She is there working! Woo hoo!!!

Dara did a magazine photoshoot with Japanese Model Suzuki Emi. ^^ She is the Editor-in-Chief of Japanese Magazine “S’eee”.  Emi Suzuki is a Chinese-born Japanese model and retired occasional actress. She is a prominent figure in the Japanese modelling and fashion industry.


Did a magazine shoot with Suzuki Emi-san. We talked about beauty & fashion and introduced Korea and Japan to each other~ We also shared a lot of good information to each other. Although my Japanese is not good, it was fun ^^ Nice meeting you~


Source: @krungy21

Translated by: @ilove2ne1girls

Video: Gorgeous Dara’s Flawless Behind-The-Scenes Video for Elle Photoshoot – “Say My Name – Sandara Park”

Oh. My. Gawd.  Yes Elle, I totally forgive you for giving us only one official cut of Dara from the magazine. Thank you so much for this beautiful BTS video! Good Lord, Dara is so flawless! My feels when I first saw the video!!! Dang, Dara is just so so so perfect, and she looks like a goddess, and I love this photoshoot so freaking much! She looks so so so chic!!!

Sandara Park for Elle Korea – “Say My Name

Credits: gilbakk0221

If you want to see the video in Elle Korea’s website, here’s the link:

Dara BTS for Elle Korea

Holy Guacamole: Dara’s 100-Carat Diamond Ring for Elle Photoshoot

Holy guacamole is right guys!!! Dara wore a 100-carat diamond ring for her Elle photoshoot! According to @k1ae, the Fashion Editor for Elle Magazine, Dara’s ring was 100 carats and that she was really pretty and kind. Her new look will be revealed this March!

From the looks of it, the ring  is most probably Pink Diamond cut into a Pear? ^_^

WOW! JUST WOW! *Sings* “Shine bright like a diamond…”

This magazine is truly a must-have. It looks like Elle went all out in this photoshoot for Dara!


Now at Elle, discovering Sandara Park’s new look. Her new look with a 100-carat diamond ring will be revealed in March. She is so pretty and so kind.



Source: @k1ae via @sandara_fashion

Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara

Translations: MNET Wide’s Coverage of Dara’s Photoshoot for CLIO (BTS)

First and foremost, we would like to thank @ygfan4life for translating this for us. We now have a better idea on what MNET Wide’s coverage was all about. ^_^ Read through the screencaps and translations below.

How funny is it that Dara is on MNET Wide because of her photoshoot for CLIO and her beauty tips are: (1) Use little make-up; (2) Use little BB Cream; and (3) Just use a lip balm or a lip tint! Aigoooo! ^_^ Dara barely uses make-up. She doesn’t need it anyways! Natural beauty at its finest!


“A face that doesn’t change even in 2013”


“The star most Korean women want to be, Sandara Park”

Click the link below for more translations!


Video: 130204 Beautiful Dara on MNetWIDE Featuring Clio BTS Shoot and Fun Interview

130204 Dara on MNET Wide News

During Dara’s call to Park Bom, she was tasked to make a poem with Dara’s name, “SanDaRa Park” and this is what Bom said:

High like a mountain (mountain=San)

The girl who has it all (all=Da)

Likes RAmen

And likes PARK Bom

So cute! Park sisters!! XD And how cute is Dara getting all frustrated because she couldn’t catch the fishes fast? XD And ack, how smexy and beautiful is Dara in this concept?! I love her black and dress and how playful she became with the Havana concept! ^^


Video Source: bk s + @21pinkMIC

Translated by: @kristinekwak

Video/Caps: 2NE1’s “I Love You” Album Jacket Photoshoot Making

OMG! The video of 2NE1’s album jacket photoshoot has already been released! I am so looking forward to this album! The girls look fierce and hot! Perfect combination of sexiness and class…

DARA: This shows a new side of us that we haven’t shown yet. I wonder how you will react.

AND HELLO! HOW HOT ARE DARA’S EYES? I TOTALLY LOVE THIS ONE! Dara can totally rock different colored lenses!

Dara’s Smexy Shoulders!!!

Click the link below for more screencaps!


News: Sandara Park’s Shocking Slipper Fashion at a Photoshoot

2NE1’s Sandara Park reveals a photo of herself in a powerful girl-warrior outfit matched with… a shocking three-lined slippers.


On her me2day, Sandara Park posted, “I was at the Chang Won Park yesterday! It rained all throughout our performance of “Fire” and “Clap Your Hands” last year, just like this year! I’m sure everyone had a hard time in the rain; but it seems like many Black Jacks came out that day because the chant was really loud during our songs! This unfamiliar feeling! See you guys at ‘Inkigayo‘ and ‘Music Core’!


Along with post was a photo where Sandara was seen with her infamous ‘Vegeta comic hair’. Additionally, she was wearing the outfit for their new song, “I Am The Best” and holding a gun looking like a fierce girl-warrior. However, what stood out the most from the picture was her blue three-lined slipper that she wearing. She showed her wacky and unbalanced fashion by matching a powerful outfit with the simple three-lined slippers.


Netizens who witnessed this picture said, “You wore the three-lined slippers…,” “You look good in slippers,” and “It’s so cute.


Source & Photo: Nate

Credit: ylee @ AllKpop